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How Can I Get Sliding Glass Door to Open More Smoothly?

Penetrating oil, works on everything that is stuck bolts, screws, Spray it and tap with a hammer take your time and it will finally loosen. But for you sliding door just spray on top of track and bottom of track. Also w-d 40 will work also

How Can I Get Sliding Glass Door to Open More Smoothly? 1

1. Have you ever run into a sliding glass door?

Yes. And a parked car, a traffic sign, a fence, several walls, a police car, a table (at least once a week), a wooden door, a metal door, a cell door, a cow, a goal post, a fence post, a saw horse, etc, etc... Keep in mind that alcohol played a big part in these events...

2. what is the best device to keep my toddlers from opening the sliding glass door that leads to my pool?

kill your kids b4 they kill themselfs or rent a landskaper and get the pool rempved

How Can I Get Sliding Glass Door to Open More Smoothly? 2

3. Sliding glass door:I have horizonal blinds and I hate them. They are some kind of thick plastic. Is there?

simple verticle blinds, Okay or take a sheet fit it to the sixe of the opening and iron glue tape in to make a seam and split it where the opening is for the door and hot glue or seam tape it and iron OK an olde dude

4. My sliding glass door was installed inside out?!?

well yes it is a big deal if you have family and if you dont them it is still but not as much

5. What to use as curtains on a sliding glass door?

Curtain For Sliding Glass Door

6. how do I remove the sliding screen door so I can clean the glass door behind it?

Lift up . and at same time press up the wheel underneath with a flat screwdriver . and off it comes from rail

7. I have a sliding glass door in kitchen with alot.of traffic. Hate vertical blinds. Any Ideas?????

u could always use decorative film. tinting the glass should be done by professionals, and if you change the glass to a colored piece its going to be an outrageous price. check out the link, it may help you.

8. how can i stop ice from building up at the sliding glass door?

Rock Salt, seal all openings to outside with some sort of foam

9. How can I make a heavy sliding glass door slide more easily?

After I clean the track I actually put some wd40 on it and it worked much better after that. I am not sure about what the screws are for though. best of luck

10. Help with finding a sliding glass door lock?

eye 2 hooks and small chain

11. We have a show with a glass door that seals it and my son filled it up and broke the shower door. What's next?

Uusually when children do something like this its of way of calling out attention. maybe your son feels like hes not getting enough attention from he parents. He's like "Dad look at me, look at me, if i do this disastrous thing then will my parents pay attention to me" Then your thinking about sending him off to private school away from everyone. How do you think that would make him feel? Its like your saying hes causing too much chaos i cant handle it i have to send him to private school so they can deal with it.Its not right,Give him more atttention here him out ask him why he did that. Maybe its somehting hes holding back inside and it hurting him. but no one listens or pay attention.

12. Perminent marker spot on my glass door?

goo begone is a good product. if you want to use a eco product to remove it, i suggest mrs. meyers window cleaner

13. Should a sliding glass door automatically lock?

It can not be locked automatically, you have to lock it yourself

14. How can I get my sliding glass door & screen to slide better?

if it is clean . rub a candle on the track ..if you do not have a candle spray oil will work , even the kind you cook with ..it might need the wheels replaced

15. How do I stop my dog from opening the sliding glass door?

When you catch the dog in the act of doing it, give the dog a quick poke in the shoulder/neck and make a loud unpleasant noise to distract it

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