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How Do We Fix a Warped Wooden Door That Lets Neighbor's Chimney Smoke in. Our Landlord Won't Replace

foam wether stripping glued around outside of door - then a rubber threashold at bottom - then a seal on bottom that screws on inside bottom of door after that - should be good after this - you may have to add thicker foam pieces in the more warped areas of door itself - it will take the A/C and heat bill way down too

How Do We Fix a Warped Wooden Door That Lets Neighbor's Chimney Smoke in. Our Landlord Won't Replace 1

1. i need to put a window into a solid wooden door but I'm unsure how to do it...?

You need to determine the size of the hole/opening the window is designed to fit into. This is NOT the outside dimensions of the window. I will guess the opening will be about 12 inches by 12 inches. You must make 100% certain you know what opening will work. I suggest if you are not experiences, take a scrap piece of plywood and experiment with this before doing the door. You may want to cut the opening more than once to get more experience. The cut: mark one side of the door with the out line of the opening, 12" by 12"(guess). With the door on saw horses or other, take skill saw and do a plunge cut...you practiced this plunge cut on the plywood...along one line...go forward to the corner of opening and back to corner of opening. Repeat this for all four sides. Take hand saw and finish the cut at the corners. The piece should fall out just like the practice plywood did. Now vacuum and install window. Screws go on inside of door. Congratulations!

2. I have a dent on my wooden door, but I don't want to replace it?

you will need to get a new door i am sorry and it's only 50 -60 $ at lowes

How Do We Fix a Warped Wooden Door That Lets Neighbor's Chimney Smoke in. Our Landlord Won't Replace 2

3. Fixing spots on a stained wooden door?

Sorry but the only thing to do now is sand and refinish the whole door.Even the part you've already done

4. Where can I get luxury wooden door with excellent ironmongery in the United Kingdom?

A 'luxury' door? Hmm. Never hear of that one!Best bet would be a local bespoke joinery shop. They can make it an exact fit and with the exact materials and hardware you want, rather than using an off-the shelf one and cutting it down.There's probably one somewhere near - you might have to search a bit as they are normally trade-only, so son't tend to have a lot of advertising or obvious retail space. It will be expensive, but made of hardwood and properly treated and maintained could last for 100 years or more.Where can I get luxury wooden door with excellent ironmongery in the United Kingdom?

5. UPS placed a package between my front security door and wooden door meaning they opened a door to my house?

You sound a bit nutty. Do not try to make a big scene about it or you will end up looking like a fool

6. how should i finish a wooden door?

You can by the stain you like at Lowes or somewhere like that. Apply 2 or 3 coats with a rag, not a brush, making sure each coat soaks in evenly. Let each coat dry completely before adding another. Then weatherproof it with clear polyurethane finish, using a brush this time. You will have a really great looking door. Make sure you wear latex or vinyl gloves when you stain the door as stain is very sticky and very hard to remove from your hands.

7. how do you repair a hole in a hollow wooden door?

Install a kickplate over the hole if its not too high up

8. I need advice on how to fill a dent in a hollow wooden door?

If it's a stained door and it has to be that way, you are stuck buying a new door. If the door can be painted or is painted, then you have options. The best stuff to use is fiberglass auto body filler, a k a Bondo. Yeah, it stinks to high heavens, you need to work quickly but it is tough, adheres well, sands up nice and smooth and will probably outlast the door. Clean the area with some hot water and dish soap, rinse well and let dry. Mix up some of the Bondo on a paper plate or in a paper bowl. Get a disposable plastic putty knife at the hardware store too. Use about 1/4 of the hardener that is called for otherwise it sets up way too quick and you will need to mix more. Mix more than you think you will need. Open the windows and the doors! Apply the Bondo quickly and pack it into the dent firmly. Get it as smooth as you can but do not fuss over that too much, it sands down really easy and smooth. Let dry completely. Then sand flush, prime and paint the door. Works great on a variety of wood projects but it does stink to high heavens. Toss the plastic putty knife and the paper plate or bowl in an outside trash can or it will smell up the entire house! We had to redo our stairs because age had made a lot of the spindles loose (100 year old house) which left a lot of screw holes to be patched. Wood putty is worthless, it does not sand smooth at all. The Bondo works great and if you feather it in over the surface, you wo not be able to see the repairs after it's primed and painted. Works on gouges in window sills and other wood trim too.

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