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Kansas City Chiefs Womping the Steelers?

You are obviously not a fan of your team.How did you miss the game?Did you have something better to do?Then the chiefs pull off an upset over the steelers and you are all of a sudden interested.Johnny part time fan. I dont need to hear your life story.I didnt mean to hurt your one feeling.There are other ways of catching the game.I dont care where im at in the country im catching the steelers game.This is a true story.

Kansas City Chiefs Womping the Steelers? 1

1. Why do people say Snoop Dogg is an avid steelers fan?

Snoop Dogg's an avid supporter of only one thing, which could explain his unfocused support of many other things

2. People who hate on the Steelers?

I hate them because their from Pittsburgh, trailer park capital of nation. Up there in Appalachia. Also, I mean they like play in my division, I mean their the rivals. The bad guys. Their fans have seemed to spread down here like some kind of cancer. I am in Maryland and there are so many annoying Steeler fans hanging around. On the talk radio in Baltimore they always make the point of reminding us that Hines Ward really needs a kick to the groin

Kansas City Chiefs Womping the Steelers? 2

3. My son loves the Pittsburgh Steelers so I want to paint the room white w/yellow/gold trim on the windows?

I think it might actually look better to do the walls (or at least 1 accent wall) in the yellow color, & trim in white. It would look bolder, but cleaner. :)


Redskins, got money on them too

5. Going to a Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game?

I've seen guys in opposing teams gear get badly bullied. Be prepared to put up with a lot trash talking and possibly worse


They always have and it is a tradition. Why lose it?

7. will the steelers have the best running game this year and why?

Nope. . .They will not. Just Because they got another RB does not make them the best. Vikings (course) Eagles Chargers Giants All got good Running game

8. What has happened to the Steelers fan base?

Alot of them fell off the bandwagon when the started losing well the fake ones did

9. What do you think the primary factor in the Steelers/Ravens game will be this weekend?

Baltimore's fatigue

10. Should Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger be benched?

One more game to see what he can do

11. Can the steelers, repeat? Do you love the physical style pittburgh brings to the table? Jerome Vs. Urlacher?

Bengals would not have the wild card EVEN if Palmer played the entire game. Steelers had the momentum. They won 5 straight WHEN THEY HAD TO while the Bunguls could not beat the lowly Bills to clinch it at HOME for their fans. Made them travel to Detroit to do it. Then a loss to the Browns? C'mon. There's CONTENDERS and PRETENDERS. Steelers wo not repeat, but they will win AFC North and first playoff game.

12. do you think that the pittsburgh steelers will have a chance in the superbowl this year?

Superbowl NO WAY.... playoffs...um... maybe i didnt see the game last night BUT it was just preseason. um.... who will win the superbowl?... RAVENS RAVENS RAVENS!!!!!!!!

13. 1985 Chicago Bears vs '79 Steelers in a fantasy game which team would win?

Neither Ditka takes the field and scowls at both sidelines and they all die... Winner: Ditka

14. NFL: STEELERS LOGO! would their fans embrace the colors?

Not a Steelers fan, but for the love of God please throw those throwbacks back into the garbage and use something else as an alternate uniform

15. Does it really surprise anybody that the Steelers are back in the super bowl?

CUZ THE REFS ARE BIASED!!!!! lol I love that argument. Ya they've shown that they are not like the pats who crumble if Tom Bieber- I mean Brady- gets hurt. They won games without roethlisberger, Aaron smith, polamalu, and with pouncey in for like two snaps against the most confusing and hectic defense in the league. You know why? Cuz they play to win the game not to get the MVP or a contract with old spice. (I am lookin at you ravens) so no I am not suprised that the best TEAM is in the super bowl

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