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How to Board Up Window on 41nd Floor to Protect From Irene?

you could board it from the inside. then all you might lose is the glass. instead of water damaging everything else in the place

How to Board Up Window on 41nd Floor to Protect From Irene? 1

1. Are people making too big a deal out of Hurricane Irene?

expensive, Your message is contradictory. First you ask why individuals are making a huge deal approximately hurricane Irene, after which you are saying you were not conscious that a Cat 2 hurricane replaced into that risky. So, it style of feels you probably did not have something consistent to declare, after all. (and maybe you have been the single calling for interest. ..) besides, i do not think of they are making a huge deal. in case you probably did not comprehend, the media lives on information, and that they on no account omit activities like those. In my usa, that's the comparable, even whilst the tragedies are of lots smaller dimensions. And besides, it rather is unquestionably the media's function to tell the typical public, and help them take care of specific adversaties. carry it, individuals. quickly, each thing would be over. (and that i am hoping the losses led to from this hurricane are minimum or maybe null.)

2. Car damage by Irene hurricane?

LOL how on earth are you going to "fight back" State Farm for a coverage you did not choose to have? If you were not paying for comprehensive coverage why on earth would you expect them to pay a comprehensive claim? The state did not cause the storm... Unless the light pole was obviously unstable and in horrible condition (im sure it was not ) this was not their fault. You are trying to blame everyone else involved when you are the one to blame. YOU choose not to have the coverage so YOU have to pay the consequences.

How to Board Up Window on 41nd Floor to Protect From Irene? 2

3. Hurricane Irene was a little disappointing?

I know what your saying. The same thing happened to me. I was wanting and expecting a good thunder storm and the electric to go out and maybe about a couple inches of water but all I got was a little rain which lasted like an hour the most. It's not like you wanted anyone to get hurt or major damage just a good storm. I love getting them. But I heard that there's 10 more out there and at least one of them could come over here. I do not know all the info. on it you would have to look it up but I hope the next time they do not over exaggerate like this one


The answer that says you are too high for a hurricane is way off, he DOES NOT have a clue about what he is saying. Wind speeds increase with altitude. About the only thing you can do is tape the windows in a checker board pattern and make sure you keep the curtains or drapes closed

5. How strong is the possibility of Hurricane Irene making landfall in Miami, Florida?

No, certainly it may well be solid to be thanking them ahead for their help. Many atheist are charitable and volunteer, they have humanity and help others without giving it a 2nd concept whilst needed. Atheist are over demonized in my opinion. they are no distinctive than you and that i whilst it includes standard living or survival. they only are non believers, they are worth of each possibility and robust concept which could settle for to a believer. Christ set the occasion

6. irene ryan....whats grannies name ?

Daisy Moses was Granny's real name

7. why are people calling hurricane Irene weak?

classification by size and energy is NOT about "empathy" is is a measurement of relative intensity we were lucky it was "Category 1" just above a very bad storm a 3 or 5 would have leveled cities. "Lucky" is a relative term; example of fortunate and unfortunate: a man wanted to Travel; Unfortunately he missed his train fortunately he caught a plane unfortunately the plane caught fire fortunately he had a parachute unfortunately the parachute did not open fortunately there was a hay pile under him unfortunately there was a pitchfork sticking up out of the hay fortunately he missed the pitchfork unfortunately he missed the hay stack

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