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What is weak current system integration? What systems are mainly included?

[Introduction]Weak current system engineering mainly refers to communication automation (CA), building automation (BA), office automation (OA), fire automation (FA) and security automation (SA), referred to as 5A, which subsystems are mainly included?

The weak voltage is called weak current, and the difference between it and strong power is mainly due to the difference in use. Strong electricity is used as a power source, and weak electricity is used for information transmission. Strong power generally means that the AC voltage is above 24V. Such as electric lights, sockets, etc. in the home, the voltage is 110V220V. Electrical appliances such as lighting fixtures, electric water heaters, heaters, refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, and audio equipment in household electrical appliances are all strong electrical equipment.

The weak current generally refers to the DC voltage within 24V, such as audio, video lines, network lines, telephone lines, and so on. Electrical appliances such as telephones, computers, and televisions in household electrical appliances (cable line) and audio equipment (output lines) are weak electrical equipment.

Weak current system engineering mainly refers to communication automation (CA), building automation (BA), office automation (OA), fire automation (FA) and security automation (SA), referred to as 5A.

The so-called System Integration (SI) integrates separate devices (such as personal computers), functions and information into interrelated, unified and coordinated systems through structured integrated wiring systems and computer network technologies. In the system, resources are fully shared to achieve centralized, efficient, and convenient management.

Weak current engineering mainly includes the following subsystems:

In intelligent buildings, communication automation, office automation and management automation will be very important components in the future. Whether it is high-speed transmission of voice, text, images, data, or convenient handling of everyday things and management decisions, high performance is indispensable. Support for computer network systems.

Building equipment automatic control system is an integrated collective name for systems such as cold and heat source systems, air conditioning and ventilation systems, fan tray systems, elevator systems, water supply and drainage systems. The system mainly manages and controls various types of equipment in the building through operation status monitoring and fault monitoring. It provides high-efficiency environment and modern management mode while greatly reducing energy consumption. Therefore, it is widely used in offices and hotels. , hospitals, shopping malls and other buildings.

Includes monitoring system and anti-theft alarm system. The monitoring system is mainly composed of three parts: front-end monitoring equipment, transmission equipment, and back-end control display equipment. The back-end equipment can be further divided into central control equipment and sub-control equipment.

The equipment of the anti-theft alarm system is generally divided into: front-end detector and alarm controller. The alarm controller is a host (such as a computer host) that is used to process, including wired/wireless signal processing, system fault detection, power supply, signal input, signal output, and built-in dialer. The front-end detector includes: a magnetic switch, a glass break detector, an infrared detector, an infrared/microwave dual-valve, and an emergency call button.

It is mainly used to accept and process various information sent to the smart card by the outside world (such as mobile phone or card reader), execute various instructions sent by the outside world (such as authentication operation), manage the memory space in the card, and send back response information to the outside world. .

The communication system integrates all types of information such as voice, fax, email, mobile short message and multimedia data, and can be received by any of communication devices such as telephone, fax, mobile phone, PC, PDA, PDA, etc. The wireless and Internet architectures form an information interconnection channel.

Satellite and shared television systems are an important part of the building's intelligent system, which provides a television signal source for the system. The function of the satellite and shared television system is at the front end of the system, and the television signals from the satellites are properly processed to enter the system's transmission channel along with other television signals.

The system combines intelligent IC card recognition technology with high-speed video image storage comparison. Through image processing and automatic identification of the computer, it manages the charging, security and parking space guidance of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot.

The integrated wiring system is a set of wiring systems specially designed to meet the development needs. For modern buildings, like the nerves in the body, it uses a series of high-quality standard materials to combine voice, data, images and some control signal systems with a unified transmission medium in a modular combination. Through unified planning and design, the three subsystems of modern architecture are organically connected in a standard wiring system, which provides a physical medium for system integration of modern buildings.

The computer network system is a system that uses communication devices and lines to interconnect multiple computer systems with different geographic locations and functions, and implements resource sharing and information transmission in the network with fully functional network software. Through the interconnection of computers, communication between computers is realized, thereby realizing the functions of sharing information and software resources between computer systems, and collaborative work. The essential feature is to provide high-level sharing of various resources between computers. Conveniently exchange information and exchange ideas.

