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MacBook Pro Non-retina SSD Vs HDD?

MacBook Pro non-retina SSD vs HDD?

MacBook Pro Non-retina SSD Vs HDD? 1

This Site Might Help You. RE: MacBook Pro non-retina SSD vs HDD? I'm looking to get my first Mac for college and I've sort of settled on the MacBook Pro 13" 2.9GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz 8GB 1600MHz memory 750GB 5400-rpm hard drive Intel HD Graphics 4000 What's really bothering me is wether or not to get a solid.

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2012 MacBook air or Pro for a High School student?

The Macbook Pro is the logical choice. You get a lot more for your money (storage and processor speed) and it's still very portable. But. The Macbook Air is pretty awesome and cute. And it could definitely handle the usage you are describing. So. Get the Macbook Pro if you want the most for your money. Get the Macbook Air if you are in love with it :) I hope this helps

MacBook Pro Non-retina SSD Vs HDD? 2

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What Macbook to Get Air or Pro?

For college I feel the Macbook Pro is more useful because it holds more then a macbook air, and if your afraid about the potability, the Macbook pro is equally as portable

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School Trip? or a Macbook? or a car?

well, i would get the macbook unless ur parents are going to get you a laptop for college. or you could just save up the money in your bank account

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Which is the better buy?

Without any question you should go with the Macbook Pro Because as compared to others Macbook Pro is the best of all.

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Debating on a Macbook pro 13, 15 or a Toshiba Satellite E205?

get the macbook pro, they recently upgraded the line a few days ago. the 13 inch gets about 10 hrs of battery, and the 15 gets about 8-9. the mac is on of the best operating systems out there, and if you wanted to run windows you could use bootcamp for free or buy vmWare fusion. The aluminum unibody is very durable and the multitouch trackpad. The macs are also blessed with longevity, I am typing this on a powerbook g4 from 2003. It still works like a charm running leopard. ask me if you have anymore questions or go to the apple website, they are very informitive

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Software test manager looking for a new laptop. Do a fair bit of web dev and gaming too. £1,299 MacBook Pro?

I dont know if those programs need a gfx card, but if they dont, you should get the white macbook for £829, and build a desktop gaming rig with whats left, if you want to use the Apple OSX cause the macbook pro 15" gfx card, larger hdd and 2" extra screen arent really worth the extra £470 over the macbook. A good example of what its up against is the Dell XPS M1530 range, though Dell need to upgrade their 1530s with the newer intel processors (on the UK site) before theyre neck and neck for specs again. Also worth appreciating the price difference (if you waited a few weeks to see that happen) will still be minus the Microsoft OS for dual booting. Lol, anyway if after this you stilll want the macbook pro, there should be a few resellers giving a 5% discount on Apple hardware and even more for the 3yr warranties so look around.

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Should I get the new MacBook? [closed]

For the quotidian tasks you mention, your computer is adequate, although I would immediately increase RAM to 4GB, a rather trivial expense.Mathematica & MATLAB, and other CPU-heavy apps such as Strata Design 3DCX or FinalCut Pro X, have the ability to run multiple cores in parallel. In most cases, ordinary apps will run only one core of the CPU. Other apps, such as Photoshop will take advantage of multiple cores for a subset of its available operations which can benefit from parallel processing.Mathematica, in particular, does not run most of its calculations on multiple cores, but offers operations which provide parallel computation.If the MacBook is in OK shape, (i.e., you treated it decently,) the best options would be to increase the RAM, and if you choose to do so, install an internal SSD. At 6 years of age, the internal HD is closing in on its eventual demise

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