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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Tool Store Online

1. Numbered stored procedures: introduction and deprecation?

Looking at the SQL Server 2000 T-SQL help, there is no mention of deprecation so it seems numbered stored procedures were deprecated with the release SQL Server 2005. I don't recall numbered procs ever not being in the Microsoft SQL Server product on Windows so I'm pretty sure the feature stems from it's Sybase roots and is in the 4.21a Windows release. I can't speak to the OS/2 version since I dodged that bullet :-).


2. Run WSUS in an isolated server

You cannot connect it to "the internet" due to unspecified security issues, but surely you can create a firewall rule allowing only the WSUS server to connect only to Microsoft Update servers, followed by an explicit deny any/any rule. If your colleagues/superiors believe that there is a reasonable argument against this, we would like to hear it


3. Cracking CISCO ASA Passwords

8Ry2YjIyt7RRXU24 encrypted key is default but for cli it mean there is nothing set / no password. I guess that you are trying to access asa via cli.

Just use enable command & press enter and you should be able to loginI have not come across any tool (especially free tool) that can help break MD5 hash. I'd love to know if you come across one.Hope it helps!AJ


4. How can I avoid clearing caches when CSS changes are made?

Install AdvAgg, go to admin/config/development/performance/advagg and set "AdvAgg Cache Settings" to "Development"If you don't want to do that, go to admin/config/development/performance and uncheck "Aggregate and compress CSS files" as well as "Aggregate JavaScript files"Another option is to install the admin menu module. That has an option to just clear the css/js cache


5. Why are software recruiters relying on automated testing of technical skills? closed

I took one of these when I got my last position (well several with a bunch of companies but only one with the company I went with). After I signed on my manager explained that their main use of the tests was as a starting of point for discussion, meaning that it complemented the CV.

Having been aiding a bit in recuting I also feel that they are a great source of questions for an interview.


6. Can I delete my audio collection after syncing it with iTunes Match?

iTunes Match is not a streaming solution but primarily a cloud storage for music/audio files. So yes, you can upload all your music to iTunes Match and delete it locally. But whenever you listen to a song it gets downloaded and stored locally again. There is nothing preventing you from deleting it again after listening of course


7. Creating a *Consistent* *Online* MySQL Backup with InnoDB AND MyISAM tables

Since it is cloud infrastructure and you can't do many things you can on dedicated server (like repartitioning/changing filesystems/using lvm), look for snapshot/backup solution from your cloud service provider.Quick googling pointed me to this:this, it might be the best solution for your problem.


8. Mac: what permissions are granted for allow the apps below to control your computer?

Apps with access to the accessibility API are allowed to manipulate the UIs of other applications (presumably window tidy is using this to resize windows). This gives them the ability to inject events into other processes, and allows them do pretty much anything you can. They can also log all your keystrokes.Any unsandboxed app (most of them) can read all your files and make network calls.


9. Designing Butterworth filter in Matlab and obtaining filter a.b coefficients as integers for online Verilog HDL code generator

As discussed it is best to use the sum of sections, that is break the higher-order filter into a cascaded 2nd order filters. The updated question has the SOS matrix. Using this code and an example here the Python object can be used to generate the individual sections.

In matlabIn PythonAdditional information on fixed-point can be found here


10. Is Silverlight only for eye-candy, or does it have a use in business? closed

One good reason to learn Silverlight is that it will set you up for developing apps for the Windows Phone 7 platform. I can't offer you any hot tips on how to justify using Silverlight for a web project, but that's one more reason why it's a good idea for you to try to do so. :)


11. Track and replace a t-shirt design on a moving, distorted garment

My god, this is practically the nightmare of any vfx-artist out there. Yes, it is possible - but at what price? You need to:This may sound straight-forward and manageable, but it is a hell lot of work. Make sure to really think about this before attempting it - maybe go out with your t-shirt design and shoot the scene yourself. You will probably save yourself a lot of nerves and money


12. Is there a Document scanning and archiving software?

LogicalDOC Community could be used for this purpose.

Allows you to catalog and tag many file types and has a built-in free OCR.One of the features that I really like about this package is the full-text search engine that can run natively language specific searches.There is a good documentation for installation on Ubuntu, which doesn't involve special difficulties


13. Managing design assets and modular templates for an app

you can use the layer comp option in photoshop.Using layer comps, you can create, manage, and view multiple versions of a layout in a single Photoshop file - basically, you can create steps of the behaviour for your layout using layer comps so anyone can access and understand the flow order.following is the link -


14. How to dump all the URLs opened in firefox

Off-topic, as I will try to show you that bookmarking is not that bad. All you need is a good name for a session that you save.When you right-click on the tabs, you can choose Bookmark All Tabs. Then a popup appears and you name the folder that will hold all the tabs.Restoring a session is also that easy. In the bookmarks find the session folder, right-click and choose Open All in Tabs


15. Magento Development Workflow: how to source control databases and update the live Magento installation from the Test magento installation?

There are database tools such as Quest Software's (now Dell's) Toad for MySQL. This database management tool has data and structure comparison features which you can use to see changes between two databases. Just keep backups (or git commits) of the database versions you want to compare, and voila. There is even a script generator for bringing the two into sync


16. Big Integer Base Converter?

So I found this calculating tool which might work for you.tried using it and I typed a lot of random digits and it could convert them.You could just copy and paste your number into the converter, but if the number is very large the number would go off the screen but you can scroll right to select and copy the new number.

