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I Have Vertical Blinds That Cover Our Sliding Door, How Can I Cover Them Up, Or Make Them Trendy.?

If you cant hang the curtains over the top, hang them from the ceiling right in front of the top where the track is

I Have Vertical Blinds That Cover Our Sliding Door, How Can I Cover Them Up, Or Make Them Trendy.? 1

1. How do i change the position of the rear hinge on my ford windstar's sliding door?

Try to remove the panel and then the hinge think it's held by 2 10mms bolts

2. have 5 ft sliding door install 6 ft french doors?

something does not sound right with those measurements.you need to do most of the work from the inside.rough out your frame.be sure to use a suitable header.then open the outside.being careful cutting the siding.its not hard.but tricky.if you know someone the has siding no how. ask for help. good luck.

I Have Vertical Blinds That Cover Our Sliding Door, How Can I Cover Them Up, Or Make Them Trendy.? 2

3. Repair for sliding door on 2000 Chevrolet Astro?

sounds like you need to try another shop, or you gave them a bottom line price you would pay

4. A cardinal is flying into my sliding door and i live in an apartment so no foil or stickers, any other remedy?

Try hanging a CD on the outside of the glass door.... with the shiny side facing out. I heard it works.... so I do not think it would hurt to try it. :] Hope this Helps! =]

5. Where do I find the lower sliding door roller for my 2000 Chevy Astro?

could be too new to find an aftermarket one. Have you checked with auto part stores to see if they can order? Like NAPA ?

6. how to i teach our two mall dogs to stop jumping and barking at the sliding door when they are put outside.?

well you could do a few things. for one you could tie them up so that they can not get the door. you could possible install a metal door in front of it. that's what i did. it helped a lot. how old are they? because once they get older, then they stop doing it so often. especially if you ignor them. my aussie scratches for a minute when i leave for school, but he learned to stop. keep things outside to keep them occupied. for instance, get something either like a dog toy the "kong" or a hollow bone. then take like a butter knife and stick peanut butter on the inside. then stick one for each of the dogs out for them. for some reason they like that a lot? Also, how often do you walk them? The more you keep them walking/running, the more tired out they are.

7. What do you call a sliding door lock...?

I think you mean a hook and eye latch. Hope this helps

8. How do you fix a sliding door?

There are 2 adjusting screws on the bottom that can raise and lower each side if it is dragging. They might have a cap or plug over them. Turn 1/4 turn either way and see if it improves . Otherwise try rubbing some beeswax or candle wax on the metal track on the threshold occasionally, as well as the door edges. It might help.

9. hi there. a morning dove/mourning dove 3 times slammed thru my sliding door to get in. Is this normal?

Birds do that, especially this time of year. I've been told, that the birds see their reflection in the glass, and thinking it's an intruder, attack 'it'

10. The manual sliding door of our 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan sticks A LOT.?

I see this a lot with the dodge vans also the blinker does not like to shut off. I do not know a solution except maybe grease the track

11. Why is there only one sliding door on the old Nissan quest vans.?

Generally the door is on the side that the footpath is on to make unloading and loading stuff easier and safer. Some come out with doors on both sides though

12. Wasps and bees hanging around sliding door?

Call the landlord, the nest will only get bigger, and that means more wasps

13. Aluminum Alloy Sliding Door Glass Partition Door for Balcony Garden

Our strength guarantees that we can achieve a complete set of services from R&D, design, production, etc., to meet customers' needs of Fire Resistant Exhibition Hall Operable Wall Sound Absorption Convention Centre Operable Wall to the greatest extent. We just not only deliver the high-quality to our customers, but far more even important is our greatest service along with the competitive price tag. Dedicated to provide high-quality services to users at home and abroad, we aim at meeting the new demand generated in the new era. We sincerely hope that all customers will establish long term and mutually beneficial cooperation with us. Egood90 and 108 is a new product launched recently. The fresh design reveinvents people's perception over glass partition. The glass partition is composed of steel keel,steel column, buckle type frame,with panel"floating"on the surface. The entire partition surface is concise and atmospheric which makes office a "beautiful scenery". A core strength of Egood office glass partition system is the diversification of products. It is an important factor to measure if a company can meet the diverse needs of clients. Egood partition products covering the exposed frame partition,hidden frame partition, frameless partition other series. The products are not only enable us to meet the needs of clients, more importantly, it allows us to have ability to customize solutions for clients accordingly. Q: What are the completion options for the partition? A: We have many choices. We can provide you with bare MDF, bare plywood or gypsum board for your own decoration. We can also provide melamine laminates, high pressure laminates, veneers, fabrics, polyurethane, etc. depending on your requirements. Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company? A: We are the largest manufacturer of movable partition wall in Foshan. We have worked for this company for more than 20 years. The factory is located in Nanhai District, Foshan City, warmly welcome your presence! Q: How do I install partitions? Do you have to do this? A: It's not difficult to install our partition. Our zoning is a top-level support system and it will be very important not to need any ground track structure. We have very detailed drawings and videos showing how to install, so your people just need to step by step. Q: Can you send an engineer to install it? How much is the charge? A: Of course. We have two installation options. The first option is for us to send an assistant engineer. He will command your workers to do the work, but he will not install it himself. The second option is to have two installers (at least two) install the movable wall. They will install the system themselves. At the same time, they need the support of local workers. Q: Where is your office? Do you have an office overseas? A: So far, we have no offices overseas. Our office is located in Nanhai District, Foshan City, but we have local distributors in some countries. You can ask our people about overseas distributors. A: Yes, all our products have a full one-year warranty, including all parts and defects. If necessary, we can also provide extended warranty period, product life expectancy.

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