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Free but Cannot Steal [closed]

My guess is hairbecause: Most people (but not all) have hair. It does cost anything to grow it. And if you steal hair from someone, that's illegal

Free but Cannot Steal [closed] 1

1. Do you steal towels from hotels?

unless you go to REALLY sleazy hotels ($40 a night and charge by the hour) they track when you get towels and how many fancy places have trackers for every room. you cant steal anything from those hotels.. its all for sell. they can and will charge you if they think you stole something.

2. Is Adobe aware that there are people out there who steal their products?

That's the whole point behind licensing. But despite this and other efforts, pirates are typically a step ahead.

Free but Cannot Steal [closed] 2

3. How hot does steal have to be in order for it to melt?

Steel melts at around 1370 C, about 2500F

4. Reinforcing an enemy to steal their wheat?

Yes it's a bad idea, but if you was a large inactive neighbor that you can not destroy (loses so catastrophic you can not fix 0_o) then send one defence unit is a good idea.....Sooner than later a player will attack you can then see the destruction and hence know the army you need to destroy and WHEN!!

5. Did Transformers steal from Lord of the Rings?

It's not stealing, it's just a cliche. Luke, it is your destiny. Frodo, it is your destiny. Potter, it is your destiny. Neo, It is your destiny. :)

6. who is the biggest steal in draft history??

kobe... number 13 from lower merion high school... how did the lakers know he would be a superstar?

7. should i steal my friends homecoming date?

umm i would talk to him first! tell him what the chick said! dont want you to fighting!!! hope this helps!!!

8. Why steal the egg twice in Oceans Twelve?

You need to understand the premise of the film... It starts with Terry Benedict hunting them all down to get his money back (nearly $200m) or he will kill them all.Now they do not have that money, some have lost it all, some have lost a little. So they cannot get the money back to pay him back. Therefore they have to come up with a plan to pay him back. Toulour has plenty of cash, and only steals for fun, so they hatch a plan to get him to pay it for them and that is why they go through the entire thing. They steal the egg without his knowledge and let him think he's better by stealing it himself etc. I think there's plenty of holes in the entire plan, but it's fun nonetheless


No body can harm ur relationship unless ur husband is willing to do so...Faith & Trust always starts from us...If ur husband is true to u, then no body could harm ur marriage...no matter how much effort they put into

10. How to make the settlers STEAL my stuff?

You could encourage an attack by keeping defenses to a minimum and resources high, then leave weapons in conveniently located containers and hopefully the settlers decide to grab the equipment for the fight. However, this is far from a guarantee and obviously encouraging an attack on your settlement is not optimal. But as kalina also stated in their answer, there is no way to "equip all settler with this stuff I do not want". Unfortunately, it's a very micromanagement "need" with no non-micromanagement solution. (a micromanaged solution is obviously to talk and manually trade/equip, which you already seem to know about)

11. Why would a person steal panties?

creepy... I think it's just a fetish he's got there, as disturbing as it may be

12. Who wants to help people steal?

Well im sure you understand, that such methods of stealing are seen more as "Hey im getting this expensive program for free, that was much easier than paying $200 for the same exact thing!" In this day and age people are more focused on how these downloads benefit them, not how they hurt the companies that create the product. Yes you can illegally obtain a copy of certain programs that are cracked, however you might sacrifice some things. For example, you can download a .iso file to play a certain game, but then the user has to figure out how to mount the image properly which requires additional programs and etc, some cracks might not work, some you have to tweak. Bottom line is, instead of going for a more expensive albeit higher quality product, many people would rather travel the cheapest route just to save a buck and just ignore the morality of it.

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