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Best Natural (NON TOXIC) Cat Litter?

Non Toxic Cat Litter

Best Natural (NON TOXIC) Cat Litter? 1

1. I have read of a better, non toxic combination.?

The missing ingredient I am sure is vinegar. A cornerstone of many many natural cleaning products. But also your question is kind of incomplete. We do not know what the product is meant to clean. I regularly use a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water and about a teaspoon sized squirt of dish detergent, all shaken together in a spray bottle, for almost all my cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom. If I need to scrub, I add salt or baking soda to the area. It cleans, shines, deodorizes, and cuts grease and germs. It can be diluted in a bucket for mopping. Easy easy.

2. is there a non-toxic natural odour which will deter dogs from eating my plants?

Dogs do not like citronella, that stuff they put in candles to keep insects away. Also orange

Best Natural (NON TOXIC) Cat Litter? 2

3. is there a great organic or non toxic website for buying skin products?

Josie Maran Cosmetics, is an all-natural cosmetic line for the eco-friendly consumer

4. Non toxic paint for inside aquarium?

Hi there, I do not advise to chip of the color and add the decoration to the aquarium. I am not sure with what material that decoration is made. I suggest you to look for other alternatives. Like stones that can be formed into a nice cave when placed against each other, empty broken coconut shell ( with all the coco completely removed) it is a natural shell so it will stay in your tank for a very long time and will harbor some healthy bacteria. I have a few pieces of them in the aquarium and my fish love to hide in between them

5. What are your thoughts on child safe, all natural and non-toxic nail polish for kids?

what about all of the other chemicals & poisons you will introduce her to in her first year of life. paint her toenails or just do not use it

6. Does anyone know of a weed killer that is non-toxic to dogs?

Ya, they are called the DEA and they are f%#kin' with my buzz

7. Looking for a non-toxic substance that evaporates very quickly

If you really do not want to use water as suggested by Klaus but absolutely want to do this in exactly that way, the next-best alternative is probably diethyl ether. It evaporates really quickly ($vartheta_mathrmb approx 35mathrm^circ C$) and has been used in the past as anaesthetic. However, you would still need to keep the room well vented to prevent suffocation in the long run, and you need to enforce a really strict anti-smoking, anti-flame policy. All things considered, if it is only the occasional drop I would definitely use water

8. Is non-toxic marker safe for rats?

Use Sharpies, the only marker that is non-toxic to rats, breeders' use it differentiate between identical litters. Nontoxic and not scented markers should also be ok but be aware that the color may come off and color your rats too so use permanent ones. Good Luck Hope I helped

9. What is the difference between "non-toxic" and "food safe?"?

Non-toxic generally means that it wo not poison you if you accidentally ingest it. Thus, finger paints & PlayDoh are both "non-toxic." "Food safe" goes beyond that to imply that the item is generally used with food and might often be consumed. Note that there may be some specific FDA requirements here that differentiate this class from "non toxic." When it comes to gum paste, most people do not actually eat gum paste flowers (they are pretty nasty), so I see nothing wrong with using "non-toxic" rather than "food safe." Especially in a learning environment. I would examine the information available on the manufacturer's website of a couple of different brands before making a decision. And I would also look at price.

10. ways please to get rid of moth problems in cabinets non toxic?

The moths are breeding somewhere even though you think you have cleaned thoroughly. You can get moth traps at many places like bird stores,Valu, feed stores. They lure the male bugs and trap them so the females cannot lay fertile eggs. Take your bird cage apart like beneath the tray etc. and check every nook and cranny . If you see tiny webs they are breeding & hatching there. You can freeze your seed for a day or two to kill any eggs. Thaw in package and let come to room temp before opening.Repackage in jars. Vacuum up the suckers with your vac hose. It takes a while till you find the hidden spot where they are breeding. Do not use moth balls or cedar . They can damage your bird's delicate respiratory systems and cause their death. Also vacuum hidden spots like under rug edges. Good luck

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