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Can Video Shooting Have a Negative Effect on a DSLR Sensor?

All modern DSLRs have thermal cut-outs for the sensor which will shut them off if they start getting too hot. Repeatedly running the sensor near the thermal cut-out temperature will probably have some effect on the lifetime of the sensor, but that's more of a theoretical problem than a practical one - in a DSLR, it's generally the shutter that fails before the sensor

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How to root cause a complete Windows Vista lock up

I'm not sure if this would persist past the system freeze, but you can log system activity with Sysinternals Process Monitor.Make sure you save the log in native .PML format, and you'll be able to view process, file system, and registry activity for your application.If the log file survives the hard reset, you can open it directly in Process Monitor for analysis.


How to set environment variables for the CI/CD in GitLab when using Auto DevOps (with GCP Kubernetes)?

In my case, I had hardcoded the secret key. I changed my code so that it would be read from .env file. I forgot to add the variable in docker-compose.

yml like the rest of the variables. Even though I had added the SECRET_KEY variable in Gitlab CI/CD settings, it was not available in the web container. Have a look here:


Helping to prevent Webpart Unable to Display

Usually this error occurs when the XsltTransform takes too long to load. By increasing it, it should prevent this error from happening.Go to the hosting server and open up PowerShell and type in the following:AppPool recycle to make sure nothings cached and try loading the listviews again.

If the error still persists you're maybe looking at an Windows Update issue for Windows Server


What is the difference between AC Delco Spark Plug 41-808 and 41-905?

Looks like the original plug for that engine is the FR5LS.

Source: @ O'Reily Auto Parts: (In): 0.035 Inch

Thread Reach (In): 0.750 InchI would go for a plug with the same reach as your current plug.


Under what conditions BRAKE light in dashboard can be related to malfunctioning ABS?

Brake (at least on my old Ford system) is just the emergency brake. If I were to guess it's more than likely a separate, unrelated issue. I would look into the E brake sensor, see if the E brake is sticking and/or see if there's slack in the E brake line.

Did you find out which of the sensors/wiring harnesses is bad (ABS issue)?


sudo apt-get upgrade error E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

So I foundWorks to remove all but the current version of the kernel and one backup.I found the solution at the Ubuntu Stackexchange here.I'm unhappy with how broad, sudden and irreversible the changes are, but no system of manual removal of specific kernel versions seemed to work.

This has tentatively provided a fix. I'll try keeping this updated if I encounter new problems


How to mount and name a volume if it's not already mounted with a startup script

OS X follows these steps when mounting a drive: It creates a raw device in /dev/ (for local disks only), it creates a folder in /Volumes/, then it mounts the drive to that folder it just created. That folder creation step is probably what you read. The shell script you linked is missing the following command:Then the command you linked will work, with the proper parameters.


will advanced auto parts or auto zone check my "service engine soon" light for free?

Auto Zone will check it and run the code for you and tell you the results. They won't clear the code though, the light will remain on until your mechanic clears it or you have three consecutive key cycles with no malfunction.

I can't speak to what Advanced will do.

If the light is no longer on a check won't tell them anything.


Why is my git auto commit script in cron.hourly not running?

It looks like when you run the script manually, you do it as chris. So why are you trying to run it as root under cron? /etc/crontab (and by extension the /etc/cron.* directories) are for system jobs. To run a job as your user, run crontab -e and write a line likeThis runs /bin/auto-commit in the specified directory hourly at one minute past the hour.


How Serviceable are Tape Drives?

In my experience (based on LTO4 drives), burn-in of new media is number one factor wearing down drives. In other words lifetime did not depend on how many hours of operation the drive had, but rather on how many times you had put a brand new media in the drive. (Things may have improved during the three years passed since I last worked with tape drives.



Does it matter if brake calipers are different or cheaper brand?

If you get one that is re-manufactured or made to OEM specifications, you should be alright. Replace the rotor and pads on both sides at the same time, if you can. This will help keep the wear balanced. In the long run it will be worth it. Might be worth taking the old one with you so you make sure you get an exact match from the store.


Honda Civic Clicks but won't Crank

Worth checking for good earth from body/battery to engine, check for good positive connection on starter - check for corrosion etc. Worth tapping the motor body to possibly force worn brush to make contact - don't beat the hell out of it - this will prove starter motor issue beyond repute if it does start on key. But it's most likely the motor needs recon/replacement.


serpentine belt or alternator or battery? car keeps dying?

Assuming there is good belt tension, there may be an issue with your alternator's voltage regulator, which is built into the alternator in most modern vehicles.While your alternator tested good, the voltage regulator may have an intermittent issue which could explain the erratic performance you are experiencing.I recommend either replacing the alternator, or pulling it off and testing it at a local auto parts store.


Do we really need auto-vectorization?

Auto vectorization doesn't actually work quite the way you think it does. It does not turn your initial set of instructions into a loop: see, for example, the results of GCC compiling your code.In general, auto-vectorization takes an unrolled loop, and transforms it so that the multiple statements you show in your example of an unrolled loop are implemented using a single assembly-language level instruction.


Whats the connotation of 'makeshift'? Is it negative, neutral, or positive like: creative?

