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How Can I Get My Dog to Stop Jumping and Scratching the Sliding Door to Get Back In.?

I would consider a dog door if at all possible. Other than that try training her to use another way to let you know she wants in...like the bell as already mentioned

How Can I Get My Dog to Stop Jumping and Scratching the Sliding Door to Get Back In.? 1

1. How can scratches be removed from plexiglass sliding door?

Plexiglass, you can not remove scratches from this, it's plastic. This is the one fault of plastic

2. Need the information to replace a sliding door lock, Canadian patent # 919213, Part# 3596954?

I recently had to replace the same lock you are needing. The replacement part can be found if you enter a web search of- 3/4" Wide Mortise Lock and Keeper with 3-7/8" The replacement part is made be CR Laurence Co., Inc. The actual part # E2079. Width 3/4 inch Hole to Hole the Dimensions are 3 7/8 inches End to End 4 7/8 inches The price range without shipping starts at about $16.00.

How Can I Get My Dog to Stop Jumping and Scratching the Sliding Door to Get Back In.? 2

3. What do you call a sliding door lock...?

I think you mean a hook and eye latch. Hope this helps

4. does a plate glass sliding door stop a baseball that was hit by a ceiling fan that is on high speed?

only if it's hurricane proof lmao

5. My Blinds for my sliding door wont open anymore please help?

Wikipedia.com give the following" The vertical version uses a generally wider slat and has the added feature of being able to pull a cord to stack the slats together either to one side or to separate in the centre and stack on each end. This vertical blind allows rotation of slats by a rotating shaft in the upper head rail housing which runs through independent geared carriers that will convert twisting of tilt rail to a rotation of each individual slat in synchrony." Looks like you have a problem with the rotating shaft binding or the gears are jammed up.

6. '01 Dodge Caravan inner sliding door problem?

Sliding Door Child Safety Lock

7. where can I find kia Sedona 2003 sliding door handles ?

i kno kia thing seem to be expensive dontthey try ur local junk yard if u have one or online

8. does a plate glass sliding door stop a baseball that was hit by a ceiling fan that is on high speed?

Hey, C.W.! OMG! Also yikes! Plate glass? My guess in nope. If it were safety glass I would guess yes... it wo not do the door any good either way. I think it would depend on how close the fan is to the door. (?)

9. Anyone have ideas or solutions on how to organise a sliding door closet that's cheap and easy? Much appreciated, thank you!?

Stack up free boxes(?) Put a board 9 - 12 " off of the floor so that you can have 2 layers of shoes in the closet (or plastic boxes holding seasonal clothes, and keeping them clean). Give away half of the stuff? Note: I directed that one at me - lol.

10. how do i remove my sliding door for repair?

should pick up out of the track. sounds like a roller adjustment

11. Does this sliding door lock work well on sliding glass doors?

i do not have this same sliding door lock but i have shopped on amazon many times before and they are pretty trustworthy. keep the receipt. if it does not work you can send it back assuming you do not damage it. hope this helped

12. hi there. a morning dove/mourning dove 3 times slammed thru my sliding door to get in. Is this normal?

It's because of the reflections of trees nearby. Birds do not have the same depth perception as we do. Poor thing!

13. loose sliding door on Plymouth voyager? need help adjusting door or sensors?

the door switch needs to be replaced it has been pushed through the bezel and wont stay locked call your local dealer their not that bad to change

14. Why would the electric sliding door on my 2001 town and country van not work when its below 30 degrees?

because there is not enough lube to make the part work properly. take some wd-40 and spray along the inside and should fix it

15. someone knocked on my sliding door?

Something like this happened to me recently. Do not worry or panic. If you seriously feel like someone's trying to get in call 911. If not it might be a neighbor. Once my neighbor kept knocking on my door, turns out he was just looking for my dad to ask about his lawn or something. Another time a cop rang my door bell at 12:00 am and I did not open because he did not even say he was a cop he just kept knocking. So just use your gut and common sense

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