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FFmpeg: Scales the Output Video so It Matches the Value in Python

FFMPEG scales the output video so it matches the valuethat you specified in either Max Width or Max Height without exceeding the other value.sh = source heightsw = source widthheight = new heightwidth = new widthif float(sh / sw) == float(height): return width, heightelif float(sh / sw)

FFmpeg: Scales the Output Video so It Matches the Value in Python 1

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how can i get the live horse racing video in malaysia in my computer?

why does you want to have a horse raching video in your tape recorder? malaysia is a country. so it is a stupid quesion

Can police officers go into peoples homes and video tape without permission?

FFmpeg: Scales the Output Video so It Matches the Value in Python 2

Yes. Maybe they had a warrant. I am not aware of any departments that would go videotape a case like this on the first call. Usually, officers would check to see if the call was substantiated. If it is, then maybe they will make notification to ACS/SRS and others.

why does my husband spend a lot of time playing video games?

Okay. But who is better in bed, you or the video game?

gift for boyfriend that likes football, video games, street racing?

i believe BLITZ the video game is under 25. it is a mix of fighting and football. you can play football and walk around the city with your team fighting with other teams. He might also like Tom Clanceys Vegas. it is like call of duty except it takes place in vegas. you have fights in casinos and hotels with tons of weapons

What's the best PS3 video game of 2008, Please pick the choices from the list below?

resistance2, also you should do littlebigplanet. Littlebigplanet is my most favorite video game ever

Is there a real video which is made in the space?

I am not sure what the question is. During manned flight NOW there is copious video footage shot and made available. During the Apollo mission the technology for a live television link simply had not been invented then. It took time after landing for the link to be established - then they did send black and white low definition tv. If you are asking about pictures of distant objects well a telescope takers hours if not days to get enough photons to make a decent image.

Why is my video player playing slow (or sticking) all of a sudden?

It could be that your Internet connection is too slow for the video stream to keep up with the player. Maybe your ISP is having problems, or perhaps your modem or one of your cables is flaking out

Who is playing a psychedelic soundtrack in this Salvador Dali video piece?

Jean Claude Pelletier is the composer of the soundtrack to the u201cSoft Self-Portrait of Salvador Daliu201d a 55min 1970 Film narrated by Orson Welles featured in the clip which l discovered with some more research after writing most of the answer below, more on him at foot of answer.The music is better described as a free jazz influenced piece rather than psychedelic but at a guess is incidental music recorded for the film. Not any piece l recognise or musicians. French Jazz label BYG, NYC label ESP has many recordings in a not dissimilar free jazz style. Salvador Dali was not unaware of this style of music, on at least one occasion he visited one club that championed this style, the infamous Slugs Nightclub at Avenue B, 242 East 3rd Street New York, which hosted many of the free jazz musicians^ of the time from about 1964 until the early 70sThe mystique of Slugsu2019 kept growing. Singer Patty Waters was there when Salvador Dalu00ed entered with a small entourage. He held a lit candle in a holder. Paintings by local artists hung on the walls, and Dalu00ed slowly circled the room, examining each one by the light of his candle. Then he and his disciples left. u201cAlphabet Cityu201d as this area of Manhattan is called, was a tough run down part of the city in the late 60s but was home to some musicians including Jackie McLean and other artists, Salvador Dali still has to have been one of the stranger visitors to that part of the city. His work has inspired other free Jazz influenced musicians more recently.Ted Nash #2EditThe composer of the soundtrack to the Salvador Dali Film featured is Jean Claude Pelletier , a French Jazz pianist, composer & arranger who incorporated Jazz influences into his soundtrack work. Another example of his work is below with somewhat more conventional jazz, which is his background. The Dali film incorporates Free Jazz stylings that were in vogue in art circles in 1970 but is not a major piece of free jazz work. Pelletier is from a more orthodox Jazz background (having recorded earlier with Buck Clayton and Lionel Hampton) but seems to have incorporated free jazz styling into this work. His soundtrack work on this sountrack appears to draw from his Jazz background married to whatever was in trend at the time.Jean Claude Pelletier - 39u00b0 de Fiu00e8vrehttps://www.imdb.com/title/tt0195228/(^) Performers at Slugs included Albert Ayler & Singer Patty Waters who recorded for ESP, Jackie McLean for Blue Note & Archie Shepp for Impulse & BYG, Charles Mingus, Charles Tolliver for Strata East. Slugs also featured Sun Ra and infamously trumpeter Lee Morgan (not an avant player) met his demise there shot by his girlfriend.Inside Slugs' Saloon, Jazz's Most Notorious Nightclub - JazzTimesWho is playing a psychedelic soundtrack in this Salvador Dali video piece?

What would be the best combination for a P.C. within Rs. 15000/- for normal day to day work, web browsing and moderate video editing?

