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How Can I Fix an Electric Fuel Pump with 5 Pins to a Fuel Tank That Has a 4 Pin Socket Connector?

apparently - you got the wrong part for the right tank - which means you got a 'special model' where a substitution was made may need to dig deeper - see if you can take the part back - Auto Zone, NAPA, or Advance should know about the problem last resort - take it to the dealer = they had BETTER know! best of luck!

How Can I Fix an Electric Fuel Pump with 5 Pins to a Fuel Tank That Has a 4 Pin Socket Connector? 1

1. Is it possible to go back to Electric fuel pump after it has been removed and put manual pump?

How about you keep it under 120 and maybe save a life? And yes you can covert back without a problem. Then again if it was me i would just get a better manual pump. He asked if he could change to a electric pump not about changing over his whole system That he already knows he could do. Why do not you learn to read jumbo

2. o1 Dodge ram 3500 5.9 cummings, pickup pump went out, can a inline electric fuel pump be installed?

Yes you can, personally if you have a chip and you might want something that will last and also have good performance get the holly blue pump, just make sure you mount it closer to the fuel tank since its a better pusher than a puller versus the stock lift pump, and you can use the existing fuel lines and you do not have to worry about installing a "water trap" just make sure it goes to the fuel water separator thats what its designed for, and thats all you really need its really simple most of my friends have done that to their trucks for performance purposes, and they all love it and i am about to do that with my 91. one of my buddys actually has it where the stock lift pump is still on there and if something were to happen to the other pump all he has to do is switch some wires and and 2 fuel lines and he's back on the road. so in other words yes you can and its pretty simple.

How Can I Fix an Electric Fuel Pump with 5 Pins to a Fuel Tank That Has a 4 Pin Socket Connector? 2

3. is electric fuel is free in 2012?

Your question is not clear. Electric fuel can come through mechanical energy , solar energy or harnessing of Bio-degradable waste. What you intended to ask is not clear.

4. Olds 425 electric fuel pump conversion?

Sir, You Can Convert Electric To Manual Fuel Pump But Is It Need Diagnose Well Do Accordingly.

5. Manual or electric fuel pump, which is better?

what are we working on here? they can both be good...depends on the application

6. Going to hotwire my in-tank electric fuel pump. Got 3 wires. pink, black and brown..what goes where?

WHat kind of car is this??? Do you really think they are ALL the same??? JEEZ!!!

7. what electric fuel pump do i need for my chevy truck?

this pump is available from most auto parts stores and come with the fuel tank sender. takes approx 2 hours to change and is not that tough to do. common issue for the sender to go bad and if you've been running the tank low it will damage the pump. when you purchase the new pump you will notice and extra plug with wiries in the package. inspect the old plug in and replace if necessary

8. I am trying to find an electric fuel pump for a GMC SONOMA with part number 77990. Can anyone help me?

Go to the a auto parts store, its not a cheap pump, around $320. The flex fuel version is just a little cheaper but not much. I have replaced several in my shop its not a problem to get the pump.

9. What would disrupted the power Supply to electric fuel pump,not a fuse or fusible link?

Have a diagnostic check run

10. what happens if intake electric fuel pump is disconnected?

theres no such thing as an intake electric pump. the pump is either in the fuel tank or somewhere under the car. the buzzing you hear is probably the fuel pump pumping fuel to your engine. the leak could be from the lines going to the engine or something around the injectors

11. Is it possible to have a bad electric fuel pump if the vehicle still runs?

yes! listen to it , it will tell you by making noises. sometimes they will work ok on and off, so listen at different times

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