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If You Are Running a Blog, Youre in the Service Business. Never Forget That.

What most bloggers seem to forget that running a blog is the equivalent of providing a service for your customers. Essentially, you are helping your customers to achieve something.No matter what that something is.

If You Are Running a Blog, Youre in the Service Business. Never Forget That. 1

In short, you need to be focused around the results that you are providing for your customers. You need to do everything in your power to help your customers achieve their goals.Your blog needs to reflect that fact.

It needs to be exclusively centered around the needs of your customers.Everything you do must be with your customers in mind. Everything you do must be focused on the results you are promising to deliver.

Everything you do must be according to the needs of your customers.You are not the king of your business.Your customers are.

1. Sure, you are the one who makes the final decisions around your business, butOf course, when I say that your customers are the king of your business, that is not exactly true. At the end of the day, it is always you who makes the decisions around your business.

If You Are Running a Blog, Youre in the Service Business. Never Forget That. 2

But whether or not your business succeeds or fails, is completely in the hands of your customers. They decide whether its worth spending their money on your business. If they feel understood by you, they will pay.

like you are providing the right solution to their problem, they will pay. that you are helping them to deliver results, they will pay. Without paying customers, you have no business.

2. Sure, your business must fulfil your own needs too, butAt the end of the day, you are building your business because you want it to have a positive effect on your own life. You want your business to be designed in a way that it fulfils your own needs.

But sometimes, you will be forced to make sacrifice. Sometimes, you cant do something just because thats what you want.Lets take a very common problem of bloggers as an example.

So, you are in a very specific niche and you get bored of writing about the same topics over and over again.You want more variety.You want to express yourself more.

You want your blog to be your creative outlet.But heres the point your blog exists to help your target customers solve their problems. Not to serve as your creative outlet.

If you suddenly start writing about content outside of your niche, then you are going to make things confusing for your customers. They are coming to you for specific advice on a problem they are facing, but suddenly they get something different.In business, you cant make selfish decisions.

You must make your decisions according to your customers needs. Not your own needs.And hey, if you want to have a blog that serves as a creative outlet, then you can always run a personal blog on the side.

Make that your place where you have all the creative freedom in the world. Just dont have any expectations of making it profitable.3.

Sure, there are people who succeed without following these principles, butMany people think of their writing as their own form of art, even if they are writing non-fiction. I am no different. I was influenced by writers such as Seth Godin, who talks about giving your art as a gift with no expectation of getting anything in return.

Well, this approach might work well on the long-term.It might work well if youve got years worth of time to experiment around with different kinds of work, until you create something that is truly meaningful to people.But it just doesnt work if you are in a situation like most people and have to make money right now.

If you need to turn your blog into a profitable business as soon as possible.Art doesnt really solve peoples problems.It is valuable for its own sake.

It is valuable because it touches peoples emotions. Getting that right, however, takes a lot of time. It is not something that can realistically cover your bills anytime soon.

So hey, if your goal is to produce art, then by all means, do that. But do it as a long-term strategy. Dont depend on it for money right now.

Conclusion:Blogging is a business. And business is always about the same thing solving peoples problems in exchange for money. You are providing a specific group of people a service and they pay you for it.

Never forget that.Dont get sucked into the hype around personal-branding kind of businesses. No matter what they are blogging about, most bloggers suffer from the same problem.

They are making their blogs mostly about themselves.Not about their customers.You wont ever make money from your blog, if you are mostly just writing about stuff that interests you.

What you need to do is to do proper customer research, and to give your customers what they want.Get a real understanding of your customers.And then give them what they need.

Call to action:Ive put together a free step-by-step guide on how to build a profitable business around your blog. You can get the guide by clicking here.

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