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Google Adsense Auto Ads: a Powerful Way to Place Ads on Your Blog

Now have ads placed on your blog by machine learning, thanks to Google Adsense auto adsGoogle Adsense is one of the best when it comes to advertisements. Almost 90% of its revenue comes from advertisements. Speaking of ads, Google has recently rolled out all new way to monetize your blog and generate more revenue.

Google Adsense Auto Ads: a Powerful Way to Place Ads on Your Blog 1

Google Adsense auto ads is a powerful new way to place ads on your website/blog.Google Adsense auto ads are powered by machine learning that does all the heavy lifting work of deciding the best placement combinations on your blog. This is one more step towards making you comfortable in creating more refined and rich content for your website/blog.

All you have to do is place one piece of code on all your pages that you want to display ads on and let Google take care of the rest. Not all blogger find it pleasing to manage the ads individually, as coding is not always interesting.This interesting and innovative concept of Adsense auto ads come with some really cool benefits:Optimization: Thanks to machine learning, the auto ads show ads only when they are most likely to perform well.

Furthermore, the ads will show only if they provide a good user experience for your readers. Thumb rule of Adsense, higher the optimization higher is the conversion and hence the revenue.Revenue Opportunities: Auto Ads will figure out the available ad space and place new ads there.

This is to increase your revenue opportunities drastically.User-friendly: Doesnt matter if youre new to coding or complete laymen, this feature requires just copy paste of a small piece of code on all pages. Once ready, you can turn on and off with a flick of a switch no need to change the code again.

Google Adsense Auto Ads: a Powerful Way to Place Ads on Your Blog 2

Important things to know before you implement Adsense Auto AdsIf youve been using Google Adsense for quite a while, you wont find it confusing to get started with it. However, for complete beginners here are something you must know before you implement Auto-ads.If you are an active Google Adsense user, you must have already placed ad code on your website/blog.

In that case, you can decide whether or not to remove it. Adsense auto ads will automatically find those ads and place more relevant ads accordingly.If you are using Anchor or Vignetter ads, you dont have to worry anything about it.

Auto-ads include these formats along with other additional formats including Text and display, In-feed and matched content ads.If you are using page level ads, you will be automatically migrated to Auto ads without any change in the code to those pages.#Pro Tip: Login to your Adsense account and set up the global settings for auto-ads for the first time.

How to set up Google Adsense auto ads(Complete guide)Login to your Google Adsense accountGo to my Ads > Auto AdsClick Setup Auto AdsConfigure the Global settingsSelect the ad formats you want to show on your pages by toggling the switches.Click Save.#Pro Tip: Make sure youve checked on Automatically get new ad formats.

This will automatically ad new ad formats Google Adsense releases in future. Once saved, you will be prompted with code as shown below (DO NOT use the same code, it will not work)Place the ad code on every page of your website/blog. You can use free tools like Google Tag Manager to do it in few clicks.

You can check the performance of your Auto ads from My Ads > Auto ads and click on Statistics. Once done, it will take about 1020 minutes for the ads to show. Auto ads will automatically start working.

Since machine learning is in place, it will analyze your pages, find potential ad placements and show newer and better ads. These ads are likely to perform better than the normal ads that weve been using all this while.Auto ads come with a cool feature of customizable ad format experience for particular pages e.

g. you can opt to place in-article ads on example. com/news but not on example.

com/contact). That is, you can specify which ad formats you want on certain URLs. Use Advanced URL settings feature to do this.

ConclusionAs mentioned earlier, this is something everyone will adapt to sooner or later. It will take time for everyone to make this switch. Since Adsense auto ads use machine learning, it will only get better with time.

Let me know about your experience with Adsense Auto ads. Have you already implemented it? Which benefit did you find most attractive?

Feel free to share your thoughts on Adsense auto ads in the comment section below.Do you know someone whos looking for this information? Share this with them, also share this in your network.

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