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Is It Safe to Cover a Bulky Set of Plugs with a Cushion?

go with Charlies' idea... set a potted plant, real or artificial, in front of the plug if it bothers you.....if there's that many wires, you really DO need that strip!!.... especially for the tv stuff... get one with surge protecttion to save your electronics in a storm or power outage!!.

Is It Safe to Cover a Bulky Set of Plugs with a Cushion? 1

1. Poll: Did you ever put a fake snake or whoopee cushion on your teachers chair?

nope im a good girl :)

2. Sealy posturepedic cushion firm or firm?

Firm is best for your back and your posture. Unfortunately as we age we develop pressure points that a firm mattress only exacerbates so what I recommend is a firm mattress and then go to costco and buy a memory foam and gel gel topper. The topper is 3 inches thick and its like sleeping on a cloud. I hope this helps you and good luck Richard

Is It Safe to Cover a Bulky Set of Plugs with a Cushion? 2

3. How are different Western saddles designed for their intended sports?

Geez, you want a book or what? Try googling these subjects. If you are interested in what goes into a saddle, start with the tree. There are images available. Better yet, find a saddlemaker who will let you look around the shop and share some knowlege. Make sure the saddle fits the horse and you. For the trail try to get one without a horn - that's the thing in the front you dally the rope around or hang on to if you think the horse is leaving in the opposite direction you are headed. On the trail you will be going up and down hills, ducking branches, etc. A horn can leave a nice bruise on your tummy. Try to get one that has a bit of cushion on the seat or get a pad. Do not get one with the rigging too far forward.

4. is it safe to use a cushion stuffed w feathers for my dogs delivery &her & her new pups bedding?

I would use some old towels and maybe shirts...Have some extra supplies around too, like gauze, clean towels, warm water just in case any of them are in need..I have a cat who had kittens not too long ago it went well on the towel. .Nothing extra was needed. .but we had them on hand in case! Congrats!

5. What kind of prank can you pull on someone that will really annoy?

nicely dissimilar the concepts might want to get you in worry yet it really is a few you may want to probable smash out with: a million) Fishstick shaggy dog tale from South Park 2) Whoopie Cushion 3) Write crude yet humorous issues on the chalkboard 4) Get all of your classmates to communicate quietly to make her imagine she's dropping her listening to

6. How can I obtain the insert directions for Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive?

Hello, I do not have the Cushion Grip instructions but I do have the Comfort Lining thermoplastic denture adhesive directions and it's the same thing. HEAT WATER FIRE THREE MINUTES IN MICROWAVE PLACE TUBE IN HOT WATER FOR FIVE MINUTES UNTIL PLIABLE YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO REMOVE A SMALL PLIABLE BALL FROM THE TUBE. Comfort Lining is exactly the same thing as Cushion Grip so these directions are the same.

7. Is there any material that could safely cushion a free fall from 30,000 feet?

Assume free-fall position (face down, limbs out), terminal velocity 54 m/s, survivable deceleration 10g. (You can survive more than that, depending on duration, but 10g is a nice round figure that should not even break any bones.)10g is 100 m/s2, which gives deceleration time 0. 5 s and travel distance L=at^2/2 = 100*0. 5*0. 5/2=12. 5 m. nSo, any material that spreads your deceleration over 12.5 m (40 ft) would work. Preferably something that collapses as you travel through (an elastic material like rubber would not offer uniform resistance.) We just need to tune the hardness of the material to give just the right level of resistance. If it's too hard, you get killed smashing into it. If it's too soft, it does not decelerate you enough and you get killed smashing into whatever is underneath. At 100 kg mass and 1 sq.m. cross-section, necessary compression strength is 10 kPa (1. 5 psi). 40-foot thickness of cotton would probably do the trick. There is at least one story of a person surviving a free fall from a similar altitude by hitting a snow bank. Expanded foam might work if it's really thin, but most common applications are too hard (compression strength figures upwards of 10 psi are commonly reported for commercial foams). nIs there any material that could safely cushion a free fall from 30,000 feet?

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