I'm going to say that it depends on context.John was lost in the woods overnight, but survived by constructing a makeshift shelter from pine branches.Is very positive. However,My auto mechanic did not have the right parts, so he tried to patch things with a makeshift repair. It failed and my car was stranded on the freeway for an hour.Is pretty negative.


Possible to repair a pushed in braze-on?

Bosses in aluminum frames are typically rivet nuts, aka "pem nuts", which have a head that should be too large to slip back into the frame.For your frame, it sounds like the Park Tool directions for securing bosses on carbon frames should work equally well. The top mount on the seat-tube is also the easiest to repair using this method, so you're in luck.


How to recharge AC using booster from auto parts store?

I got that exact same product!The hose didn't work very well. I ended up buying a separate hose for $15 or so, with brass fittings.Also, as Patrick said, a large amount of refrigerant solves a large refrigerant leak. And it won't solve it for long.

So, I recommend eitherIn my case, it was a slow leak, which became a fast leak in short order. Oh well


How do I find wiper refills for my 2008 Nissan Frontier?

I ran into the same problem recently. It does appear that all the autoparts places have stopped carrying inserts. They'd rather sell you a $10-20 blade than a $1-2 insert it seems. :-) The good news is that my car dealer DOES still carry inserts, and they're only $1.

20 a piece.

.. Try your dealer, could end up saving you a good deal of money down the road!


How, and why, do you test coolant concentration?

In answer to the question of how to test your coolant mix, you would use an antifreeze and coolant testerIn answer to why, you would want to ensure that your coolant mixture is correct as this provides protection against icing in the winter, enhances the effectiveness of the system in the summer and provides some corrosion inhibitors to prevent your coolant system rusting or silting up inside


Why do most browsers store browsing history by default?

Surveys (e.g. show that something like 25% of people have ever used incognito mode and 50% of people have ever cleared browser history.Needless to say, many of them don't do that all the time, so at any given moment a majority of users prefer to use a mode that does store browsing history, thus it's reasonable to enable it by default


Why are extended warranties for tape auto loaders so high (nearly 50% the cost of the drive)?

Besides the implied level of support and warranty of tape changes being "enterprise" products, they're actually fairly complicated devices.Tape changer robots have a reasonably hard job. They're robots. They have acutators and sensors, tight tolerances, and other robot-y things. Generally speaking, you want them to be reliable, so it costs money in R&D, which gets amortized over the costs of the units and their extended warranties


2000 Dodge Ram 1500 won't idle

I suspect your alternator or your battery or both are failing. Since your car needs both fuel and spark to keep the engine running it is possible that, unless you're revving up, the fuel pump and all the other electrical components are not getting enough juice to make the grade.Test the battery and alternator. This post describes the process in great detail stackexchange.



Max value for Counter type (eg. ows_ID) and does ever ows_ID wrap?

As it does not specify anything else than Integer and this type of reference usually refers to Int32 (signed) in .Net. So i would guess that the max value is 2,147,483,647. And i think you would have other issues in SharePoint if you reach that value on a library or list.

However regarding wraparound, i would guess it will wrap around when passing the value counting up from -2,147,483,646


What did I break and what do I need to replace?

You broke the knuckle. It's hard to say what else is damaged, but the knuckle, wheel bearing(s), hub (may be a single assembly) and lower ball joint need to be replaced. It may need the lower control arm, possibly the upper ball joint as well. You'd need an alignment after all is said and done.

It also looks like you could use some sway bar links


Removing oil stains from the driveway?

I have used powdered laundry detergent as Speedy-Dri to absorb the oil. Pour it over the stain allow it to sit for several days. Move the powder around with a brush or broom. Sprinkle enough water on it to make a slurry. Using a stiff brush scrub the area then rinse clean. Depending on the porosity of the material it may take two or three applications.


Classified ads with tcolor box

As the initial proposal was done with tcolorbox, here you have two possible solutions with tcolorbox. As OP already proposed these solutions are based on tcbraster. The first one uses a one-column-tcbraster inside a multicol environment and the second uses a three-column-tcbraster.

Inner boxes are defined in classified style and they are blank boxes with added upper and lower margins and a bottom borderline. That's all!


WiFi not working on Raspbian Jessie

I found a solution for me! I bashed my head against a wall for a couple days. I followed all tutorials and still no luck. I installed wicd-curses (which I always use) and it didn't work straight out of the box. Then I poked around a bit in the preferences. I went to the External Programs tab and changed the DHCP from Automatic to dhclient and it worked!


People think a hidden save file dialog box means the computer is frozen

This is a UI/Windows design problem. Hitting the users over the heads is unfair to them.Since it's happening enough times, you might consider an automation solution.Use something like autohotkey to put a macro in their autostart.

The macro periodically checks for a windows type (i.e. save as dialog specific to PDF printer) and issues a "bring to front" call to it


am auto parts 95 4 runner headgasket?

Whenever you think about buying a vehicle that has or had a blown head gasket, you must realize that the gasket blew for a reason and you don't know that reason.

You also don't know what other parts of the car are damaged because of the blown headgasket.

I don't advise buying any vehicle that has or had a blown headgasket.

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