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How to Stop Rain From Leaking in on Very Old Metal Screen Door. I Dont Have Money for a Replacement,

Most Home Centers carry a rubber seal to go around the screen door surround. This should do the job for about $20.00

How to Stop Rain From Leaking in on Very Old Metal Screen Door. I Dont Have Money for a Replacement, 1

1. Could someone tell me how to keep squirrels out of my flower pots? They are digging in them to bury nuts.?

Cover your soil with metal screen (1/2" or smaller squares). I just cut to fit the size of the pot, buried it around 1 inch under the soil, and held them in place with rocks. The second their little paws hit the wire, they will move on to another place.

2. Can I grow radish sprouts in coconut coir?

If you are sprouting seeds to plant them, it is not necessary. Radishes can be planted directly into the ground as doon as the danger of frost is over. You can sow them at intervals and get several crops, depending on what zone you live in. If you are sprouting seeds to eat the sprouts, it would be difficult to separate them from coconut coir. The best way to sprout seeds for salads is to use a quart size Mason jar with a sprouting lid made of metal screen. Just rinse the seeds once a day, and place the jar at an angle, top down, so the water drains. Keep the jar out of direct light. When the sprouts are almost ready to eat, move them into the sun for a day or two, and they will turn green.Can I grow radish sprouts in coconut coir?

How to Stop Rain From Leaking in on Very Old Metal Screen Door. I Dont Have Money for a Replacement, 2

3. when smoking weed with a glass pipe do you need to use one of those metal screen filter things?

no you do not need a screen so long as the hole in the bottom of the bowl is not to large and you are not using shake (ground up or small flakes of weed)

4. What under-eaves vents can I use to maximize attic airflow and minimize insect infiltration?

Almost any vent can be used in conjunction with insect screening. I suggest an aluminum or vinyl strip vent (3-4" wide), with metal screen installed immediately behind.Assuming plywood soffit, rip a channel lengthwise a bit smaller than the vent covers, staple screen over the channel, and fasten the vent over the screen.

5. Now that I've started using my fireplace, my house stinks - help!?

it could be backed up sewer gas, unusual in modern plumbing, but it can happen. make sure all of your drains are free flowing and there is sufficient water in the U shaped traps in your drains and toilet to hold back any gases. also make sure there is not any blockage in the vent pipe on the roof. i have heard of birds occasionally falling in and causing a problem. a small piece of metal screen securely covering the top eliminates that problem. if your drains are slow to empty, then you may need to have a plumber or someone use a long cable rotary router clean out your drains to keep them free and clear flowing.

6. How do i keep and breed feeder crickets? 10 points!!!?

ok so first off you need 3 or more tanks. Rubbermaid storage boxes work very well. the first tank will be the one the baby crickets grow in and get big. you can have more than one of these if you have a big colony. the second one is the breeder box witch has adult crickets in it. it also will have a container full of dirt that is moist but not overly wet for the crickets to lay there eggs in. the last one is the one for the feeder crickets. the storage boxes that will have adult crickets need to well ventilated. in order to do this cut out 3 of the sides and the top and put metal screen in make sure it is sealed good. the one that is going to raise the cricket in drill small holes in the lid and put clear box tape around the inside towards the top so the crickets can not climb out. to start off your colony put adult crickets in the breeding container with the dirt. make sure you at least have six dozen crickets in the breeding box. leave the dirt in there for about two weeks because thats about how long it will take them to lay there eggs. after two weeks put the dirt in the raising box until the are big so the adults dont eat them. split the crickets up between the breeding box and feeding box. make sure you keep the crickets at around 70 degrees. keep the eggs around 80 until they hatch you can keep them at lower temp but it will slow down the hatching. as far as feeding goes i would feed the babies crickets mashed up dog food. my adults i feed them all kinds of vegies and fruits whatever i have left in my house i put in the cage and they eat it. as far as water goes dont put it just in a bowl either get gell water or soak cardboard paper towel rolls with water. if you have anymore question or want pics of my custom cricket breeder set up and details just email me at hope this helps

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