DMB is the abbreviation of DigitalMultimedia Broadcasting, a new concept multimedia mobile broadcasting service that combines communication and broadcasting, and is called the third generation radio broadcasting. In addition to supporting traditional audio broadcasting, this technology will also be able to transmit a variety of multimedia information such as traffic information and news to mobile phones through MPEG-4H.264 and MPEG-2, AAC and other methods to provide high quality. Sound quality and diverse data services. Moreover, it adopts the CDM (CodeDivision Multiplexing) technology consistent with the mobile phone, and is particularly suitable for the mobile receiving environment, and can better cope with the problem of multipath interference in which the signal quality is degraded in the mobile receiving environment.

The conference system includes: basic microphone speech management, representative personnel inspection and attendance registration, electronic voting function, automatic video tracking function from computer and central control, data distribution and display, and simultaneous interpretation in multiple languages. It is widely used in monitoring, command, dispatching systems, public security, fire, military, meteorological, railway, aviation and other monitoring systems, video conferencing, query systems and other fields.

Video on demand was developed abroad in the 1990s. It is called "Video on Demand" in English, so it is also called "VOD". As the name suggests, it is a video-on-demand system that plays a program according to the viewer's request, and transmits the video content that the user clicks or selects to the requested user.

The property management system is an indispensable part of modern residential communities. A good property management system can improve the management level of the community and make the daily management of the community more convenient. Combining the powerful functions of computers with modern management ideas, establishing a modern intelligent community is the direction of property management development. Paying attention to modern management and paying attention to meticulous and thoughtful service is the purpose of community work. In order to improve the economic efficiency and management level of property management, and to ensure maximum economic benefits.

Property management system, the main functions are: personnel management; real estate information management; customer information management; lease management; lease contract management; charge management; engineering equipment management; customer service management; security fire management; cleaning and sanitation management; Energy management; asset management; group office management; contract management and other functions.

Also known as the conference television system, it refers to individuals or groups in two or more different places, through the transmission line and multimedia equipment, the sound, video and document data are transmitted to each other to achieve instant and interactive communication for the purpose of the meeting. System equipment. The use of video conferencing is a bit like a phone. In addition to being able to see the people you talk to and communicate in language, you can see their expressions and movements, so that people in different places can communicate in the same room.

The large-screen display system is a multimedia interactive system that integrates multiple information receiving and processing displays and multiple types of personnel operation and control. It involves many technical issues of sound and light, and also involves management coordination issues of relevant departments. It is also inseparable from the overall structure of the display hall. It is necessary to focus on demand, take care of all aspects, and apply integrated integration technology to achieve the desired results. Large-screen display systems are widely used in communications, power, and military command organizations, and play an important role in providing shared information, decision support, and situation display.

The intelligent lighting control system is used to realize the intelligent centralized control and management function of all the lights in the home, and can realize the arbitrary dimming of the lights, one-to-one switch control, full-opening and full-close control, and the "one-button scene" of the light is turned on. Make home life more comfortable, convenient and smart!

Audio control system, generally including: speaker system (usually including a pair of front main speakers, a center speaker and a pair of rear surround speakers, and a subwoofer); AV amplifier; DVD player; TV receiver; Microphone (microphone).

The fire alarm system generally consists of a fire detector, a regional alarm and a centralized alarm; it can also be linked with various fire-fighting facilities and communication devices according to the requirements of the project to form a central control system. That is, a complete fire control system is composed of automatic alarm, automatic fire extinguishing, safe evacuation induction, system process display, and fire file management.

Computer room engineering is not only a decoration project, but more importantly, a multi-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary integration of electrical engineering, electronics, architectural decoration, aesthetics, HVAC purification, computer science, weak current control, and fire protection. Engineering, and involves the engineering of computer network engineering, PDS engineering and other professional technologies. In the design and construction, we should pay great attention to the aspects of power supply and distribution, air purification, safety precautions, anti-static, anti-electromagnetic radiation and anti-interference, waterproof, lightning protection, fire prevention, moisture proof and rodent prevention to ensure the long-term normality of the computer system. Run the job.

Intelligent building is the mainstream trend of future building development, and weak current system integration is an important part of intelligent building. It provides safe, comfortable, efficient and energy-saving functions for building intelligence. With the advent of the information age, the role of weak current systems in intelligent buildings has become increasingly important.

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