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Refrigerator Fiberglass Exposure

The fiberglass itself is not really a serious hazard like asbestos would be, unless it gets into your food or on containers. Not a good idea to have exposed fiberglass near your food however. You should seal the hole with duct tape or something to keep the fiberglass from getting on your stuff. If the missing piece of door is too big or you can not confine the fiberglass, you should consider getting a new fridge ASAP

Refrigerator Fiberglass Exposure 1

1. What happened to my painted walls?

Flat (i.e. non-glossy) paint tends to hold onto stains more than glossy or semi-gloss paint. Maybe the walls are done in semi-gloss or gloss, and the door was painted with a flat finish paint. Typically, if one uses flat paint on walls, they will often choose a semi-gloss for the doors and door frames, as those tend to get fingerprints and need cleaning more than the walls, and it cleans up easier than flat paint.

2. What can I do with used motor oil?

Do not use it for anything, it's an environmental hazard.Just get rid of it in the least impactful way.Used motor oil has a plethora of bad chemicals and compounds in it that eliminate for another use once it has been inside your engine for an extended period of time. Aside from the hydrocarbons there is lead, phosphorous, berium, zinc, bromine, aluminum, arsenic, calcium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, silicon, sodium, tin, toluene, benzene, xylene and ethylbenzene among others. Most auto parts stores in Western Europe and N. America will allow you to pour into their waste containers for free and a service company will pick it up for recycling and reuse for other purposes like door hinge lubricant. The most socially conscious and morally responsible action is to recycle. There is also Nietzsche's argument that we all have a moral obligation based upon our innate contract with society when we are born to what is best for our society. Most philosophical disciplines would drive to a moral standard that states you are obligated to recycle until there is a better less impactful solution that comes about through the evolution of technology. This also provides a great example for those that surround you. Young or old, our behaviors are inherited from others and recycling is a great behavior to pass on to others

Refrigerator Fiberglass Exposure 2

3. What are some useful things to hang jewelry on?

This might be kinda weird but i take wire coat hangers and bend them so that I can hang jewelery from them. then you can just hang it in ur closet or door for easy access

4. How can I make my super small room look way bigger?

First of all why black? Your room is too small for a dark colour. But anyway you have chosen black. So add a mirror along the one wall to make the room seem much bigger.... Add alot of white to your room preferably the floor, door and ceilings so that it isnt compacted in. Add a splash of colour with your linen and pillows. Your room should look bigger and you havent changed the colour of your walls- GOODLUCK!

5. Help- Best Place in House for Thermostat?

Try leaving the bedroom door open and closing the heat register some. With door closed your not circulating the air in the bedroom your just filling it with heated air that can not be circulated as well when the door is closed

6. Why is a steel security door safe if they can break the glass, slide their hand in, and unlock the door?

I have the same door and same concern. I use door armor with the night lock kick plate. Intruders can unlock the door but not reach down to remove the plate. All doors are are blocked in this manner when we are home. One is left unblocked but locked and deadbolted when we are not. A good alarm will determine most intruders or at least make it easier to articulate why you felt threatened and put two rounds center mass. If you are not home, your home owners insurance will cover it provided you have kept appropriate records. Take sensible precautions but do not stress over it. Just my two cents. Good luck

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