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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Door Stop Rubber

1. Why do I seem to store excessive static electricity?

you should wear rubber shoes. let the charge go down to the earth.

are you sure you aren't just imagining it? over-exaggerating it? the body is run on electric charges anyway.


2. does anybody know how to fix a washing machine?

all machines are designed differently. it may have a belt and pulley. they are hard to get apart and harder to gert back together. this is why an appliance service tech costs so much



Try the Dog Whisperer. Search it on google, go to the website, and request that he comes to your house. You will get to be on TV and your puppy will be trained


4. Is this a good start on my story? Plz help!?

@Sally: Couldn't have said it better myself! ^_^

But really, she just hit the nail on the head. If I actually answered I bet I would've said the same exact thing.


5. Suing employer for work injury?

You sue for Workman's comp

What is it worth, that is between you and the insurance company and lawyers and the jury

And in 5 or 6 years you may see a court room


6. How do I stop my dog from whining when I am not at home?

Your dog loves you how sweet.. Now your dog doesnt like to be alone just like a baby needs to be held an love your dog needs it to. So find a dog sitter.


7. Would you be mad if your boyfriend said this to you?

wth!!!! he's got serious problems. if you guys are alone and he doesn't want to cuddle, he's obviously not that into you. calling names is childish. if he can't control himself, leave him


8. How to stop my 2 kittens from fighting all the time.?

Kittens are naturally playful,however you can expect that behavior to be very typical among males.Don't let them be around each other too much or else they could get really hurt


9. Are there any hyperboles or metaphors in these poems?

We read this poem in English just today!! Small world!!( : what school do you go to? Lol!! Sorry I can't actually answer your question. I wasn't paying attenion today at all!!( :


10. So, tell me what you think my dream meant?

Is there something you need to do but don't necessarily want to do? You've got me on this one? It sounds interesting, though...maybe look up what dreaming of fish means


11. How do I stop my puppy from biting?

You dont. make sure there are plenty of chew toys around for him to chew. Get a book on your dog and read about him and ask freinds who have had dogs before


12. My 3 year old daughter is constantly touching her private area?

monitor her and take away things she likes until she stops,also tell her that it is dirty and will get her sick to scare her and make her not do it


13. Why do both front windows on my van stop working?

theres a relay that runs them.my car has them too,mine all work but the motor is bad on 1 window in the back,but if i was you i would check the relay


14. Is My fiancee Pregnant? Please answer?

If it's been 6-8 weeks she should take a pregnancy test definitely. It should be accurate now and that's the only way you will know. She has a lot of the symptoms


15. Are ridges and visible pores on breast always a sign of cancer?

Breast dimpling and orange peel skin are quite different fron the normal visible pores on your skin.

what you are describing sounds normal but if concerned get your dr to take a look.


16. now any good pranks top pull on ur parents?

bring him an empty cup, say you bring him something to drink. Pretend u trip and gonna spill it on him. Hopefully he likes hot coffee. JUST MAKE SURE THE CUP IS EMPTY


17. Anybody have an s10 blazer?

had a 4x4 99 for 9 years. common problems all years were the ball joints did them 3 times. gas was about18 mpg normal driving. a couple of electrical issuesin the dash. door hinges go bad


18. How can I insulate my attic door?

I my attic access hatch. I clued ridged foam on the top of the hatch overlapping a bit over the gap. That is the kind you lift up to get into the attic


19. How much mischief do ferrets get into? And how can i ferret proof my furniture so they can't tear it up?

Here's some ferret proofing information:


20. want to get rid of my cats but...?

Do not abandon your cats. If nobody wants them, find a shelter that will keep them until they get adopted. You may have to pay for this, but it would be worth it


21. Why pooled water under the crispers In whirlpool frig?

Unless you scrap ice out of it, it does have a defrost system. The drain for the defrost is probably clogged which causes the water to run over into the inside of the fridge


22. what is a good age to stop the pacifier and start using a big boy bed?

When you take a pacy away you can't give in and give it back no matter what. He'll get over thinking he has to have one in a couple of days


23. Did I have the right to get revenge on my college roommate?

You asked this earlier too...your weird, immature and need to get a life of your own.

Get your own internet and pay for it yourself and leave your roomate alone.



24. How do you overcome severe feelings of inadequacy?

Hmmmm....I thought you did a pretty good job of putting this together! It was always hard for me to put my feelings to words. You should really consider a job in writing!


25. Need some music suggestions.. music on ipod getting old..?

Appetite for Destruction - Guns N' Roses, The Number Of The Beast - Iron Maiden, and Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles are some great albums by great musicians


26. Libs is do you think there is a direct correlation between Obama's enacted 2012 immigration policy (without congress)..?

Yes, Obama's policy spawned rumors in Latin America about legal entry and residency being available. Human traffickers like to encourage such rumors, to get more customers they can smuggle to the USA


27. When the engines of Toyota Prius and Camery could not be decelerated why were they not switched off ? Yes/No?

The steering lock is the problem. Once the engine is switched off the steering lock could lock the direction of the car which is pretty undesirable if there is something in the way


28. What should I do about his stall?

well i think you should mabey get someone to pour concrete right there so he cant paw at it anymore but just in that one area and then get a little rubber matt


29. Can you name a song that has 3 words in the title?

Beauty of annihalation, hot 'n' cold, jar of hearts, last Friday night, never say never, pumped up kicks, pursuit of happiness, remember the name, run this town, someone like you, we are young,


30. My new new GE front loading washing machine smells bad!?

It is stagnant water the front loads I have ever used always had it. They don't drain all the way the water sits and gets stagnant caused by soaps in water souring


