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How Can I Make a Home-made Door Lock?

Real helpful answers guys. You are going to be found out regardless. Take it from me kid, quit smoking

How Can I Make a Home-made Door Lock? 1

1. One door will not lock or unlock with the key fob

I am having the same issue, have no answer for you. Hoping to find out how you fixed it?

2. My 98 honda door will lock but wont unlock?

Door lock actuator gone bad or something stuck inside of door panel. Open it and see. It is easy fix

How Can I Make a Home-made Door Lock? 2

3. door lock thingy for mercedes ml320 2002?


4. exterior door lock sets materials etc., looking for a material that will still look good years from now!!?

properly good for her. I observed a pair of concepts...kazoo,guitar, being 2. she additionally will make shakers (extremely large for those leftover plastic Easter Eggs) and can be created from many stuff. Drum(s), taking part in the spoons, Rainsticks ( use a papertowel tube). there's a e book which you would be able to inspect of the library which will supply guidelines on making homestead made gadgets, that is area of the youngsters Can sequence (in addition they have technological awareness, Math, interpreting variations of the e book). i am hoping that facilitates and that she enjoys her new gadgets

5. The bathroom door lock is broken, and my brother is stuck inside?

Wow...I am sorry. That must have been...wow

6. how do i get the door lock cylinder out of my truck door?

it is not hard at all just take the door pannel off then take and most are rivited on just take a drill and drill out the rivets and there should be an opening towards the middle of the door just pull it out and either rivit the cylinder in or just take some bolts and bolt the thing on thats what i did when i replaced the one in my escort

7. power door lock conversion on a 97 Jeep wrangler w/half doors?

I've been driving Jeeps for 15 years, trust me, all a locked half door is going to get you is a cut window or top. Do not leave anything in the Jeep you want to be there when you come back and leave it unlocked

8. Wire/plug located behind door lock 99 mitsubishi eclipse?

Generally that wire assem. going into the lock is for a "double turn" unlock. In other words if you put your key in the lock and quickly turn it twice in the unlock direction it will unlock all the doors. Should not have anything to do with window lock switch. Trace the wires from the window switch to see where they go. Most likely they just go into the door switch harness

9. How do I open my car door if the lock is frozen?

You can buy a lock de-icer product at most auto parts stores or Walmart. You squirt it in the lock and it unfreezes it

10. How do I change the entry code on a 'Schlage' numerical keypad door lock?

open the trunk in older Lincolns the code number is in on of the trunk hinges

11. How to break a front door lock without picking or harming the door?

I know I've used somethin like a credit card. If you had somethin like this, you could use it. You would wedge it between the door where the lock is and the door jam. Sometime you need to wiggle it a bit. You will want to try to push the latch back with the card, it will push back easily if you can get the card in that far. good luck

12. My illuminated power door lock switch doesn't light up. What's wrong?

It sounds more like an out bulb to me. It's probably located in such a spot that it's easier to have a mechanic look at it for you if it's bothering you that much

13. Fix car door lock with graphite powder?

The lock may and probably is original equipment and the tumbler may be beyond wear which would make the use of graphite powder ineffective. In addition, many times the graphite will run down the door from the cylinder and leave an ugly stain. Try getting a new key cut for just two or three dollars and see if that helps a bit. You may also consider changing out the lock and key. A good locksmith can set the new tumber to match the old one so you do not wind up with mixed keys. Good Luck on your fix....

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