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How Precious Is This? -Video?

Honestly - you guys are a bit ridiculous...child abuse? Seriously? And just because the horse is being lunged DOES NOT mean he is dangerous. And by the way...It's not really any of your business - she did not ask for your opinions of the child not wearing a helmet, or the child lungeing the 2 year old...big deal...People are SO quick to tell someone that they are doing something wrong - and judge them for doing it. ..its really pathetic.

How Precious Is This? -Video? 1

1. War music for a video?

Your best bet is ITunes for the music, since they have songs for only 99 cents. In The End by by Lincoln Park (buy it without lyrics) Fat Lip by Sum 41 (buy it without the lyrics)

2. How to make a youtube video?

You should use Window Movie Maker (if you have it) and then put the song on there and save it to videos. Then click upload on Youtube and upload the video. Hope this helps!

How Precious Is This? -Video? 2

3. What is the funniest video on youtube?

i dont know what its called... but its this little kid saying blood :) its so cute and funny :D

4. is a DVI to HDMI cable supposed to transmit audio and video or just video?

DVI can only provide video. So even though HDMI can transfer both DVI cannot. Using a red and white will work fine for the TV audio but if you are putting it into a surround sound use Optical or DIg Coaxial

5. OMG the stupid Jonas Brothers have ripped off the beasty boys sabotage video in there new stupid song !!!?

I have not seen the Jonas Brothers one, but maybe it's an homage or a tribute to the Beastie Boys video...from what I've seen of the Jonas Brothers though, they do not seem like the type to be Beastie Boys fans... Well, anyway, I love Sabotage, it's an awesome song

6. Is this video card compatible?

Yes because the 9800 GX2 is a PCI Express card. You have 4 PCI Express slots, so it will work. It's also compatible with your processor.

7. Why is it that most video game players and video game characters are white males?

the black sergent in halo and halo 2

8. Is Video calling on skype unlimited?

Yes, you can. However, there are certain features you have to pay for, but they are completely irrelevant to video calling unless you want a special ringtone or something. Other than that, it is completely unlimited

9. Recommended Video Converters?

You can use youtube downloader (free) which has a built in converter

10. is it illegal to video tape?

The school can video tape w/o permission. 100% legal

11. Which Camera To get, 60D or T3i?

Both cameras use the same sensor so the image quality is the same. The advantages of the T3i are that it's smaller, lighter and cheaper. The 60D is just better because of stuff like larger viewfinder, longer battery life, faster continuous burst rate, it feels much better in the hands etc... In terms of quality as I said they are identical. My suggestion is get the T3i body only and then get a 50mm f/1.8 lens. That should get you started and the lens is very good. If you really want the 60D then go for it. But same thing, I suggest buying the body only and the 50mm lens. Yeah it's a prime lens, you can not zoom but it's fast (big aperture like f/1.8 lets in a lot of light and helps keeping your ISO low, which is important when shooting video). Oh another thing...do not say "film", since shooting film and recording video are two different things. I know what you mean when you say "film" so I do not really mind, but I've seen other people go nuts when you mix up the terms :)

12. Video Game Violence - Help?

cops and soldiers scare me much more than nerds playing warcraft

13. Video Editing Systems?

maximum sturdy structures that are user-friendly to apply and characteristic oodles of particular effects are no longer unfastened purposes. you are in a position to place your palms on virtually all to furnish a unfastened try. try The VideoStudio series from Ulead(Now Corel). it is particularly person friendly and has a lot of effects. additionally top Studio is a sturdy decision, it somewhat some effects geared up in and helps a lot of extra 3-D effects (particularly Hollywood fx addons etc..) have relaxing

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