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Drum Mic Preamp Mixer Recording Question!? Non Expert Answers also Greatly Appriciated!?

Yeah, it sounds like it's a four track recorder, which raises the question of what output you are going to use to run to the PA, and making sure that the signal has enough power. This 4 track is not going to amplify the sound at all, but it your PA is powered it will probably work. To answer your question about recording, it would be easier if you knew the make and model of the 4 track so you could look up a tech manual for it, but assuming it works like the other 4 tracks I've seen you should be able to record the signal that is going through the mixer without effecting the signal.

Drum Mic Preamp Mixer Recording Question!? Non Expert Answers also Greatly Appriciated!? 1

1. What to look for in a hand mixer for occasional bread dough kneading?

If you are making bread on a regular basis, then a hand mixer is the wrong tool for the job.Other answers have noted a few different problems: from significant strain on your wrists to shortcomings of the two-hook design. Those are real problems, and provide good reasons to opt for a stand mixer rather than a hand mixer. I am sufficiently skeptical of making bread with a hand mixer that I would even recommend kneading by hand over using a hand mixer. It may take a little longer, but you will end up with better results.A good stand mixer is pricy, but it's the kind of tool that will last a lifetime. Kitchenaid models are rated in terms of "flour power." If you are making a loaf (or two) that requires 8 cups of flour, then you will need a stand mixer with a "flour power" of at least 8. You can use this chart to map "flour power" to watts and bowl size. Those are probably the best metrics for compairing the KitchenAid models to other brands.Coming back to the question, I would suggest investing in a decent stand mixer and only falling back to the hand mixer if you are making cookies or frosting. Then again, then stand mixer is a better tool for those jobs as well - just a little less essential for success.

2. How do I create a subtractive or dffferential two channel audio mixer?

How do I create a subtractive or differential two channel audio mixer?L-R just means left and right channels are out of phase and summed to mono. So you can flip the polarity of the right channel either on your mixer, or at the connector (by swapping pins 2 and 3 on the XLR or T and R on the TRS connector) and then sum them into a mono bus and you have your L-R signal.You could also use transformers as mentioned above. If you swapped the connections on the secondary of XFMR2, you would have your LR signal. If you use transformers with multiple secondaries, that allows you to split both signals and produce both LR and L-R simultaneously. Although you could accomplish all of this with a mixer that has a polarity flip switch. That would be the simplest, most direct way

Drum Mic Preamp Mixer Recording Question!? Non Expert Answers also Greatly Appriciated!? 2

3. How to amplify RF signal to high enough level for a CMOS downconverting mixer?

Here is approximately what is inside the NE602 bipolar mixer. Note the use of bipolars to establish the biasing, to achieve headroomsimulate this circuit - Schematic created using CircuitLab

4. How many yards does a typical concrete truck mixer contain?

The average concrete truck can hold up to 8 yards. Some can hold up to 12 yards. But, usually there is a 3 yard minimum. So you wo not pay any more unless you ordered less than 3 yards.

5. Should I get cuisinart or kitchenaid mixer?

I personally love my KitchenAid mixer. I've had it since 1997 and it's been worth every penny with never a problem. (For her birthday get her the shredder attachment. You can save money buy shredding your own cheese and making cheese blends among other things like shredding veggies. ).

6. What's ur favourite vodka mixer?


7. What is the difference between a'mixer' and a ' multiplier' used in modulation process?

A mixer is often synonymous with a crossfader. A crossfader is made of two amplitude multipliers, in mathematics a liner interpolator of values from 0-1 multiplying one signal and 1-0 multiplying the other signal. there can be mixers for multiple, 3-15 signals using the same control, which are called multiplexers. Strictly speaking, modulating a signal relates to a variation in an applied effect on a signal, whereas mixing is not generally related to effects, it's signal and volume control.A multiplier is used also for ring modulation where one sound/osc is multiplied with another.A serge wave multiplier is an analogue trick where a wave is amplified and sent through some rectifiers/mirrors that bounce it backwards from values above 1, thereby increasing the side bands of the original oscillator in a way powerful and economic relative to the electronic components used. it is best applied to a sine wave. A mixer is also jargon for a mixing console

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