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A Cardinal Is Flying into My Sliding Door and I Live in an Apartment so No Foil Or Stickers, Any Oth

Put stickers on the glass? Lean a chair or something on the glass, or hang a fake owl from the inside of your ceiling so the cardinal can see it from outside?

A Cardinal Is Flying into My Sliding Door and I Live in an Apartment so No Foil Or Stickers, Any Oth 1

1. Why is it so difficult to get my '95 Dodge Caravan sliding door to move smoothly?

There are two parts to that. First is to make sure the tracks, top and bottom, are clear of debris and not corroded or bent/distorted. The other is the cam levers and bearings, like you are thinking. Once you are sure of the track issue, buying the top and lower cam lever assemblies as units should take care of it. But be careful, as there is usually adjusting to be done

2. repair screen on a sliding door?

There are several ways to repair a screen door from patching to stitching to replacing the whole screen. Your question is rather vague so it's hard to advise you. If you have a small cut. Get out a curved needle and some grey button thread, tie off several holes away from your tear... and slowly and carefully sew the tear. If it is a larger cut go to the local hardware store and get a screen patch kit for your type of screen (metal or plastic) They are self stick typically. Peel and stick over the hole. (I like to stitch down the edges, just to be sure it stays. Finally if your screen is completely hosed, measure the size of screen you need and go to the hardware store for a screen replacement kit. Follow the instructions.

A Cardinal Is Flying into My Sliding Door and I Live in an Apartment so No Foil Or Stickers, Any Oth 2

3. How can i rig a portable air conditioner into a sliding door and still use the door regularly?

If you are renting and have the skills to do a good job I would get permission from the landlordand cut a hole high up in the wall and trim it out nicely and plan on leaving the AC unit when I move on

4. what are the benefits of installing double pane windows and sliding door?

It should help with the smell, but in the summer you may end up with some windows open. I would suggest getting an oil based plug in for your home. They put out a lot of good small, and will cut back on the smoke smell. Good luck with your situation.

5. someone knocked on my sliding door?

Scary D; Just wait untill family comes home, so they can figure it out :)

6. Would you prefer automatic sliding door or automatic standard door (opens one side)?

abby the dog prefers the standard door easier to get at the handle

7. How do I get maximum storage out of an empty closet with a sliding door?

Since your in a dorm room dont get one of those permanent closet organizers. The cost alone would probably break your budget. I would recommend going to Target, Walmart, KMart and looking into storage and shelving options. If you have a dresser & its small & low enough see if it fits into the closet, also it will be out of your way. You can probably get an inexpensive tall book shelf and put in in the closet to the side facing right or left & keep you folded sweaters, towels, shoes on that. Good Luck.

8. my passenger side electric sliding door wont open?

Check the fuse first

9. Hi friends i want to buy sliding door in india please tell me how and where can i buy it?

you go to a store and buy one with money,

10. Dogs keep scratching at sliding door, how can we make them stop?

Train the not to scratch the door and then train them to bark or ring a bell to get in. You may even want to consider a dog door

11. Some idiot shattered my whole passenger sliding door window on my 1994 dodge caravan. How much to fix it?

These pull a part places will sell you the whole door for about $30 and you can just put it on yourself. You might even find one with a steel panel instead of a window so that idiot can not do it again

12. Should we buy a bathtub sliding door?

Pros: Gives an upscale look to a bathroom. Cons: Have to be cleaned constantly to prevent scale build-up on glass and mildew around seals. Require maintenance of roller mechanisms and seals. Reduces accessibility to the tub. I have had both. I will never use glass doors again. I use a nice curved shower rod which increases room in the shower and requires no maintenance. Then I just replace the shower curtain when it becomes necessary. No cleaning, caulking or maintaining is necessary.

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