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Babysitting Ideas for 4-8 Year Olds?

I like to play relay races and have them play i the yard long enough to get them tired. then pick out video to watch together

Babysitting Ideas for 4-8 Year Olds? 1

1. If the visible light spectrum is just waves of enegry, which are similar to radio waves?

Well, you seem to be confusing a few things. Radio waves are indeed the same type of energy as visible light, however the sound you hear on a radio is *encoded* in the radio wave. Think of it like these words that you are reading, they do not have any sound, but reading them aloud, you can make them sound. The microscopic pits on a CD do not have any sound in them, but put them in a CD player, and the unit will interpret the pits in the CD and generate sound. So, in the end, all of those are one and the same. Surely you have heard of fiber optic? Those are cables used to transmit a signal encoded using visible light, at a frequency far greater than radio waves, and thus with much more bandwidth. So you can encode sounds (and video, Internet pages, anything) using visible light; only because you cannot really broadcast visible light like radio wave, you need a cable to contain and direct it. (And in a single optic fiber cable, one can put several light beams of different color and thus frequencies, this allows to send several signal simultaneously; but each signal will typically use only color)

2. Is there a Video Bible?

Yes there is, Christian book stores carry them

Babysitting Ideas for 4-8 Year Olds? 2

3. I want to display computer to my lcd tv?

The only single cable that carries sound AND video is an HDMI cable, which your laptop does not have. Best bet is to probably get a VGA-to-HDMI converter cable (if your TV does not have a VGA port already -- check it, it may) and connect your headphone jack to your speakers. If you do not have speakers, well...probably stuck with your laptop speakers

4. Thor's Day - Thursday - Pagans, Heathens, Hindus?

Yes I do but I have a very ODD view on it compared to most. I do not say others are wrong, this is just MY THEORY!! I think that the human being is very much like a BATTERY. We harness energy into a cell which gives something life such as music or video and such. Well the soul is made of energy or why would electric pulses into it help restart it? This being so to me it makes sense when you die that your energy does not because energy does not die or be born. It is either positive or negative and can be harnessed but not created. So when the body dies and begins to decay that energy is released back into the world or with all the other energy un harnessed and when new life is procreated and that spark of energy gives it life if you happen to have been near some one that JUST died you have a strong chance of inheriting much of their energy where MOST inherit so much that is why they experience multiple past lives having the past energy of multiple people in them. Energy can retain memories I believe hence this is why some recall better than others depending on how much of that one energy that got. So I am not saying the traditional sense or the Hindu way is wrong it TOO and ALSO fascinated me as a possibility too and this is just another POSSIBILITY I have come up with that has logic but it is just a theory. What do you think?

5. I'm scared for my friend's life. How can I put him in jail?

Get her to record him using threatening behaviour, either sound or video if possible

6. How do you send a video to another video on youtube?

Tell him to use a proxy from another country - that is the only way. Google American Proxies or British Proxies, etc.. anywhere where your video is not blocked and he can access youtube through one of those and then view your video.

7. Upgrade macbook pro late 2011?

My 2010 MacBook Pro is like new. It has not slowed at all. It does not get hot, except when ALL notebook computers get hot: playing HD video and games. There is no upgrade can reduce heat. The only ways to reduce heat are.... - Buy a cooling pad. - Avoid playing with games - Avoid playing HD video. As for putting it on your lap, that's a bad idea, even thought people call it a "laptop". That term came from about 1990 when there were no HD videos or super killin games. Also, in those ancient times, all notebook computers were secondary computers for portable use, such as typing a memo in the taxi on the way to work. Everyone who owned a notebook computer back then also had a home computer. Nowadays, teenagers and college students buy notebooks to be their one and only computer. They are not typing memos to the marketing department. They are playing games and watching Youtube HD videos, so heat is unavoidable. If Apple made their notebooks two inches thick with two large fans, they would be cooler, like an Alienware that is two inches thick with two large fans - and weighs 12 pounds. "Does upgrading make it live longer?" No. Avoiding heat makes it live longer. "Is it worth the money?" Absolutely -- if you need the upgrade or if you plan to sell it to someone who needs the upgrade. "Ram/ssd thoughts" RAM is for using many things at once or one or two big apps, such as 15 tabs in a browser or CAD or editing 14MB raw files in Photoshop or NASA satellite control system. SSD is for faster opening of apps and documents. It can slightly speed up saving of files.

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