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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Aluminium Window

1. how to get paint off aluminum window sills?

The right steps needed depend on the amount of paint you need to remove. Anything you use to remove paint from aluminum will also remove the paint on the aluminum so be careful. If there is just a little spill try GoofOff. If the paint you are removing is fresh this should work without removing paint from the aluminum if you rub lightly. Most aluminum is Powder coated so the finish is more durable but it will come off so be careful


2. from which element is produced a geiger-muller counter's window?

GM counter windows are usually mica (silicate mineral) if they are to pass radiations of low penetrability, or steel if the radiation to be measured is penetrating and window strength is desired. Copper, aluminum, and glass have also been used when the barrel of the tube is of that material. Since GM counters are just event counters, not dosimeters, the only window requirement is that the window be thin enough to admit the radiation, and that the chamber be sealed (usually) to prevent gas leakage and moisture entry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Aluminium Window 1


3. why do old mobile home walls rot under the windows?

The windows are installed from outside. Before they are installed and fastened with screws there is supposed to be a bead of sealant / caulking applied around the perimeter of the opening. Sometimes on the assembly line this did not happen and then when it rained water leaked in around the window .Over time this water caused the wood to rot. Sometimes too the caulking wsa installed but not well enough or needed recaulked every so often and it did not happen again with the result of water intrusion and subsequent rotting.


4. does aluminum foil really work to keep heat in the house in the winter time?

It works well if you put it behind the radiators so the heat is all reflected back into the room. You can buy special aluminium boards for this that are more effective than ordinary sheets of aluminium. You can also keep your house warmed and reduce your heating bills by putting up thick, lined curtains at your windows and making sure they cover the whole window. Putting down layers of carpet, with as high a wool content as possible also helps


5. When putting aluminum foil on windows do you put the shiny or dull side to the glass / outside?

It makes no difference which area of the aluminum foil you employthe two components do the comparable interest of cooking, freezing and storing nutrients. the version in visual attraction between boring and glossy is with the help of the foil production technique. The exception is while making use of Reynolds Wrap launch Non-Stick Aluminum Foil. The non-stick coating is utilized for the time of production to the boring area of the foil. consistently place the non-stick (boring) area in direction of the nutrients


6. brands for double-pane windows ?

It comes down to your budget. Brand is important because certain brands use different types of assemblies. For instance, if the window is aluminum wood clad, things to look for is whether the metal is extruded or rolled. Other things to consider is the type of glass, divider treatments, special proprietary features, wood species, warranty, operation, and hardware. I specify Eagle Windows often since they offer the best bang for the buck. I steer clear from Sierra Pacific because of their lack of service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Aluminium Window 2


7. Wire for 100 AMP Detached Garage Subpanel. 50 feet direct buried 50 feet in crawl space

The problem is we dont know your loads or total load for example if you have a max load of 75 amps #2 al wire would provide a voltage drop of 1.83% but if you want to get crazy and have 100 amps available now you are up to 1.73% voltage drop with 1/0 wire. South wire has a nice voltage drop calculator. The only part not intuitive about this is the parallel wire sets change from 0 to 1 (you have to have 1/0 or larger to parallel)


8. When you open a window with a vertical-moving sash, are you moving some kind of mechansim, or just the sash?

Depends on the window, older wooden sash usually have ropes or chains that operate on a pulley with a counter weight behind the wall. Newer wooden sash some times have a vinyl jamb liner with a built in spring. Vinyl and aluminum replacement windows usually have a concealed balancer which can be a spiral balancer,a block and tackle or a constant force balancer which operates much like a tape measure. Need a little more info to give you a better answer


9. How much would it cost to replace a glass window?

The cost for replacing glass window is totally dependent on what types of products are used for replacing purpose. It has been seen that people, in these days, widely prefer having the services for replacing windows, so that they may acquire a stunning outlook for their residences. In fact, it has been seen that the cost for the replacement service also dependent on the service providers, who usually provide their services to their clientele. For having any more detailed information, you may take the assistance of some professionals, who have some adequate knowledge regarding all such aspects


10. Does an object made of aluminum and polymer have enough hardness to damage a skyscraper?

There are a number of factors which must be considered first. Polymers is a very general class of material but they tend to be softer than many construction materials for skyscrapers. At most it would probably shatter glass windows since they are quite brittle. Aluminium is a fairly weak/soft metal but if a rigid aluminium object of sufficient mass hit a skyscraper at a high enough velocity, it could do significant damage. For example planes are largely composed of aluminium and we all know what happens if a plane hits a skyscraper


11. What are good window fame materials for Scottsdale AZ other than aluminum?

Aluminum is actually a poor choice for window frames. Even thermally improved aluminum conducts hot/cold a lot more then vinyl or wood framed windows. Living in AZ I can imagine that the sun gets pretty intense during the summer months and aluminum hold up in the sun better then vinyl or wood. I would suggest you search for a local dealer of fiberglass windows. Fiberglass is extremely durable and does not conduct hot/cold. Marvin windows makes a line of window called Integrity. They are a fiberglass clad wood windows. They would be an excellent choice for you location


