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Sausalito Community/a Tale of Two Landlords

To our Marin County Members: From all of our Soulstice Team, we are sending you love and care! Like all of you, the past three months have presented challenges beyond what we could have ever imagined. We appreciate the support and empathy so many of you have shown our team during these difficult days and decisions.

Sausalito Community/a Tale of Two Landlords 1

While we will not be re-opening at our Marin County location, we wanted to give our much-loved Sausalito Members some ways to stay connected with our community going forward, options for self-care and guidance, and a new ability to contribute to the well-being and care of others. We know many of you have existing credits and gift cards, and weve dreamed up some creative ways for you to benefit and utilize them mind, body and spirit!Marin County Member Options!

If you are a Marin County Soulstice Member & have existing member credits: All existing credits have been stored on your account and will remain active until 12/25/20 Your existing credits may be used at our Sonoma County location (road-trip up to beautiful Sonoma County and visit us!), converted to amazing personal discovery and guidance sessions, retail purchases, Sonoma County workshop and event purchases, or donated to our studio & healing work for our communityPAY-IT-FORWARD Were excited to announce our giving program! You may convert your existing credits to a healing gift for frontline health care workers, first responders and essential workers.

100% of your credits will be gifted to individuals who keep us safe, healthy and feed our community during this extended crisis To donate your credits to an eligible individual, please email us at .Many of you have been understandably curious how and why weve come to the decision to close our Marin County studio while keeping our Sonoma County studio open. As we entered into March 2020, our Marin County studio enjoyed a robust, fully subscribed membership was profitable and sustainable with an exceptional staff of teachers, therapists and team.

Our Marin County studio is both larger and generates more revenue than our Sonoma County studio does, our vibe was happy and our business sound so we understand our decision might be a little mystifying.In many ways our small businesss experience parallels the question facing all of us in this moment in history: do we continue on with the status quo of only looking out for ourselves, taking more than we need at the expense of others and making decisions only reflective of our personal interest? Or do we evolve into a higher, more conscious way of life making decisions with the collective interest in mind, reflecting the shared needs of the community and practicing empathy and compassion in our actions.

Sausalito Community/a Tale of Two Landlords 2

Do we value businesses based only on their ability to raise money and return a profit to shareholders, or do we begin to value our businesses based on the healthy impact they have on providing connection and care for our communities.Our experience in Sonoma County and Marin County after the SIP order went into effect could not have been more different, and has played an unfortunately large role in our decision to close in Sausalito. It serves as a wonderful example and lesson on the choice we all now face: stubbornly hanging onto the old ways (rigid self-interest above all else, money matters most, negotiating with fear and intimidation, communicating without empathy or compassion) or embracing the new way (seeking collaboration, exercising empathy, acting with mutual respect and consideration, trusting in and investing in the bigger picture, long term benefits and relationship.

)In Sonoma County: Along with an outpouring of love, empathy and donations from our community, our Santa Rosa landlord offered us compassion for the difficult situation and provided us a generous discount on our monthly rent during the extended closure. He assured us we were all in this together and would work together to get through it, allowing us to pay our rent late without penalty while we sorted out complicated relief funding and requested support from our community. Our Sonoma County landlord owns our shopping complex, and his income is directly tied to his tenants rental payments.

He understood that our survival depended upon his ability to compromise and lose a small amount of money in the short term in exchange for our long term success and relationship.In Marin County: Within three days of the SIP order and without notice, our Sausalito landlord cashed four months worth of rent checks they had been sitting on, uncashed. (In 2019 they sat on seven months worth of rent checks before cashing them all in one day.

) Our Marin County landlord is a physician at MarinHealth, with an essential worker qualification and salary; his income does not solely rest on our rental payments, in fact he has shown twice that he can allow 47 months to pass without cashing them.On April 20th I contacted our Sausalito landlord to let him know we would need to exercise Marin Countys Rent Resolution, recently passed to allow tenants momentary rent relief during SIP closures without penalty or eviction. I received no reply.

On May 11th, I contacted him to let him know based on our anticipated COVID19 losses estimated at over $250K that we were going to immediately begin seeking a new owner for our small community healing arts business and would not be renewing our lease. Five years since our founding in 2015, we have built a beautiful community of members, a profitable, highly regarded business and amazing, talented team; I expressed my intention to do everything possible to find a new owner and tenant, and requested permission to leave our equipment, furnishings and artwork in the studio beyond the end of our lease (May 31st) to pave the way for a new owner. The landlord replied and agreed, and said hed send terms in a few days.

I didnt hear from him again until Friday May 29th, when he demanded I immediately pay our past-due rent and presented onerous legal terms in order to keep the studio staged as Soulstice. Three separate real estate investors and our lawyer reviewed the contract and counseled me not to sign. I let the landlord know we would not be able to work with him under these terms, and assured him I would clear and vacate the studio as soon as possible.

Two moving crews and three sixteen hour days later, I had 90% of our belongings out when I returned to the studio on Monday June 1 to find the locks changed. Following that, I received an email from the landlord demanding I meet him that week and pay our rent in full before he would return our remaining belongings. Essentially his plan was to ransom our furnishings, artwork and inventory to force us into paying rent that we were legally in our rights to pay late.

After Congress revised PPP relief funding guidance on Wednesday June 3, I was able to afford our back rent and paid the landlord in full on June 4th. Had Tony afforded us a few days of trust and patience, he would have not only received all the rent due to him within days, he would have received a beautifully staged studio, our uplifting and positive presence there and my full intention to help someone assume new ownership and maintain a beautiful healing arts presence in our community.Since Tony still holds onto my security deposit (still unreturned as of June 11,) he essentially created this unnecessarily awful situation over what amounts to one single months rent.

Instead of working together and exercising compassion during the most challenging moment in our existence, he chose to bully, threaten and exploit and in the process hurt me, our Soulstice team and most of all the Sausalito community. If you know me then you know I am a highly motivated optimist and in the face of losing so much I was still upbeat that we could preserve Soulstices healing work here in Sausalito. My ability to continue our work in the world somehow, somewhere is vastly more important to me than money.

And I trusted that walking into a turn-key, sustainable and harmonious business would have been a dream-come-true for the right person. I regret that one persons extreme greed and short-sightedness has made that impossible; the lack of alignment and failure of right action precludes me from promoting or working with this landlord in any capacity.I share this all with you in the spirit of transparency and as an example that we all need to we must support radical societal change and fiercely support and defend our changemakers.

People who own companies, buildings and real estate and political office hold out-sized power over the rest of us and we need more people in these positions of power who embody the qualities of the future, not the past. I poured every drop of my heart and soul into our little business, and together our team made something uniquely lovely, a space of softness and touched the lives of thousands of people for their betterment, healing and growth. If I am to be truthful with you all, the COVID epidemic didnt kill our business in Marin; the greater epidemic of human greed and selfishness is responsible.

We are the ones weve been waiting for, friends its up to us to be the change with our voice, our resources, our compassion and action. Our future can look and feel like a kind, joyful, grateful and inspired place or it can be a hollow, miserable, empty shell. The choice is ours

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