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Authora Mini Blog- Its Just Business(Part Three)

SoI lied.Okay, not really. Originally I said that the next step was setting project goals.

Authora Mini Blog- Its Just Business(Part Three) 1

After seeing a post on Reddit r/startups about where to start with a new project. I decided to add a few more a few more steps that pertain to setting the business objectives. You can read the whole comment here: this Im adding in:Lean Business Model CanvasBusiness PlanMission StatementValues StatementVision StatementProduct VisionCore AssumptionsGo To Market StrategyProduct RoadmapFeatures OutlineProduct SpecificationNow I dont know much about the business side of things so Ill have to do some research on these topics to see what the cost vs effort is.

I have a feeling that somethings can be cut out or done at a later date, but we shall see. Alright time to startbut wait, what is the problem that Im attempting to solve? Time to add another step, Problem Statement.

I need to clearly define the problem so I am always striving towards a shared vision to provide a basis for decisions.To write the problem statement, normally I would just write out what I think the problem is in one to two sentences. I know that its not correct way, so to google I go.

The first link breaks down how to write a problem statement: the ideal state of affairs. I am going to start by stating how things would be if the problem didnt exist. The creation of short form digital ebooks would be effortless for authors, allowing them to easily create responsive, interactive and beautiful experiences that increase reader engagement and retention without the need to know code.

Authora Mini Blog- Its Just Business(Part Three) 2

The readers will have a more enjoyable reading experience, able to read on any device and able to interact with the content. 2. Summarize the problem I intend to solve.

However, the current process of creating a short form digital ebook is a tedious process for non designers. As well potentially boring and inaccessible for the reader, who in turn my not retain much of the information from what they have read.3.

Explain my problems financial costs. The current inefficient ebook creation process creates a significant financial burden on authors of short form digital ebooks. On average, it takes six months to a year for authors to write a book and most of these books dont end up earning much revenue, so they usually continuously create books.

On the reader's side, on average people read about twelve books a year and most people retain very little of what they have read.We read and read and read, and we forget, and forget, and forget. Joshua Foer4.

Back up my assertions. With this step I may have to come back after I have done user research to determine my market and data. Based on user research surveys and talking to real authors and readers5.

Propose a solution. Creating an easy to use web based interface that allows authors to easily create beautiful and interactive digital ebooks with templates and a drag and drop interface. Then allowing authors to sell directly to consumers through our platform, by hosting the book themselves, or by selling it on another marketplace such as amazon.

As well as creating an easy and comfortable reading experience on any device.6. Explain the benefits of the solution.

Authors stand to benefit greatly from adopting this new platform. For instance in time saved as well as user retention and a new revenue source. Also readers, who benefit by having an easy way to read and retain their books.

7. Conclude by summarizing the problem and solution. The creation and adoption of this new platform is essential to help authors easily create interactive and engaging short form digital ebooks that will increase reader retention and engagement.

Now that Ive defined my problem and solution I will have a better idea of what Im doing going forward because I can test against these in the future. Now this statement will and should change over time as I talk to users and better understand the problem that they are havingor if they are even having a problem to begin with. The next step will either be establishing my goals as well as a assumption of the user's goals or developing the business plan, mission, values, vision, and product vision.

I need to do some research to understand the value that these things add to my project.Im Mathew Morse, Syracuse, NY-based UX Designer & currently looking for an amazing company to join. You can follow me on Medium for more mini blogs or on Instagram at you have any input definitely let me know!

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