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PSP Video Converters?

ps3 video 9 converts to mp4 try that. yes ps3 not psp

PSP Video Converters? 1

1. What is this song!? VIDEO INCLUDED?

cant understand lyrcis sounds like a million other hip hop songs hate em all

2. Video card issue?

take it out and press it in again. Check that the slot is really clean of any debris. If You have another socket change position. temporarily try another (simple) video card. Check the power connectors are well pressed in their sockets on the motherboard

PSP Video Converters? 2

3. What is this video game called?

Could it be Rachet and clank? Or jak and daxter?

4. help! i just found out that my little sister is viewing porn...?

at the start you are going to be able to desire to be certain it is your sister and not some automatic pop-up factor. besides the fact that if it is your sister...at the start relax. i am helpful she's only at an age the place she's thinking what happens with stuff like that. do no longer tell your mom, that would be way too embarassing on your sister and your mom i am helpful. yet your sister is fortunate to have a brother such as you that cares approximately her and this could be a golden possibility to speak to her related to the info of life. you ought to sit down down her down and say ''i be attentive to you have been gazing those products. ..and that i used to video reveal it while i became youthful too. yet you be attentive to what....that's no longer the way it particularly is in authentic life'' you ought to speak to her and clarify that she is a effectual man or woman and her physique is a temple, and if she ever did think of roughly snoozing with somebody she ought to a)wait and b)make helpful that the guy she does sleep with is the very perfect man or woman she's met and worth of her. you are going to be able to additionally clarify to her out of your attitude how the male techniques works. ..a great form of youthful females will sleep with somebody to get interest/compliments and so on cos they have low self-worth, so permit your sister be attentive to that what adult males say and what adult males think of are each so often 2 quite a few issues. relax approximately it however...females could be only as inquisitive approximately those issues as boys and he or she's probable only curious. i am helpful with a splash training from you she will be only effective.

5. Is video games the new scapegoat?

Video games have been targeted for years. However many of the studies that show them in a negative light are skewed and biased, often not holding a large and varied enough sample size. I have been playing video games since I was 5 and I am an honor graduate from high school and about to graduate with my Bachelors with highest honors. So I believe the claims really depend on the person themselves. And chances are it's how they were born. They would've been lazy, violent people without the help of video games

6. HELP!! The quality of my video worsen when I upload a video on youtube!?

i've got on no account tried it myself yet i assume flipping the image, messing up the colour, zooming in the video,or changing the audio can break out copyrights with the aid of fact youtube video clips are ruled via computing gadget bots who experience up the voice frequency and video pixels with their database to seize a infringing audio/video. Doing the above issues make video clips undetectable via the bots

7. Video Games Cryptic Crossword

Yet a few more:ACROSS17 He keeps punching the pavement (6,7) Street FighterDOWN1 John Wayne takes extreme action (4,5) Duke Nukem9 Watery brontide (5,7) Hydro Thunder

8. is video game is for teenager?

no dueeeeeee most of the game in the store is rated t that mean teen git it teeeeeeeeeeeeen


NO ****! You torrented something, and most likely the saves are screwed up. Maybe they have a patch or some .dll that will correct it on PirateBay

10. Youtube video quality help?

u have to export it as the size of the youtube player window which is 480 x 360

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