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Find Answers to the Hottest Questions About Video

Here are top 10 questions about video asked by people online.

Find Answers to the Hottest Questions About Video 1

1. Use video out as video in?

No. Thats why its called video out! Cards with that capability are called VIVO(video in video out)

2. I need information about old invention vcr cassette tapes?

1. Early video recorders were called "VTR"s (Video Tape Recorders). These recorded the video onto open reels of magnetic tape. A "cassette" is just a word for cartridge or holder, so when they started enclosing the tapes in cassettes they just called the machines "VCR"s (Video Cassette Recorder). 2. It evolved out of the cassettes used for audio magnetic tape. ("8-track" & "compact audio cassette". 3. Sony (Japan) produced the first commercial VCR in 1970. 4. VCR cassette tapes are used to record video programing. They were used to in homes, businesses, and schools to store TV programs & training videos. Prior to the introduction of VCRs, "moving pictures" were stored on reels of film, which was much more expensive and difficult to use than VCR cassettes.. 5. TV programs, video training materials, and similar materials are stored on the magnetic tape inside the VCR cassettes. You put the cassette in a VCR to record or playback the video. 6. The original open reel VTRs were a profession tool and not suitable for use by non-technical people. By enclosing the reels of magnetic tape in a cassette & automating the tape loading mechanism, the video recorders became much more user friendly. User friendly enough that the soon (1975) VCRs could be mass marketed to consumers."

Find Answers to the Hottest Questions About Video 2

3. Why is my downloaded video all Audio and not video at all?

video codecs is all you need

4. 9/11: Why was molten, beyond red hot, steel coming out of the south tower, just before it collapsed ?

You just happen to know how hot Jet Fuel burns, now do you really? Come on. I will take video of the towers a video of Richard Nixon and a video of the space shuttle and prove to your kind that he flew the shuttle into the towers. All I need is the videos, and my trusty video editing program. This question has been asked so many times on here that we thought even you aluminum hat wearers would get tired of it.

5. I really need help editing a video.?

You can not blur or put a white or black graphic over part of the video to hide something in WMM, but you can download trial versions of much better video editors such as Adobe Premiere Elements 7, which has multiple video and audio tracks. This means you can use these extra tracks to add a white or black box over the video and cut parts of the audio track out. You will need to look up online tutorials on how to do that, too long to go into detail here. Do a search for editing audio tracks and importing graphics into Adobe and using more than one video track to overlay other elements onto video

6. 10mm versus any other semi auto chambering?

I am a .45acp fanatic (for self defense) but I also think the 10mm is a heck of a good round. The problem is, as a self defense round it is Too powerful. Overpenetration and endangering bystanders is a no no. The round came to be as a result of the FBI searching for a more powerful pistol round. S&W built a firearm specifically for the FBI and the 10mm round. But, the FBI "suddenly" realized that the round carried to much liability and that smaller statured men and most female agents could not handle the round. So they had S&W start playing with a less powerful load, but never got it worked out to function in the pistol. Enter the .40 S&W BUT, they did not care for it as much as the more powerful 45acp. So the decision was made to issue the .40S&W to most agents, but the .45acp to the "tactical" teams. As a hunting load or a backpackers firearm, the 10mm works very well. Lot's of power and performance. In a "survival" situatiom where lawsuites etc are not a consideration, the 10mm would be a great choice. As for your other statement, like I said, I am a .45acp fanatic, I chose it as a direct result of it's performance in situations I was a part of, as well as documentation, photographs and video's of actual shootings, and the written statements of those who have used it to defend themselves. I am highly educated, graduated from a top university on the Deans list of highest honors. I have carried a .45acp both on and off duty for many many years. And on occassion, I own up to being a "jackass". Whoever "attacked" your choice of firearm or caliber was wrong to do so. But you were just as wrong to "attack" him. Opinions are great, I welcome anyone's opinion, I learn things here everyday, and I have had my thoughts or opinions on some things changed after learning what others have experienced etc. Leave out the name calling and post your opinions on the 10mm. I am always looking for more input on ANY cartridge or firearm. Shoot safe

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