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Are There Everyday-consumer Cameras Available That Can Give Movie-like Results, Not Home Video?

Yes there are many camcorders like that, but they are costy. My favorite is the Sony Handycam Camcorder which records high definition movies and can edit movies real time. It has a great lens and has 3CCD for true vibrant color. But, it cost around $ 2500.

Are There Everyday-consumer Cameras Available That Can Give Movie-like Results, Not Home Video? 1

1. How can I acheive setting up a home video camera w/ live feed that I can view from the internet anywhere?

If you are not really computer savvy, go for the AT&T option. Any other option would involve setting up a secure web server and a streaming media server to serve the camera feed

2. I need an inexpensive home video recording "studio"?

It's depends on where you live im a Pilot for Delta and most of my flights are in Atlanta. One of my passenger was a Video Recorder. He's on a low profile, and does not get much buiness.

Are There Everyday-consumer Cameras Available That Can Give Movie-like Results, Not Home Video? 2

3. Need advice for home video surveillance.?

It will depend on what you get. You can get some from Radio Shack,Sam's Club,Wal-Mart,Best Buy. You can get a system that includes a monitor and recorder or you can get a system that records to your computer hard drive,digital recorder or VCR. Some allow for time lapse recording. You can connect motion sensors to some cameras and will record only when something or someone trips the motion sensor. It wo not make much difference in the electricity used,but it will not waste recording time. A system will be a litte more expensive if you opt for cameras with night vision-this allows surveillance in light or dark environments.

4. What is the best home video editing software?

iMovies for Iphone usersCamtasia Studio for desktop editing

5. How do you edit home-video DVDs?

I recommend you Aiseesoft DVD Ripper. It could easily rip DVD to MP4, H.264, AVI, MP3, WMV, WMA, FLV, MKV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, 3GP, 3GPP, VOB, DivX, Mov, RM, RMVB, M4A, AAC, WAV, etc. with super fast DVD ripping speed and excellent image and sound quality. It also can edit the DVD movies, such as trim a video clip, crop the movie, merge several titles or chapters into one file and so on. Hope can help you! Tips: After the installation is complete, run the software, then click "Load DVD" button, just choose load DVD Folder from the drop-down list, the browser your DVD disc, choose VIDEO_TS folder, the entire DVD will load to the program, then you can rip it.

6. Who has made the WORST Home Video Game Controller?

atari 5200 and 7800 controllers the 3 button controller for the genesis the super gamepad controller for n64 (no grips on either side) the steering wheel for ps2

7. Which PRO Camera of These 3 Should I Get?

panasonic hpx500 3x2/3" CCD's is the best , purely for the 3ccd sensors , the cmos do work well in low light , but are chunky in the way they determine it , not to bad for home video , but for anything more the slight varience is noticable unless you can manually tweak it .. the sony camera's are good just not as seamless as the panasonic in this case

8. what company created the first home video game and what was it?

"Pong" was also very early/ was made by Atari first as an arcade game, but licensed a home version sold by Sears in 1975 (magnavox one was in 1972) (see wikipedia)... It was a super super simple graphics tennis/ ping pong like game, I do not even remember it being in color/ or perhaps was a green screen (each side of the screen had a little "box" looking thing that was a "paddle" or raquet, and a little ball bounced between them/ with a line (as the "net") in the middle... came after Magnavox, but by my memory, was more popular/ widespread. .. (I remember lots of people having pong, but nobody I knew had the Magnavox Odyessy...if you ask most folks over 40, they's say "pong" as that was the one they actually remember if not technically the first.. ) Kaboom was later

9. Best place to store short home video files in case of computer crash?

you could store the videos on a disk or burn them into a dvd sometimes you can get really cheap thumb drives or if you have a mp3 player or ipod they should be able to store different types of files cuz my mp3 player stores multiple files (i guess the are all thumb drives that play music)

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