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Is This Mermaid Video Real?

Firstly, well said Petal, i agree. I do not know what neionix's problem is, why do many people seem to glorify in berating and belittling other peoples beliefs on here and saying nasty personal things, i do not know. Maybe they think they are being smart/clever, but in my opinion they just make themselves look ignorant and with an anger/attitude problem :/ Anyway, your question. Having looked at the video, i would tentatively say it was genuine. I know there have been some fake videos shown (much like Bigfoot) however i think once you sift through the hoaxes and fakes, you actually arrive at some key, positive evidence that when analyzed properly, reveals it's genuine and real. I think the way in which she moves through the water is telling, because of the speed at which she moves, and more importantly, the grace with which she does it. She does not look like the "fake" fin is affecting her. So either she's been practising for a very long time like that, or she's genuine. Personally, i would just about go with genuine, given how rare good videos are of Mermaids. The fact is they've been reported for many hundreds of years, by some very good, strong, reliable eyewitnesses who were firstly not likely to confuse a manitee or sea lion with a mermaid, and secondly, they were psychologically shown not to be prone to lying or intentionally deceiving. I do believe in Mermaids and am fascinated by their mythology and folklore too, and imo probably yes the video is real :) "Watch with glittering eyes the world around you. Those who do not believe in magic will never find it" Roald Dahl Hope that helps, Cosmic :)

Is This Mermaid Video Real? 1

1. What is better? PS3 or 360? Give me some real reasons!?

The xbox 360 has a higher excellent of video games and because the PlayStation three is really new it does no longer have a well form of video games (besides it is so much less expensive to shop for the console and video games because the psthree video games are approximately forty every while the xbox 360 video games are round 25-30)

2. can I hook up a Blu-Ray DVD player to an old T.V.?

Yes, you can. Just connect composite cables ( red, white & yellow ) from Blu-ray player to TV for audio and video

Is This Mermaid Video Real? 2

3. What kind of camera should I get?

Two best entry level DSLR cameras are the Nikin D3000 or the Canon Revel Xs or Canon Rebel Xsi. Your best photos will always come from a DSLR. Whether its in low light and bright light. I had a point and shoot and always got frustrated because of red eye or the way they turned out in low light situations. Get yourself a DSLR camera with a lens included. Many DSLR's now come with a lens so check out Best Buy or Amazon.com. A good point and shoot is a Canon G11 or Sony P100 (Due out in March of 2010) These are not DSLR but they are the best of point and shoot cameras and also come with a video mode if you want to shoot video's also. I have always been told Canon makes the best point and shoot and Nikon makes the best DSLR cameras. Good luck. Go to Youtube also when you see a camera you like because there are countless video reviews of cameras on youtube and people will tell you what they like or dislike about your camera. Good luck!

4. What happened to Video Games?

go buy an old school nintendo somewhere then

5. Which camera should i buy? Canon 60D or Nikon D7000?

I agree with keerok on this one changing your camera system will not get you better pictures. Only change if there is a feature that you want. If you want to do video, I say get a video camera- they will be much better than any similarly priced DSLR

6. nikon d90 w/ kit lens (18-55 f/3.5) or canon 40d w/ sigma 18-50mm f/2.8?

Interesting choice, I really like that the Canon come with a zoom that is F2.8 all the way through the zoom range. The D90 has HD video. By the way, I thought the Nikon D90 Kit lens was the Nikon 18-105mm VR Lens? I have seen it at least as low as $1030 new, below is a link. In the name of full disclosure I am a Nikon user and lean in that direction. Good luck on your decision. Mark

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