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Need to Buy a Replacement RH Headlight for a '01 Civic EX Coupe - Do the Headlights Vary for Coupe V

I just looked up the factory original part numbers for the headlamp assemblies and they are different for the 2 door and the 4 door, they also look different. The aftermarket ones may 'fit' both to an extent-the brackets for the bolts appear to be in the same location, but I would not trust buying parts if they are not specific. I've had too many claim to be correct that do not quite fit right and require modification.

Need to Buy a Replacement RH Headlight for a '01 Civic EX Coupe - Do the Headlights Vary for Coupe V 1

1. BMW 335i coupe, my front tires are squealing???

Tire squeal is usually associated with harder tires, and thread pattern interaction against the road surface. Have you downgraded your tires from a Z rated tire to either a V or H rated tire? Did you put on a new tire with a thread wear rating much higher than the previous one? Tires with harder compounds (ie; longer thread life) will tend to squeal more because they sacrifice grip over longevity. And yes, try not to do any of these "jerking of the wheel" at 60mph...

2. Where can I get cheap rims for a 2008 honda civic coupe?

If you want a cheap way to make your car look good, get some "rim paint" and paint them black, and get black tail light film

Need to Buy a Replacement RH Headlight for a '01 Civic EX Coupe - Do the Headlights Vary for Coupe V 2

3. Is the Hyundai genesis coupe a good first car?

Yes my first one was automatic 3.8 track but traded it in for a 2.0t manual shortly after because the 3.8 was eating gas like a dragon, but its a very good car just make sure you have winter tires in the winter or youll be landing in a ditch haha

4. Would you rather buy a Nissan Altima Coupe or the sedan....?

The Sedan, hands down. Cheaper to insure, more convenient, better looking, higher Consumer Reports rating.

5. Customization for my new Infiniti G35 coupe?

G35 Tail Light Covers

6. Are lambo doors on a 95 civic coupe ricer?

I would not do it just because it would deplore it of the JDM them. lambo doors are opposite for what JDM stands for. so why are you going to make it all ricer when its already JDM>.?? oh.. nd by the way.. if yur g-friend iss very.very. hot..nd thats waht she likes then i guess u do it ..:

7. Best floor mats for g35 coupe?

Coco mats, no doubt. But they are more intended for European cars instead of rice burners

8. 2008 altima coupe or 2007 toyota camry? pls help?

As a fellow altima owner 1st gen and coupe i saw nissan all the way. ALthough toyotas are very reliable and good on gas, performance wise, nissan hands down. If You go on many forums about nissans and toyotas, youll see more negative feedback for the camry then the altima.

9. What are the best ways to modify a 2006 Honda Civic EX Coupe?

i would get a sunroof and stick a christmas tree up the sunroof and light it up so everyone would see me coming. now thats just me. and maybe not one, but three spoilers. one on the hood one on the roof and one on the trunk. oh, btw, spoilers slow you down. unless u are exceeding 130 mph, their aerodynamics dont do anything . the fact is that most spoilers are just for show

10. What is the price of a new Honda accord coupe?

Go to the Honda corporate website and look it up yourself. Better yet, use the build & price feature to price out the options you want and you will know exactly what the MSRP price is

11. Best 6.5 inch speakers for 2002 Honda accord coupe?

People actually use 6.5s for bass?

12. Aftermarket performance parts for 4 cyl. 2008 Accord Coupe?

You picked the wrong car to try and obtain performance from. That car was not designed with performance in mind. It was built to be a safe, comfortable and fuel efficient car.

13. BMW 328 coupe 2008 or Mercedes Benz SL500 2005?

The a million sequence is largely a smaller 3 sequence. It has a similar engine. The a million will be more less expensive, besides the undeniable fact that the three is way better searching. both might want to have about a similar performance. you also get extra regularly happening constructive aspects on the three. i would %. the 328

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