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Good Video Camera for Recording Live Music?

Try those Crappy flip ones (for your price range) but i suggest a Good Canon.

Good Video Camera for Recording Live Music? 1

1. Best camera for recording while driving?

The sourced link is just an example; however I have seen some cameras that can record High Definition up to 1080p and sits near the sun visor or rear-vision visor hidden and concealed away without being noticed by other drivers and to avoid any accidents. Since the last thing you want is something so large that might be used to injure yourself or other occupants if it comes off its mount. Being a cyclist, I am considering in buying one and mounting it to my helmet, weight and being compact makes it ideal and very versatile for driving also. Like with the previous poster, the website for the Go Pro is below, and there are smaller versions also.

2. what is a good camera for recording Far away?

A camcorder not a still camera

Good Video Camera for Recording Live Music? 2

3. What's a good video camera for recording singing/dance videos?

It depends on your definition of "good". My definition defines a "good video camera" as one with a lens diameter of 65mm or larger, an imaging chip or imaging chip system of 1/3" or larger and manual audio controls that are on the outside of the camcorder... Generally, when the camcorder has all this, the manual zoom and separate manual focus rings on the lens barrel along with a BUNCH of other controls on the outside of the camcorder appear. Examples: Sony HDR-FX1000 Sony NEX-EA50UH Canon XF300 Panasonic AG-AF100 I like Final Cut (Apple). For the Windows environment, Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere work great - assuming your computer hardware has enough CPU horsepower, RAM and LOTS of available external hard drive space to deal with the video these camcorders capture... If your definition of "a good video camera" is different from this, please let us know what that definition is so we can provide a response useful to you.

4. what is the best camera for recording phones, video games, consoles, portable consoles, etc.?

Sony is the best camera for recording phones, video games, consoles, portable consoles, etc. Good luck!

5. What is the best and cheapest video camera for recording at night?

Any 3CCD camcorder is atleast decent in low light, overall SONY's are the best, for their Mini DV price range especially, not just in low light, but extra features and the lot. Although, if you pay an extra 50 or so there are alternatives, I have a Panasonic NV-GS500 mini DV (or PV, depending on where you live) and it's awesome at night, it has no nightshot though, unlike most SONY's, but it's one of the best Mini DV cam's in low light, atleast at the time. Either way if your buying a camcorder i would go for a SONY overall, 3ccd mini dv and HD, depending on the price. Also, some camera's can be awesome in low-light when kept steady, but if your filming something fast paced with alot of movement some lose their focus, that's why it's worth looking into cams with manual focus and options, etc.

6. Video Camera for Recording Conference Presentations?

video clips is additionally embedded into your html data (internet pages) 2 different approaches. One device is to make the main of the tag to coach your media document. stunning click on on a viedo and there shud be a "duplicate embed html" button

7. Whats the best video camera for recording live music?

Canon, Panasonic, JVC, Sony

8. What's a good camera for recording video and taking pictures?

Canon power shot SD960 IS 12.1 mega pixels

9. Webcam or Video Camera for recording/broadcasting live church service on ustream.tv?

Webcams are just not designed to get good video or audio from 25 yards away. They are designed to be used more like 25 inches away! From 25 yards away, the audio will be quiet and echo-ey, and the video will make the pastor look like a flyspeck (or, if you use digital zoom instead of optical zoom, like a checkerboard). Assuming you already own a camcorder, the solution is to use a video capture device on your computer (such as a Pinnacle Dazzle -- see link below) and the A/V output cable from the camcorder. I am going to assume that's what you are going to use in the instructions below... Video: Put the camcorder on a tripod and zoom it in. Now (by using the camcorder's optical zoom) your pastor wo not look like a flyspeck or a checkerboard, and the tripod will keep your audience from getting motion sickness. Connect the Dazzle's video input (yellow) to the camcorder's video output (also yellow). Audio: Sound quality from the camcorder's built-in mic will be somewhat better than the webcam's built-in mic. But for better sound quality, you need an external mic (a shotgun mic would be best type), and still better would be a feed from the church sound system. If you are using the Dazzle unit below, your can tell the church A/V expert that the kind of feed you need is a line-level unbalanced RCA connection with a "y" adapter. Connect the Dazzle's audio inputs (red and white [sometimes red and black]) to either the camcorder's audio output (same colors) or to the church audio feed (whatever the church provides). I would also recommend using headphones to monitor the sound instead of the computer's speakers. So, assuming you already own a camcorder and tripod, your investment is the A/V capture unit below (list price $80 but street prices from about $50!) and some face time with the church AV person -- and your results will be superior to using a webcam. You will need internet access at the church, but I assume you know that. Good luck!

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