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Can You Put Vinyl Plank Flooring Over Ceramic Tile? | Nadine Floor Company

Vinyl flooring is considered the simplest flooring installed material a person can come across. This material is growing in popularity because it can really give a room a whole new feel. Moreover, there are many designs a person can choose from when it comes to vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring can be used as an original floor or as a remodel. Especially when it comes to remodeling, homeowners have raised a lot of questions and expressed interest. In particular, they are asking if it's necessary to remove the current flooring before installing the luxury vinyl flooring.

Can You Put Vinyl Plank Flooring Over Ceramic Tile? | Nadine Floor Company 1


Unique flooring recommendations for condo?

cork flooring is a great idea it keep the noise down and looks great

I accidentally installed hardwood flooring backwards for half the room. Now what?

Can You Put Vinyl Plank Flooring Over Ceramic Tile? | Nadine Floor Company 2

take the boards out one at a time with a flat bar. I have successfully installed used hardwood flooring

easiest flooring for self installation?

Concrete will remain cold. If floor is level, can use laminate flooring then throw rugs for foot comfort. Or carpet with extra padding under it. If have several rooms, may find size needed from carpet remnants from carpet stores. Vinyl will add comfort with throw rugs for feet, too. I would suggest carpet. Can do it yourself and give comfort.

Vinyl Carpet Run for rabbit s flooring?

Not sure what vinyl carpet run flooring is but you could try foam tiles. They are usually sold for babies. They are soft but they are not like bedding, blankets, carpet etc. I do not think a rabbit would be tempted to pee on them.

how to get a round carpet flooring in animal crossing wild world?

Saharah the Camel will not give you the round carpet. She gives you rare flooring and wallpaper (ancient tile, shoji screen, etc.) Go to Tom Nook's store every day and see if the round carpet is there. He sells it. You just need to check.

how much of an expansion gap for solid wood flooring?

3mm at either side of the room is plenty can be covered by a quadrant moulding or a colour fill sillicone alternatively carefully remove the skirting boards let the flooring run underneath them then replace the skirting boards no gap seen!

What colour of walls and flooring for white kitchen?

the walls you could do maroon/red or dark green to stand out the kitchen and the flooring i would go with tan or light brown with white

Asbestos in house flooring? Advice?

It sounds like contractor time.But this could be expensive.I read that you should not use power tools if you are removing it your self.Scrape or pull up the tiles.But wet them down first,this keeps the particles from being air born.Then they suggested to not sand the glue from the flooring because of any remaining particles. Then what do you do with the crap you have removed?If you just bought the house it should have a disclosure in the contract about the last owners responsibility's.Check out the laws in this case

How to relay carpet and tile flooring?

Its possible to do with carpet, pick up and re lay it in a different area. But you must have a carpet installer measure both to see if its possible , size wise. Carpet can be seamed together. Any tile it would be impossible to take up and redo it. You ll save a few pcs but the majority will break. Whether its a vinyl tile or ceramic that won t work sorry. There are nice looking flooring options in vinyl thats cheap and user friendly . Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

Im installing hardwood floor planks. How do I repair a unlevel section of flooring?

You will not have good luck stapling/nailing through the cement leveling compound. You are going to have to either fix what is causing the unlevel spot or shim the hardwood. You can use 1/4" plywood and or layers of 15LB roofing felt. to shim. You might need to use longer nails in the low spots to be sure they penetrate the subfloor. This is what my buddy who owns a flooring business told me when I did my floors.

flooring question - removal of carpet?

If the floor still stinks go to your local specialty pet store and look for a product called 'Simple Solution'. It is made especially to get pet odors out of concrete and flooring:)

what's a wood-like flooring that you can apply on uneven flooring?

I find that hard to believe. I mean if the basic floor is uneven how could anything just "level" out the floor. What I suggest- as I had done in my kitchen- is to have a thin layer of "underlayment" put down first to level it out. Then put the actual floor on top of that.

I just bought my first house and it is all wood flooring. It is the real wood flooring not the laminate...?

If its real hard wood floor simply mop it with warm water. Cleaning with any chemicals will only ruin the wood. This is what many professional floor experts recommend.

Should I self-install or hire a pro to install cork flooring?

Do it your self .. Save money.. Getting started straight is the key. Start 3/4/5 rows and let set several hours or all night.. Clean flooring of any extra glue. After is is set up you ll be able to do any more amount of wood you need since pushing it together and or having to "tap" it together can be !! having it all move around on you. Have 2 trowels, one to use and the other soaking at times to be ready to clean. This way glue won t build up as much and you ll get proper spread.Get proper trowel too.It ll take a special trowel for adhesive.. GL

I am fixing my boxer a dog lot outide and was wanting ideas on what type of flooring to use?

