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Non-profit Work

Non-profit Work

Non-profit  Work 1

LaunchCodeIn September 2013, McKelvey co-founded LaunchCode, a non-profit organization that aims to grow new talent and create pathways to on-the-job training and employment. LaunchCode partners with companies to set up paid apprenticeships in technology for talented people who lack the traditional credentials to land a quality, high-paying job. In 2014, LaunchCode was named "The Best Thing to Happen to St. Louis" by the St. Louis Riverfront Times. In February 2019, LaunchCode received a $300,000 grant from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation to support education programming.

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Why don't profitable firms use previous profits to offset current loss

If accounting rules allow firms to report part of their losses on financial statements of the following years, in this case, yes Easy-jet would have an incentive to report a part of its loss at period $t$ on future years. In the case where the profit rate is $tau ,$ and with only two periods, the after-tax profit over both periods, with no reporting possibility, is given by $$ left( 1-tau

ight) max left 0,pi _t

ight left( 1-tau

ight) max left 0,pi _t1

ight. $$ If a part $alpha $ of the loss at $t$ can be reported to next year, then the after-tax profit is: $$ left( 1-tau

ight) max left 0,left( 1-alpha

ight) pi _t

ight left( 1-tau

ight) max left 0,pi _t1alpha pi _t

ight. $$ Tax paid in the later case are lower as in the former situation. As tax revenues are also smaller, it is not clear whether the State has an incentive to implement such a profit shifting rule -- unless employment (which varies less in the later case) is also taken into account.It is unfortunately difficult to answer your question more precisely, as we are less informed about the actual accounting rules than Easyjet, which is aware of its "continual need to keep well informed and adapt (as required) to any legislative or regulatory changes across the jurisdictions in which easyJet operates", as mentioned on page 42 of its 2019 annual report.

Non-profit  Work 2

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If I buy 90% silver quarters minted pre1963, and sell them 6 months later for profit, do I have to pay taxes?

Yes, if you made a profit from this sale, the profit is considered income, and you have to pay income taxes on this amount

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What happens to an oil well after it stops producing profitably?

Unfortunately the definition of "profitable" has to be in relation to whom you are referring, these days. While the operator can make a profit on operations alone plus, third party, wholly owned contractors, yada, yada.., the working interest owners do not. The people that are stuck paying the bills quit making more than their expenses (profit) WAY before the operator does, hence the rub.

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Non profit activities and honors

Global Gateway AllianceJoseph Sitt is the chairman and founder of the not-for-profit Global Gateway Alliance (GGA), which was created in 2012 to address the infrastructure challenges that New York's airports face. Additional non profit activities and honorsJoseph Sitt is an active board member of the Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, a community development organization. He was instrumental in helping restore Restoration Plaza, the neighborhood's Town Square and the BSRC's main asset, and bringing to the area more retail options including its first family sit-down restaurant and supermarket. In 2007, Harvard professor Michael Porter and the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) honored him for his commitment to fostering healthy competitive business conditions and new opportunities in inner city neighborhoods. Sitt is a managing director of Venetian Heritage, a not-for-profit organization that works to restore the Jewish museum and ancient synagogues of the Ghetto of Venice. Sitt is also a frequent speaker and lecturer at various universities including Columbia University, New York University, Baruch, and Notre Dame. He serves on the board of the Real Estate Roundtable in Washington D.C., the Department of Real Estate at Baruch College, and is a member of the Partnership for New York City. Mr. Sitt has been named by New York Observer in its annual list as one of the Most Powerful People in New York Real Estate.

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Military contracts? Why do they pay so much for little things?

the suppliers have to make a profit (a killing)

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Success and profit

Lewis wrote the book over a six month time period and received a salary in the "high five-figures" for it. The book was a moderate success, selling around 20,000 copies in hardback.

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