31. Why does my horse crib?

Its because she's bored. Yes, its harmful. Buy her a miracle collar. Those work the best. Or give her a few toys or a salt lick

rubber mats or lots of bedding


32. How do Do I get my 7 mo old Puppy to stop chewing up my furniture?

correct her every time you see her chewing and keep confined when you are not able to watch her, you can create her or use doggie gates to keep her in certain rooms


33. Home Defense. Am I in trouble?

Well Newell, I would suggest getting a Private property sign. I would get the "Violators will be prosecuted" As for your dog he seems happy you rescued him from the pound


34. Why can't I stop thinking about him?

Girl i would say that that is the truest freakin love you can find. Girls around the world die for that (figuratively speaking) and if i were you i wouldn't let it go


35. help! my car window is stuck?can i ever get it to roll back up?

you can take the inside panel off and try helping it to go back up by taking your hand and push up on the window while you push the switch on the door


36. found lube in boyfriends draw is he cheating on me?

Maybe he's saving it to use with you or he could be using it for "personal" pleasures. Ask him about it and don't jump the gun too quickly hon


37. What part of your early life are you hiding -- or will hide -- from your own children?

I have a few things they will not ever find out. I sure am chuckling over your stories. Too funny. Oh the stupid things we've done in the name of youth! LOL


38. HOW DO YOU STOP A draft from a cat flap?

It should have some sort of rubber insulation to keep the wind out. The rubber attached to the flap creates a seal around the hole in the door thus keeping the drafts out


39. How do I stop my cat's obsessive behavior opening all cabinet doors?

He does it because it gets results from you.

Just install baby locks on the cabinet. He has no thumbs (contrary to that UK milk commercial, LOL) and can't get them open that way.


40. At my work i have this robin that always poops on my vehicle is there a "decent" way to stop this bird?

Once a robin builds a nest, you are not moving her. They will fight for their territory and just keep on coming. Invest in a car cover or find a new parking spot.


41. My double doors leak each time it rains. There is a seal on the bottom of the door frame but it still leaks?

if the door opens out, it is a simple rubber strip something like this below...well... do a search at lowes or home depot for weatherstripping and then door sweeps, to get ideas


42. why is my daughter so weird?

It's okay to be confused. She may just be quirky! But it also sounds a little bit like Asperger's syndrome or she may have OCD. She could have some anxiety too


43. My dog WON'T stop peeing / pooping in my house!!!?

You need to take her out every two hours. If she is an adult, you need to take her out every four hours. Take her out an hour after she eats or drinks


44. How do I stay entertained as a people greeter?

Smile a lot, make jokes about the weather, be cheerful, tell people they look good (when they do), make up nice things to say to people. I would love your job! Have fun!!


45. Why is my kitty doing this?

Shes a cat.....All cats find something strange to play with..........My cat plays with rocks and coffee tables.......It will get annoying but that's what she does.

....That's what all cats do.


46. What should I do about this?

I understand how u feel....But I think your is mum feeling really down you need to show her that you love her and you care about her.It will make her feel better


47. How to get my back hatch to stop rattling?

look for the exact source of the rattle then use your imagination...rattle metal hitting metal....put some kind of rubber in between and the rattle is gone...you get what i mean??


48. My Door doesnt close properly anymore?

Maybe pop off the facing then giving it a tap with the hammer after which put a nail in the area behind the facing to hold it in place. the replace the facing


49. What is the klutziest thing that you have ever done?

When I was 16 I was making love to my girlfriend on her bed when she wanted to be on top. I rolled to the right and fell of her twin size bed


50. Does anybody think this beginning is any good?

That is really good actually. I am an inspiring writer myself. What is this for? And what happened in the story i am curious??

I can not believe you thought this was bad!!!


51. lots more labels (really funny)!?

Good stuff!

I once saw a picture in a magazine that showed a restaurant called "The Horses Mouth". And below the sign it said " parking in the rear".


52. I have a pain in my upper left arm/should, should I see the doctor? ?

Your pain is coming from tight tendons in there and you have to have someone who knows how to free them up do that for you. They aren't in p.t. either


53. Do you have a conversation with Jehovah's Witnesses when they come to your door?

Definitely not. Probably the most annoying of all solicitors. I don't like anyone coming to my home and asking me if I have chosen the right path in life by buying their damn book


54. I am a poor student renter, how do I weatherize my home cheaply?

im in ohio as well and freezing my @ss off at the moment. also, somewhat poor lol so i will be watching for your answers. hopefully you get some good ones!

good luck


55. How can i stop my puppy barking at night?

nteresting points ,if anyone else is searching for training puppies try Imforda Simple Dog Guide (just google it ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cousin got amazing results with it


56. Are automatic locks controled by a fuse?

your door locks and mirror might be on the same fuse, if the door lock button on the passenger door still works, there is a short some ware in the door on your side


57. What do you think of this excerpt from my book?

Its subject matter is repugnant. Its elocution intolerable. Its lines fester, and rot, exuding a mosaic of excremental matter that envelopes the mind in a slightly warm and mushy stupor. Simply mind-numbing


58. Deadly love part 1 please read.?

Over all it was pretty well written. There were some punctuation and spelling mistakes, especially with the dialogue, but it was good.

Answer mine?


59. How can I stop a dog from pooping in my yard?

Get a pair of rubber gloves. Every time that Wiener Dog poops in your yard, pick up the poo and throw it at your neighbor's front door.

They'll get the hint.


60. Why do geckos straight to my room?

Because they love you! Geckos are awesome. A lot better than flies! But I gues I wouldn't want them crawling around my house either. Maybe they attracted to your lovely smelling perfume lol.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Door Stop Rubber 1

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