Requires no downloading.


17. I'm running Android 4.1.2; it includes known vulnerabilities. Installing a newer firmware image would take time and effort. Must I really do so?

If you go the third-party route, consider installing a third-party firmware that you trust and can build from source code yourself if needed(CyanogenMod). Check that md5 hash ;)Also...consider buying something that comes with OEM unlock out of the box(Nexus, Dev devices, etc) if you want to stay updated in the future and not worry about as many vulnerabilities or third-party firmware compatibility issues


18. Separate hex keys vs. combined multi-tool for bike adjustments?

You definitely need the multi-tool to take it with you on your rides. Most multi-tools also come with a flat- and cross-blade, which can come in handy.I'd only look at the separated set as an addition to multi-tool. Though, I don't see much of a reason to get them. Unless maybe when you do a lot of bicycle work - but then you should know better and wouldn't be really asking this question


19. Integrate pdf excel word viewer on a website

Following on from Steve Barnes suggestion, JODReports sits on top of Open Office and Libre Office so can take a fair bit of the leg work out of driving Open Office / Libre Office via the API. The conversions are often surprisingly good, but you'd have to run some tests to determine if that works for your documents well enough


20. Cannot update, repair, or uninstall Visual Studio 2017

OK, heres what finally worked. I extracted the full installer from the web installer. This took hours. I recommend using a wired network. And ran the setup program from that directory. It allowed me to uninstall (mostly) without error. It completed successfully, but the program Control Panel. At least, this time, I could completely and successfully uninstall from Control Panel


21. Glacier for personal backup: s3 or directly (or Nearline?)

Google recently released Coldline which is even cheaper than Nearline and uses API same as Nearline and regular storage. Compared with Glacier it's same price ($0.007 GB/mo), flat cost for data retrieval ($0.05) and no check-in and check-out delays.

As for partners supporting it check Coldline page:do not compare it to B2 as I know nothing about it.


22. Should we be regularly linking to online stores?

No.A Sharpie is a brand, iirc. I asked around to some people and they had no idea what a Sharpie was. So I don't think it hurts to clarify.A way to get around it would be to add a description of what is being mentioned, but we can all search the internet. The exception would have to be product suggestions and showing examples. I wouldn't do this all the time, though.


23. App created in spreadsheet vs programming a full application - is there a middle ground? closed

If this was an Excel spreadsheet, I would not have hesitated and suggested Infopath. Not being familiar with Google doc's methods, but being familiar with people who build applications in Excel(Hear! Hear!), Infopath Acces/SQL Server express generally made it somewhat painless.If you the kind that likes text tutorials. . . If you prefer video tutorials . . .

I wish you luck. This is an area in dire need of a solution!


24. Is there an opensource way of making 'streetview' panoramas?

There was a presentation at last year's State of the Map conference in San Francisco by the founder of CustomStreetView, a site that lets you use streetview imagery for adding things to OpenStreetMap (Google's licensing strictly prohibits that). You can upload your own imagery to that site. The author is on StackExchange.Talking to him could give you some ideas!.


25. Microsoft Store and other apps such as Calc and Photos won't launch after Windows' update

I had this issue with several machines, some apps (calculator, sticky notes, gallery) from Microsoft Store were "marked" as corrupted.The simple way to fix is by deleting all keys in HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionAppModelStateChangePackageListOr even the folderFrom a elevated command prompt "reg delete HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionAppModelStateChangePackageList"RegardsBonifcio


26. How to set a dual-boot installation with two hard drives (SSD and HDD)

Since there's already an existing installation of Windows on the drive, the Ubuntu installer will give you an option to install alongside it.Also, you can just install windows completely on the drive or use an existing windows install and Ubuntu can shrink the partition size, but I haven't tested this myself and usually shrink the partition from Windows


27. BuiltWith: Info about Content Management System

You can detect EE by couple parameters like form uniq for EE names/hidden inputs fields, category short names, page count segment, ACT segment or cookies prefix. Looks like BuiltWith is looking on cookies and if it see exp_ prefix (default EE prefix) - detected EE cookies prefix you can change in CP -> Amin -> Security & Privecy -> Cookie Settingsor in config.php


28. Hiding my personal documents from the IT department closed

One word:Steganographyplease read THIS page.When your IT department looks into your files for whatever reason, they will only see some pictures of family and friends and other innocent things (don't go wild, choosing pornographic images or offensive ones otherwise) and most probably gloss over them. It is a safe bet if you encrypt the files using something like a zip program, before burying them in the pictures.


29. Windows 10 TP Build Expired

Have spoken to Microsoft, installing Windows10TP is a "Wrong Path" to getting Windows 10. The only option is to completely reinstall Windows 8.1 then follow the usual upgrade path. Otherwise, you must purchase Windows 10 to receive a valid product key. In other words, if you installed TP, you must reinstall the previous OS then follow the standard upgrade path


30. Buying a sim card in Italy

In my experience, the best solution is to buy a Lebara or Lyca Mobile sim card. You can find them almost anywhere, they have decent websites and you can use them in a pay-as-you-go way. Usually big operators like TIM offer services designed for long-term users.

To buy a new SIM, you just need a document with pic

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Tool Store Online 1

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