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Is It Possible to Reverse Openings of an Already Installed Glass Sliding Door?

I do not think most doors can be changed without removing the door

Is It Possible to Reverse Openings of an Already Installed Glass Sliding Door? 1

1. someone knocked on my sliding door?

Something like this happened to me recently. Do not worry or panic. If you seriously feel like someone's trying to get in call 911. If not it might be a neighbor. Once my neighbor kept knocking on my door, turns out he was just looking for my dad to ask about his lawn or something. Another time a cop rang my door bell at 12:00 am and I did not open because he did not even say he was a cop he just kept knocking. So just use your gut and common sense

2. Do your cats get jealous of each other if you donu2019t give them equal attention?

Yes! I have three indoor cats and a stray that adopted us who is strictly outdoor. He is so jealous of the indoor cats that get to be with us when we are in the house that he will go from window to window to antagonize them and get our attention if I have not gone outside that morning!I also bought a purfect fence years ago for my indoor kids to get a taste of the outdoors. We set it up around my bedroom sliding door with their own cat door so they can come and go as they please whenever I open it. Well, we bought the fence before Storm adopted us, so we thought nothing of setting the pen up so one side runs along the pool fence. The perfect fence's top is connected to hinged arms so if the cats climb up the wire the arm falls under their weight and they cannot escape. It does nothing to keep cats out, however, when they hop on the pool fence (which is about half the height of the purfect fence) then jump on to the purfect fence, into the pen, and prance their way through the cat door into the house.

Is It Possible to Reverse Openings of an Already Installed Glass Sliding Door? 2

3. Does this sliding door lock work well on sliding glass doors?

In the 70's and 80's my best friend owned a lot of rental property. We did all the maintenance and dealt with all kinds of tenants. I have also rented on several occasions. There are good and bad folks on both sides of "that fence". Unfortunately I do not know the law in Texas. As a rule I would think that non-life threatening issues would have a 30 day time limit to respond. You did the right thing by putting your request in writing. After 30 days you may have the right to hire someone to do the work and deduct it from your rent. Be sure to include a copy of your original letter and receipt from the installer. But Wait. You say you have notified them Multiple times already. In less than a month no less! Ouch! If the second lock falls under the heading of "Minimum Housing Code Violation" then repeat request may have been in order. If not... As an interim measure the old "board in the track" trick does work well. Hope I have been of some help to you. Good luck

4. Has your Snuggie ever got caught in a sliding door?

Hi WTH Is A Snuggie cuz it sounds WEIRD Are you some like freaky head? What is a snuggie????

5. How do you unfreeze a sliding door on a metal shed?

Hot water will quickly freeze leaving more ice to deal with. Pour de-iceing alcohol , rubbing alcohol, or even automotive windshield washer anti freeze on the tracks. Wait a few min for it to work. Avoid salt since it will soon corode and rust away the doors and tracks. Next time you close the doors try laying a towel or even a protective board to shield the track from drifting snow which will turn to ice,,,good luck

6. Is it safe to sleep in the basement by myself if there is a large glass sliding door?

if someone wants to get in your house/car they will. its very random on where crime strikes. if noone has tried to get in your house by the basement before i would say your pretty safe. an easy cheap safety device is to take a broom handle n place it in the door runner - we used this 'security system' for years. good luck

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