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Is It Possible to Shrink a 50% Cotton 50% Polyester Hoodie?

If it is partially made of cotton,it will shrink in time.Hot water generally shrinks clothes,so does the dryer

Is It Possible to Shrink a 50% Cotton 50% Polyester Hoodie? 1

1. How do you get the stink out of a Nike polyester short?

Baking soda in the wash is another odor neutralizer. If all else fails try something antibacterial like teatree or cedar

2. Why did polyester or cotton blends replace pure cotton in socks?

Basic reason, absorbency wicking properties of both fibers.When you wear socks, ofcourse your feet will perspire. Cotton is a bad fiber in terms of moisture handling. It is a bad fiber in terms of dryability as well.Therefore, you need to convert to a material which does NOT have good absorbency yet having a good moisture wicking ability.Polyester being a man made fiber, can be engineered to acheive a above purpose. Therefore, we use a blend of cotton and polyester to acheive softness and comfort of cotton and polyester to reduce absorbency and impolrove moisture wicking.Hope this clarifie.Why did polyester or cotton blends replace pure cotton in socks?

Is It Possible to Shrink a 50% Cotton 50% Polyester Hoodie? 2

3. is polyester a synthetic fibre?

yes its synthetic and makes you stink on hot days

4. Can sperm go through polyester?

Yea, it can, but I would not worry about it. It would be extremely rare to get pregnant that way

5. Why do some top designers use polyester?

Sometimes it's 100%, other times it's a blend with polyester being a large percentage. I am talking TOP designers (can not recall which, because I remember seeing it months ago,

6. Is it safe to bleach a 60% Polyester 40% cotton shirt?

A invasion of Australia is a very very very unlikely event as no country as of now has enough motive to invade Australia. That might change in another 50 years or so but even then I think that it is very unlikely. There are two reasons why I feel safe from invasion is 1 - How remote Australia is to the rest of the world, why would some army fly halfway around the world to invade a place when their might be better targets closer to home. 2 - The alliances that Australia has around the world for example the ANZUS treaty with the US and New Zealand. If one of those countries are attacked then the other two will rush to the aid of the attacked country. We are still part of the Commonwealth of the English empire and they would (or they should) send help as well. 3 - Our Military forces might be small but they are some of the best trained in the world. I think that invasion is a very low possibility there are other things to worry about

7. Ladies, what kind of fall clothing do you think looks best on guys?

All "best" clothing depends on body shape and accentuating your most attractive features and hiding flaws the best so do not wear form fitting clothing if you are fat, though a compression shirt underneath might be a good thing. I believe that a man should be himself and not some woman's puppet dressed up like a meterosexual. Chances are that whatever her dad wore when growing up is what defines masculinity for her. For me it is plaid button down flannel shirts and blue jeans which is something my husband would never be caught dead in so rather than forcing him to conform to my ideals I accept him as he is with his yucky fake polyester fabrics. Actually I accept the man and not the clothing because polyester is gross on anyone

8. How do I cut polyester fabric?

You can use scissors. Make sure the scissors are sharp or the polyester will tend to shred and tear. Make sure you leave enough length to turn the edge of the sleeves up to make a hem

9. t-shirt 100% cotton or 50/50 cotton polyester?

well i think cotton depends if you want it to shrink or not

10. Can you bleach a polyester backpack?

No, it wo not work. I tried the same thing on a Jansport backpack (it's made of polyester), and nothing happened. You can try using fabric paints instead to make the backpack look spacey. Get colors like white, blue, red, gold, silver, etc. , splatter them around, and use white for any constellations/stars. They sell fabric paints at JoAnn's and Michael's

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