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I Have a Glass Door That "weeps" with Fog and Water Drops. Do I Need to Get a New Door Or Can It Be

It can be fixed, the glass can be removed, cleaned, reinstalled then resealed, that should do the trick. If its an older door, newer doors are much more efficient so it would prob be better to just upgrade

I Have a Glass Door That weeps with Fog and Water Drops. Do I Need to Get a New Door Or Can It Be  1

1. Putting cardboard over glass door? Would this block sunlight/UV from affecting medication and supplements?

Yes, that should do the trick. You also might want to check with a window tinting company. Ask them if there is a type of film that can be applied that does the same thing. It is more expensive than cardboard, but might look a little nicer. Your local car parts place would probably have that film

2. We have a show with a glass door that seals it and my son filled it up and broke the shower door. What's next?

Uusually when children do something like this its of way of calling out attention. maybe your son feels like hes not getting enough attention from he parents. He's like "Dad look at me, look at me, if i do this disastrous thing then will my parents pay attention to me" Then your thinking about sending him off to private school away from everyone. How do you think that would make him feel? Its like your saying hes causing too much chaos i cant handle it i have to send him to private school so they can deal with it.Its not right,Give him more atttention here him out ask him why he did that. Maybe its somehting hes holding back inside and it hurting him. but no one listens or pay attention.

I Have a Glass Door That weeps with Fog and Water Drops. Do I Need to Get a New Door Or Can It Be  2

3. Do you have a shower curtain or glass door in your bath?

i think glass doors look better, plus, they do not make you feel so claustrophobic

4. Any ideas on how to open sliding glass door (just the stick in the door) from the outside?? Metal coat hanger?

If you have it locked with a stick in the door your screwed.unless you can get the wire threw the seal, to lift out of the way, you probably ruin the seal in your work of doing this

5. what is the best device to keep my toddlers from opening the sliding glass door that leads to my pool?

kill your kids b4 they kill themselfs or rent a landskaper and get the pool rempved

6. What can I do about a red cardinal continually running into our sliding glass door?

Althought they are pretty, sometimes birds are just dumb!..The decals idea works, but sometimes they are too absorbed in their reflection to notice it- My mum used to hang chimes on the interior curtain rail above th door, and the constant movement inside the door of the chimes helped slow down the winged traffic

7. How to fix a SCREECHING Sliding Glass Door without removing it?

Your rollers are bad. The only way to really fix it is to have them change out

8. How do I remove a double paned sliding glass door to clean it?

Why do you need to remove it?

9. Would cutting a 4-5" hole in my glass door ruin its structural integrity?

The glass does not HAVE structural integrity to ruin. The FRAME it the only part that contributes to the structural integrity of the door

10. Do you have a shower curtain or a glass door?

Glass Door

11. Glass door shattered in front of me spontaneously?

minor quakes could cause it, weight of the door can cause it as well depending ont he door. the frame may have been too tight or tightened recently and it just caved beginning from small cracks and spread..

12. Best window treatments for a sliding glass door with animals?

Panel tracks, also called panel shades, serve as a great alternative to the classic vertical blind. They are perfect for patio doors, large windows or to use as room dividers

13. How can I soundproof a sliding glass door?

Try an electronic noise cancellation device

14. A ratwilder jumped through my glass door, ran through my house, bit my crotch, and pissed on my furniture.?

I assume you are talking about a Rottweiler? Then yes, call the police or animalcontrol

15. How do u remove a mortise latch from an old sliding glass door? I removed the handles and other screws?

Should come out the edge of the door. Could be painted in? Make sure you remove the latch knob and shaft as well as any screws holding the latch in. God Bless

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