You will have to use something like pea gravel.Poured concrete with rubber tiles covering would be your best bet as far as comfort and clean up.You can rinse and turn the rock to keep it clean. Straw and/or cedar chips are good for bedding but not for flooring.They will absorb the dog waste and rain etc. and will mold and rot.

Does anyone know where a tile outlet or discount flooring oultet in the Charlotte NC area?

Have they done away with the telephone's Yellow Pages ?? Ask a clerk at most any hardware store. Ollie's discount store (like Big Lots) has flooring.

Please, I need suggestions on the best product to clean wood flooring. Not so much for polishing as cleaning.?

OMG!! I would like to see the answers u get b/c I do h/c for an elder & she has wood flooring too. & she told me to clean just as u have been doing.she was told that any floor cleaner would strip it & make it look dull.

allure vinyl flooring wood look planks look like wood feel like wood new at home depot.any information?

The technology for vinyl plank flooring has been around for quite awhile. They are very durable and suitable for many homes on the market today. You should compare prices and make a decision based on a reasonable budget. You need to figure out the TOTAL cost for each option. Hardwood is expensive and labor intensive. Sanding is a mess. Stain and urethane can be a very powerful odor, enough to make you nausea and have severe headaches. Odor subsides within a couple of days though. Vinyl floors or floating floors typically need a thick membrane between it and the sub floor. Not much of an expense but it should be factored in when making your decision. They both will need shoe mold or quarter round. The hardwood process will span several days, the laminate should take 1 day, depending on the specific job. Although I can not say for certain, I would expect hardwood to be several times more expensive.

A friend from work sold us flooring and helped us install. How much should I pay him for installation?

If you think he really needs cash $20 per hour. If you think he is not in a money crunch the same amount $20 x hours worked, but a gift card at his favorite restaurant. It is always better to overcompensate a friend than to create any hard feelings. Find out how much the flooring cost and pay him that amount also. Many people forget you are paying for more than labor, you owe him for organizing the work, instructing the other workers, probably delivering the materials. Plus the time he was away from his family. Sometimes the best of friends will suddenly become overbooked should you ask them to help an a project, or to help you move, borrow their car,etc. This guy stepped up and helped you out. Do not short him on compensation.

what kind of wood flooring would you put into a boat?

if it will be covered by carpet or something, marine grade plywood. seal it 1st to give that extra moisture protection. or there is plastic panel flooring avaible too.

how do you find out what type of foundation/ flooring a property has?

foundation & flooring are two different things, the building depts plans for the structure is in there files if its after 1955, otherwise, get under the house at the crawl space and chk for the foundation if thats your quest, or take up a corner of the carpet in a closet to see if you Hardwood, plywood, pressboard, OSB, subfloor (2x6) (t & g) or whatever. But in an effort to help you further, we need to know what you real quest is??

what is th newest of and lattest flooring i should put in my Great Room?

Tarkett flooring was featured on the show "I Want That"

home ballet studio flooring?

This Site Might Help You. RE: home ballet studio flooring? my parents just bought a house, and we're planning on making my room into a ballet studio by putting in sprung floors (throughout the room) and area rugs around my bed (I'm getting a bed from this Italian space-saving murphy bed company called Clei to have as much room as possible to dance,...

Installing engineered wood flooring with baseboard radiators?

This Site Might Help You. RE: Installing engineered wood flooring with baseboard radiators? I am looking at installing floating 3/8" or 5/16" engineered wood floors in an 90 year old house that has perimeter hot-water base-board radiators around almost every exterior wall. These are the units aobut 6" high with a flanged radiant core housed in an overhanging metal housing with an...

can rubber flooring be recycled ?

Look in the yellow pages of your area to see if you have a local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. They take donate building supplies. If they can not use it, they may be able to tell you who could use it. If you can not find a number, try contacting Home Depot or Lowe s, they both do work with Habitat. You can also try your local high school shop class. They might have use for the flooring. There are places springing up all over the country that take used/new building materials and then resell it to their customers. It a good way to recycle without filling our landfills.

I am looking to cover some old parquet flooring .........?

Carpet tiles are a good choice. Do not make work for yourself. If the parquet is in fair shape just go over it. If its over a plywood subfloor, you can nail down any loose pieces or staple them down with a crown stapler. If the parquet is crappy and layed over a cement slab, you have to pull it up. (Stay away from snap together laminate flooring unless you are planning to sell.)

Laminate wood flooring in kitchen... Good or bad idea? Will spills ruin it?

We had laminate flooring in the kitchen and it looked awesome till the drain backed up and the dishwasher dumped gallons and gallons of water on it. Then the edges puckered up and split and broke. We replaced it with tile. Regular spills wo not hurt it but large overflows will.

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