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Maximizing Your Trade Show ROI Is Not As Difficult As It Seems

Trade shows have quite a few advantages, no doubt - you get your brand name out, and then there's this golden opportunity of showcasing your products, nurturing your relations with the existing customers and getting new customers on board. They are a win-win, or are they? What if the money you spend on these shows doesn't really translate into revenue? Discouraging, right? Well, don't give up, not just yet. Rather do all you can to maximize your ROI.

Get The Most Out Of Trade ShowsStart with a press release. Come up with one that's good enough to generate instant buzz, and distribute it online. Of course, you'll be including some keywords, but make sure they are all relevant to your products and services.

And yes, don't forget to include a link to your website.Let your website do the talking. Those who visit your website should know of your participation. Have a clear "call-to-action", one that they find difficult to miss.

Placing the CTA right on the homepage is a good idea.Invest in PPC, but only if the conventional means yield little to no result. There's no point in increasing your investment if you are not sure of the returns in the first place.

Take to blogging.

You need to get the word out, and a blog would help you do just that.Make the most of the social media. Create a hashtag and encourage people to spread the news, the news of your participation that is.Don't you have a YouTube channel like already? If you don't, create one and post a video that offers enough reasons to people to come and visit you at the show.

Go digital, before, during and after the show. Your brochures and flyers would end up in the trash can. Save yourself some time, money and energy and invest in digital alternates - a pen drive with the necessary information should suffice.

Don't just focus on the customers.

Invite your business partners and your vendors as well. The more people are at your booth at any given time, the more likely it is to turn into a huge success. And as already mentioned, trade shows are also about building relationships.

Ignoring the existing customers is a big no-no. Yes, you do want to entice the prospects, but not at the cost of those who have helped you reach where you are. Take some time out to meet with them, or better still, invest in a loyalty program, giving them yet another reason to come your way.

A press kit could go a long way in spreading the word, if it includes everything that the journalists, editors and bloggers look for.Work on in-booth presentations and demos for your visitors, and make sure that the content doesn't bore them to death. Get your marketing team involved.Video loops are also a fun way of ensuring that the visitors sit up and take notice.

Shoot videos that give them an inside view of your company and bring them closer to your team. Give them a virtual tour of sorts, unless of course you are actually thinking of getting some VR gears, in which case you could have a real edge over the competition.Trade show ROI is not a tough nut to crack.

Posting photos of the show online, following up with the leads and thanking them for showing up, making the visitors feel welcomed when they are the booth, anything and everything that increases engagement should do the trick


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Maximizing Your Trade Show ROI Is Not As Difficult As It Seems 1

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