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1899 Colgate Football Team

1899 Colgate football team

1899 Colgate Football Team 1

The 1899 Colgate football team represented Colgate University in the 1899 college football season. Colgate reports the record for the season as 3-5, however, a reporting error in early record keeping failed to account for an 11-0 victory over Colgate Academy.

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Rate my Fantasy Football Team?

Damn...that is impressive. On paper I think you have the makings of a championship fantasy team

1899 Colgate Football Team 2

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What is the best college football team?

As a Miami Hurricane and Washington Huskie fan, I believe that Utah earned at a minimum a share of the national title with their undefeated season, wins over six bowl teams including Alabama, which was the team that vaulted Florida into the national title game against Oklahoma. By disallowing Utah to share the title, the BCS takes away the hopes and dreams of every player on a non-BCS teams to win a national championship. Basically, the BCS and the BCS conferences are playing the role of the wicked stepmother and wicked stepsisters of past, present and future Cinderella teams. Furthermore, this favoritism has another name, cronyism, which is the same unethical mechanism that has played a dominant role in the dismantling of the American Dream. At one time the US system maintained the ideal of fair competition for grants, contracts, awards, and distinctions, regardless of race, color, creed and/or sex. America has lost sight of that ideal even for public funds. The American people need to recognize this transgression and muster the will to demand an end to the unfairness in all of its ugly forms. Otherwise the American Dream is over. Some of my hispanic friends have said that they came to America because hard work, production and quality has a chance to win over favoritism. However, today their greatest fear is that the nightmare that they left in Mexico is following them here, which is "no transa, no advansa." This is an imperfect world but that is no excuse to lower our standards. We have risen above the mire only because of our ideals, and it it time to set the bar high again, return to fairness and equality so that we can become competitive again.

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Rate my fantasy football team?

It might be decent, I have no idea because I do not know the size of the league. I am sure that a team starting Brady has little use for McNabb on the bench, and absolutely zero use for Tim Tebow

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Critique my mock football team?

I think it's pretty good. You might want to upgrade a little at RB

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who is the better football team?

The Colts are much better. The pre season game was meaningless. The Colts are better coached have the best QB in the game and are not going thru major changes like the Cowboys

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who is the best football team in the uk?

Not to sure but Liverpool and Chelsea are the most boring

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Rate My Fantasy Football Team?

It's pretty good. I like your tight end choice. QB not so much

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what is the oldest football team?

NFL- The NFL was started in 1920. However it was called the APFA. There were 14 teams. Two are still around today. However they have different names. Decatur Staleys who are now the Chicago Bears Chicago Cardinals who are now the Arizona Cardinals Here are the list of the other teams in the first year of organized pro football in 1920. Akron Pros Buffalo All-Americans Rock Island Independents Canton Bulldogs Dayton Triangles Detroit Heralds Chicago Tigers Cleveland Tigers Columbus Panhandles Hammond Pros Muncie Flyers Rochester Jeffersons NCAA- The first two collage football teams were Rutgers and Princeton in 1869.

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Rate my Fantasy Football team?

THAT TEAM IS GREAT! but you should start Murray at flex I know someone allready said that but I agree with him

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Fantasy Football Team Name HELP!!!!!!?

The Orange Creamsicles The Hardy Nickersons Evan Longoria's NHL Adventure. The Big Sombraros

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How is my fantasy football team?

how many teams are you playing with? You have LT and Harrison - two studs. Green is a decent enough QB. You have potential sleepers in Dunn and Parker -- I would give you an 8

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Funniest Fantasy Football Team Name?

spider pigs oj's pez dispensers

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Snack for a high school football team?

Pregame snack would be crackers with peanut butter with honey. It has your carbs, protein, sugar(for energy it is good). Post game. baked Pretzels with hershey kisses. o and the square ones(pretzels). Sorry bout getting specific doesnt really matter

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