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HCDE 451 A2: Model Prototype Process Blog

In the second week of HCDE 451 UX Prototyping class, our professor Andy assigned us a project of designing and prototyping a handheld device with both physical and digital controls.My goal is to apply universal design OXO, which focuses on providing innovative and easy design to more products that can be used by various kinds of people. Acknowledging the importance of effectiveness and intuitiveness of a product, I incorporated OXOs universal design principle into my shower control model, especially in the color-coded panels and temperature and pressure adjustments.

HCDE 451 A2: Model Prototype Process Blog 1

I designed a shower control interface for a high-end, multi-feature valve and temperature control, which can be mounted on a wall. To make it more useable for more people under diverse situations, I designed this model considerably, which consists of following design elements:A digital display screen on top showing the volume represented by the valve mode of current water and the temperature. If the temperature is relatively cold, the interface would show in blue.

If the temperature is relatively hot, the interface would show in red.Below the digital display, there are two physically rotatable buttons to adjust the pressure and the temperature, avoiding the situation that soapy hands are hard to change them in a touch screen.Three large buttons at bottom for users to select three different modes for water coming out: shower head, tub spout and handheld wand.

In case of obscure brought by steamy showers or absence of corrective lenses, I made the background colors of screen for hot water and cold water distinctive.Model prototype on top is the off mode of the shower interface. It indicates that the shower is off for the users.

I designed that because some users forget to turn the shower/bath off completely. By indicating that it is officially off on the interface, users would no longer be worried about the status of it.Model prototype on top is the interface of shower head.

HCDE 451 A2: Model Prototype Process Blog 2

If users tabs the shower head icon and adjusts the temperature to 75f and the pressure. The digital interface would show the current water volume and the temperature.If users adjust the water pressure using the dial on the left, the icon of the shower head would change to indicate that the volume is bigger.

Model prototype on top is the interface of tub spout. If users tabs the bath icon in the middle and adjusts the temperature to 100f. The digital interface would show the current water volume using the bath icon and the temperature.

The color of the digital interface would change to red to indicate that the temperature is relatively hot.Similar to Figure 4, if users adjust the water pressure using the dial on the left, the icon of the bath would change to indicate that the volume is bigger.Here is the link for the video of user testing: com/252278048The results from my usability testings are relatively positive.

Users can effectively complete the tasks and easily get around with different modes using the bottoms. They love that it is a simple and clear design, especially the big buttons at the bottom. They also indicate that the effective use of the color-code digital background.

Using blue and red colors to show temperatures are really convenient for users.One of the confusion from the in-class critique is the water drop icon of the water pressure. The user indicated that he was confused about whether dialing it to left means turning it completely off or turning it to a very low pressure since there is still one water drop.

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