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More Video Game Testing Jobs?

More Video Game testing jobs?

More Video Game Testing Jobs? 1

A buddy of mine became a game tester back in 2004, but what he found out right away is what a lot of folks are not aware of. While many companies do offer the ability for the tester to work at home on specific projects, the vast majority of large testing projects require the participants to work for and at the employer's location. This means relocation if the prospective tester does not currently reside in the vicinity of the employer as well as many other inconveniences. Some people still do find it worthwhile but really only worth it in my opinion, if you are planning on using it as a stepping stone into the gaming industry. For example if you plan on becoming a developer in the future it looks pretty good on the resume to the employer to see that testing has been an experience noted because a video game tester job requires a person to intimately understand the issues that a developer will face when coming up with solutions to different bug fixes in the game. This experience beats the heck out of a competing applicant who cites "I have a lot of experience playing video games at home because I am a fan of video games. " Not really a desirable trait for the employer if you know what I mean

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Fable 3 load older saves or unsave the game?

You see the creatures on Fable want to be really un-fair. it will take you forever. trust me. you would need to go up to every single person in albion and make them best friends. and make sure u save up enoug hto match the tax in the treasury. . honestly its less trouble to go through the game again. plus if you really want to see your character with opposite wings get the newest map pack (suggestion) they show you with opposite wings. but no no way :p

More Video Game Testing Jobs? 2

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Can I put games on my HTC Freestyle?

apk and then connect your phone and add it and install it

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If I get steam and play an fps game on a non-gaming CPU, will it still be enjoyable?

It depends a lot on the game, whether it's single player or multi-player, and your expectations.Firstly, I encourage everyone interested in PC gaming to get Steam. It's free, exposes you to tons of games you might not have known, and is free. There's no downside to making an account and checking out what they have to offer.Secondly, Steam offers lots of shooters. What kind do you want? If your PC is not as powerful, you could still find a number of older shooters which your PC will be more than adequate for. For newer shooters, you might have a bad time. Similar with multi-player. If you want to play multi-player games competively (by that I mean seriously, not trying to become pro or anything), you might have a rougher time than someone who has a more optimized rig.However, this is all down to your perspective. If you are not current with FPSes, buy Half Life, Half Life 2, maybe Doom 3 and have a great time with some good, older games. If you are used to consoles, a decent PC can usually do as well as a console knocking the framerate down to 30. Same if you've been using a lower power PC. But if you are being suckered in by the newest trailers and want to play the newest games and high graphical settings, I would say think through it more and reconsider trying some less demanding titles.

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Xbox 360. Game to Hardrive?

very possible but you would hav 2 put the disc in everytime 2 actually play the game

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what is your favrite vidoe game?

I like "Killzone" for ps2. i know this is an old game, and an old system, but i usually do not buy a new system until it goes down to $150 in price (usually when the next one pops out). as for the game, considering that it was made seven years ago and it's still $15 at gamestop definitely says something! I like it for three reasons; 1. fantastic physics; recoils and the spreading of bullet arcs is realistic, as is trajectory and aiming of grenades and rockets. 2. re-play value is off the charts. if you get bored with the main game, there is multiplayer with different game types and stages, plus the difficulty of the bot characters (up to 14) can be adjusted from easy to hard as you get better at this game. plus, there are online connections to play multiplayer with other people. it's not counter-strike or halo, but i think that if halo were not invented; this would be the thing everyone played. 3. the story and ending. okay, you got to give credit for that. a good plot in a game sometimes makes or breaks it. it is a very visionary alternate future for mankinds' colonization of other planets and the wars amongst each other.

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