12. Can you separate a tempered, double-paned window (patio door) to use as the glass in a big picture frame?

The thermal seal has failed. The manufacturers create a thermal seal between the panes of glass so air (or argon gas) is trapped between the panes. this could furnish extra ideal insulation for warmth and chilly besides as sound. Condensation is a definite sign that the seal has failed. there is not any user-friendly thank you to repair the seal, different than replace the window. you may detect a employer which will in basic terms replace the double paned glass with a production unit seal, even with the undeniable fact that that's almost impossible to repair the winning glass


13. Possible to repair a Skylight if Window portion is Sliding out of Frame?

It is likely possible that your skylight can be repaired. The danger is opening your roof and keeping it waterproof until the repair is completed. The success of you doing this yourself will depend on your ability to remove and re-seal the window. I have seen lots of professional roofers have problems with skylights so you may want to find a good one for a back- up, in case things do not go well for your attempt. Unless you are an exceptional handyman, I would recommend calling the pros. Good luck


14. Cost to reglaze/restore windows?

While these windows of yours are probably beautiful from a distance, up close they will have a lot of defects from years of use/abuse. Glass will cloud up from dirt if not washed regularly, only single pane not double pane(not energy efficient), etc. To replace these individually and/or reglaze is would be very labor intensive. I would go with all new double pane windows from a reputable company like Andersen or Pella. Check with Lowe's or Home Depot or even Costco for deals on replacement window contractors


15. I have a bunch of aluminum windows that were taken out and replaced with vinyl.?

What mike stated is sweet. The window Fabricators want the tough window beginning. The measurements on the interior comprise drywall, silicone, and distinctive finishes that conceal greater factors of the window physique. in specific situations those finishes conceal 3/4" - a million" of window physique. could you like yet another quote for vinyl living house windows, PGT living house windows is a countrywide distributor of those products. Get a quote from them. i be conscious of of PGT as a results of fact i labored for their opposition in South Florida. good luck!


16. What does it cost to replace aluminum new construction windows with vinyl windows?

What mike mentioned is physically powerful. The window Fabricators go with the tough window beginning. The measurements on the interior incorporate drywall, silicone, and diverse finishes that cover extra components of the window physique. each and every so often those finishes cover 3/4" - a million" of window physique. would desire to you go with yet another quote for vinyl homestead windows, PGT homestead windows is a countrywide distributor of those products. Get a quote from them. i be attentive to of PGT because of the fact i labored for his or her opposition in South Florida. stable success!.


17. Shouldn't air planes not have windows?

The windows don't take that much from the structural strength from a modern aircraft. If you had windowless passenger aircraft like the military transports you'd have much fewer fliers on account of many people will feel claustrophobic. EDIT: After careful research the cause of several disasters involving the De Havilland Comet turned out to be from metal fatigue due to some cheaper riveting techniques. However the sharp corners the windows and escape hatches earlier models had also contributed to the problem. Windows and hatches on all aircraft now have rounded edges.


18. If you have window AC's, do you leave them in during the cold months?

You can leave the window units in in cool weather but it is advisable to remove them. They are exposed to all types of weather deteriorating aluminum on the cooling fins unless you bought a cover and wrapped it when done for the year. In areas that have snow and freezing weather you can increase your heating bill because the a/c cover is not windproof so your heat will be leaking out or cold blowing in depending on the wind direction.


19. Is it ok to install vinyl windows in a home after installing vinyl siding?

Best place to find this answer I used this company in the Dallas TX area last year and the price and quality was much better than Lowes or Home Depot. I bought my upstair windows from Home Depot and then found this company and had them do the lower level. I am very satisfied with the windows and the price was very close to what I paid for windows with out installation from Home Depot. Top notch installers and every thing was protected while work was done and area cleaned up


20. Which window is a better buy , horizontal slider or casement ?

"Horizontal slider" is a single hung or double hung window. Single hung windows have the bottom sash as operable only. Double hung units have both sashes as operable. Casement window open out. This can be a problem since they open to the weather. Casement windows provide the most screen area when open but can be impracticle if security is an issue. Pre-finished Vinyl coated wood are the best types but may be impracticle if the purchase is for replacement windows. You would need to check with variuos manufacturers to see if they provide a replacement type unit.


21. Anyone heard of a Philadelphia company called Getty that made aluminum window cranks in the 1950's?

The bike is probably a Chinese made clone bike sold buy a number of companies under different names. If you are considering perchasing such a bike it is highly recommended that you DO NOT make this purchase on-line. Which would leave you with no warranty, no parts, and no service. If on the other hand you can find a local dealer with an established shop, complete with a parts department, and service bay then go for it. Any machine given reasonable care and treatment should serve you well


22. Mail.app extremely slow on OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Thanks for uploading the Logfile. There are several entries which could describe the Problems, f.e.:andand andSome of the entries describe Timeouts because of syncing errors. How to fix them? I would cleanup the Cache of the Mailaccount either by moving the Cache Folder or be deleting and recreating the IMAP-Account.

If you want to cleanup the Cache you have to:If that does not help you could try the second approach: deleting the IMAP-Account and recreating it. Try that and post your results please

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