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Should Education Be Free From Primary School Until University Or College? Why Or Why Not? Would Free

Should education be free from primary school until university or college? Why or why not? Would free education devalue a degree?

Should Education Be Free From Primary School Until University Or College? Why Or Why Not? Would Free 1

That is the system we have in the United States, though parents are free to send their students to private schools that charge tuition.University and college are not free in the United States, though they are in other countries. That said, other countries have stiffer entrance requirements and fewer colleges. On the other hand, they have a variety of public secondary and post-secondary schools that are vocationally oriented and seem to be quite successful.So the question has the word "should"....and that suggests that we should care about how education affects the health and wealth of a nation. And my answer would be a definite YES! Investing in developing the expertise and wisdom of a nation's citizens is one of the most important things a nation can do. The health and wealth of a nation depends upon that investment.Yes, the value of any degree to an individual depends on the number (or proportion) of others with that same degree. So, one could argue that from the point of view of an individual, one might argue that universal education would lower the value of the degree. BUT.....a more thoughtful consideration might anticipate that greater or universal access to education at all levels would benefit everyone to the extent that more people are capable of generating goods/services that other people want! Given that our economies are becoming more international, that is not an unreasonable argument

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Funny childish games from primary school?

Well theres zap write on someones palm of hand a boys name if their a girl girl name if there a boy the person who the hand belongs to cant look at the name till a certian time if they do look at it before the time they must ask the person out then theres tresure a thing you do to anthor persons back (" were going on a tresure hunt x marks the spot four big boulders one tiny dot") then miss mary mack mack mack all dressed in black black black then you have the color game the person closes their eyes and you say your on the top of the eiffel tower theres a breeze and pretty view when someone suddenly....... Pushes you what color did you see red= you hit he ground and bleed to death green= landed in a meadow then there is this hand game i forget oh and consintration 64 cant think of anymore sorry for bad spellong

Should Education Be Free From Primary School Until University Or College? Why Or Why Not? Would Free 2

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Namiremebe Parents Primary School

Namirembe Parents' Mixed Day & Boarding Primary & Nursery School is a mixed day and boarding primary school located in Rubaga Division of Kampala District in Central Uganda.

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I want to become a teacher can a person with a physical disability become a successful primary school teacher?

absolutely! As a matter of fact, my dad was a teacher for 35 years in Florida and one of the ladies that he worked with was a teacher with CP. She had been teaching for over 20 years. Have you thought about teaching special ed? I would think that with you being successful in your life (you did pursue higher education) that you could be an awesome role model for someone else in your situation. You could show the students how well you have adapted your life to achieve your goals. According to the American's With Disabilities Act, your employer would have to accommodate you to assist you in performing your job duties. I wish you the best of luck. It is a special person that desires to be a teacher. That has to be a calling. It is hard work. But you are shaping our future and that is an extremely important job.

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What is the Best Primary school in Abudhabi?

Alshuwaifat is good i think but i think the British is better.

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Salisbury Road Primary School

Coordinates: 502232N 40726W / 50.3755N 4.1239W / 50.3755; -4.1239 Salisbury Road Primary School is a state junior school located on Salisbury Road in Plymouth, Devon, England. The school served as a major military hospital during the First World War.

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Tharwa Primary School

Tharwa Primary School was a primary school in the small village of Tharwa, Australian Capital Territory, Australia. It was built in 1898 and opened in 1899. The school had two classrooms for the primary school, plus a preschool room. While the current school dates from 1912, the site of the school made it the oldest operating school in Canberra until its closure in 2006. The first Parents and Citizens committee was established in 1931. The first pupil enrolled on 9 August 1899 and the centenary of this event was celebrated by a town ball and the launching a book A Century of Learning: Tharwa Primary School by historian Matthew Higgins. At that time the school only operated on a part-time basis. In 2006 the government announced it would close Tharwa Primary School by the end of December 2006. An attempt was made to open a private school on the site, but the proposal was thwarted by new restrictions on private schools, enacted by the Legislative Assembly in December 2006. Community attempts to save or reopen the school continue. The Tharwa Preschool is still operating. The school and the surrounding community traditionally host an annual Tharwa Bush Fair.

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