Processor- AMD athlon 200ge APU (has cpu cooler included in the box)Motherboard- Asus prime A320M-K/CSMCabinet- Antec Nx110SMPS- Aerocool vx plus 550Ram- Adata XPG gammix D30 8gb 2666mhzHDD- WD BLUE 1tbThis configuration should cost you around 16k(due to lockdown I could not give you exact price but my friend bought this same configuration on January for 15200) and it meets all your requirements.What would be the best combination for a P.C. within Rs. 15000/- for normal day to day work, web browsing and moderate video editing?.

Will App preview video for iPhone 5 be the first item on iPhone 6() app store

I now have an iPhone 6 and can verify that with the current version of iOS (8.1), the user will see the app preview video as the first element

What can an Asian Studies major do as their career? Can they get into a video game company somehow?

Keep doing what you are doing, and when you finish you should look around for a technical college to teach you the more specific parts of video game design. The three guys I live with go to Full Sail, an art school for film, music, graphic art and game design. People from all over the world go to this school, but you would do fine just finding something like it in your area. They do not require any kind of degree for admission, only a high school diploma. Good luck : )

Why do I get a green box when I try to watch (some) streaming video on the Internet?

Open your Windows Media Player and then go to tools, and then click on options. Now click on performance. Where it says Video Acceleration, change this from full to none. If it will not allow you to change this then click on Advanced and unclick the box beside “Use high quality mode“. Now click OK. Back on the Performance Tab if it says full under Video Acceleration you should be able to move the slider to none. Then click apply, then ok, and close out your player. Now try to play the video again. This should help

Movie "Heat", had a copy cat in the news. Where can i download the video of that news footage?

Yeah, there was that big shootout in North Hollywood, California with cops trying to take down these two robbers who had body armor and machine guns. Search for North Hollywood Shootout and you would probably find a lot. They still show it some on TV, especially those “wildest police videos“ shows, etc.

which is good audio and video player for Linex &downloading site for it ?

amarok or xmms for your audio mplayer, dragon player, xine, vlc for video all in your software so no need to search the web and download it, just enable it in your software management

old metal/hard rock music video from late 90s early 00s?? help!?

I seem to remember the video for A Perfect Circles - The Hollow being set in the woods and being creepy. I have bugs flying out of peoples mouths in my head. Ive searched the net for it but its as though it doesnt exist.

I forgot the title of a youtube video, it would mean a lot to me if someone could find it.?

i have not any particular techniques yet listed less than are some issues to imagine about: Do you've any quite weird and wonderful or unusual abilities? Any thrilling pets? humorous music parodies are always good. seem at different extreme view videos, you may locate something thrilling' MAKE relaxing OF FRIDAY!!!!!!!!(like by technique of rebecca black) fake to be a ninja and sneak round your city randomly Do a flash mob desire this helped

should i buy a ipod nano or ipod video? which store should i buy from?

it depends on what you want... i guess the biggest question is how much music you have, how much memory you need and if you want the video feature or not

If I videotape someone going through a red light, can I e-mail the video to the police? Will they do anything?

I was wondering the same thing. Today Someone ran a red and almost caused an accident with oncoming traffic. The first car rightfully going through the green light was half way through the intersection and had to swerve and slam on breaks to miss a truck as it failed to stop for their red light and sped super fast right through. Thank goodness no pedestrians were crossing the walk way. I got it on my dash cam with their license plate and make of truck but is it worth it to bother the police with? Same question, would they care

Which video game console is better Xbox 360 or PS3?

I will answer your questions in order to that of which they were asked: 1. PlayStation 3 has “better“ graphics than the Xbox 360 due to it's processing power. 2. PlayStation 3 has smoother gameplay due to it's processor technology. However, Xbox 360 has a more comfortable controller that your hands can get used to and feel better after long periods of gaming. 3. With both video game consoles you can game for hours and not “kill“ the system. Depending on how well the hot air is gettting ventillated out of the system. I would recommend a Nyko Intercooler Fan for the Xbox 360, PS3 should be fine without one. None of that matters however. What matters is what system in you enjoy and like to play. The system that has a game library to fit your needs and interests. I hope this answers your question.

Where can I purchase a whiteboard animation video?

I advise the company InovitAgency . They are masters of their craft, the portfolio will say everything for them. They will show and tell everything.Where can I purchase a whiteboard animation video?

IYO, Which of these are/were your favorite Nintendo video game system out of these list?

I am still big into playing all of those consoles. All have great libraries, and bring back a ton of memories. My favorite at the moment is the Nintendo 64. Brings back a lot of happy memories of being a little kid. I was driving around to the Bomb Omb Field music from Mario 64 earlier and immediately felt happy. Tough to pick favorite Nintendo video game. Favorite at the moment would be Super Smash Bros 3DS and Mario 3D and.

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