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So I Am Moving soon & Need to Decorate?

First, you can not just say that you are going to be famous one day and expect it to happen. You need to work at it. Second, I suggest that you get a director's chair (or 2). In black, white, red, whatever. Just make sure it matches. On you are front door, have a gold star with your name in it in a cool font that matches your personality and/or style. Also you might want to get a vanity/desk like some dressing rooms have. Like have a mirror with lights around it in a color that matches. If you can, paint your room your favorite color, then add accents of a different color, black, and white (e.x: red = green, black and white accents). Your bed should reflect who you are. So try to find something that you can incorporate into your room. Your closet door/doors should look like one or two french doors that look like they lead outside and into the movie lot. If you could, paint the main door's back to look like ir leads to the set. On one of your walls, you should have a cork board where you would put important dates, deadlines, etc. You should also have your friends and family "autograph" paper with special notes. I think that you should do an ideo like that, or similar. I think that it would be really cool if you do not over do it. It would compliment your personality, you, and what you want to be.

So I Am Moving soon & Need to Decorate? 1

1. pennies at my front door?

I think that is good luck because I collect pennies that's why I say it's good luck . in your case I wold put a camera somewhere around there to see who it is or what it is

2. When your wife is yelling at the front door, and the dog is barking at the back door..?

the dog, of course

So I Am Moving soon & Need to Decorate? 2

3. Help putting in keyed entry lever for front door of house.?

Baldwin Prestige Series

4. Should the front door be left open year round?

Leaving your front entrance door open in the winter leaves less insulation to keep the warm air in and the cold air out. Your heating bill will be higher than if you kept that door closed during the winter. Also, because the glass in the screen door is uninsulated you will still lose lots of heat in the winter as well as letting in lots of cold air. During the Summer the house will stay cooler if it is hot outside and you keep all of the doors closed and the blinds down. And as you say...hot travels to cold. It is a fundamental law of Thermodynamics.

5. If I am walking in to vote, and two members of the black panther party "post up" in front of the door?

Its not like they can see who you are voting for

6. What would you do if Justin Bieber knocked on your front door?

You want real life?! Alright then....im not a Bieber fan either. But because he's famous and i know a lot of girls who would be jello when i actually experienced this encounter (which aint gonna happen) i will freak.Im from New Zealand by the way and we have a strong, hard to understand accent. So yeh, i would probably act like this - Its a long one but you want real sooo..... 2x Knocks.Wait...2x Knocks...Wait.... Open door: JB:"Ahh...Hi! Im Justin Bieber and my ride......." - cut him off - Me: "Oh! HELL NO! HELL NO! Oh my f***in god! What theee?... What the bloody hell you doing here?!" (That's how we are when we are shocked. Seriously.) JB: "Haha my ride, i mean, my limo just broke down right there, near your house, soo i..." - cut him off again - Me: "Oh bro! Are you lying ! Are you like serious?! Bro. Oh my God! Im like tripping right now! Seriously." (When we are excited.) JB: "Haha im here am i? :D Soo...i was wondering if i could hang out here.." - i will keep cutting him off - Me: "Oh YEAH MAN! Come inside my name is blah...quick....Cheea! Got some mean kicks alright! Come ..Do not be shy!....Are you hungry bro?...I can...." (Im really hoping he's not.) JB:"Oh no thanks! I brought my play station games over...if you've gotta PS3...." Me: "Oh yep yep! Just to kill time aye! Faah man im still tripping, hold on, i will set it up and you can put your games ok...." JB: "Hey thanks for letting me...." Me:"Oh All goods oi! All goods! You can meet my whanau anyway... is that all good with you? Please? They wont bite, like they will believe me anyway..." JB: "Im not..." - I will thank him before he answers back - Me: "Shot oi! Oh thank you.....i' will go ring them up now...just wait right there... have a seat or help yourself in the kitchen ok...." (Whanau means family by the way and i will talk a bit of Maori to him. Its a habit.) To be honest, my family will not believe me. They will laugh and mock me over the phone for trying to persuade them that Justin Bieber is at my house. So i will have to pretend that im cooking a big feed and they are invited just to prove to them that im not lying. Where there's food, they will come. And see Justin Bieber. And then, once they meet him..here we go...from the start all over again. Except with a bit more swear words, loud laughing and a lot more "bro's" We will probably treat him with a New Zealand, Maori style welcoming with a BBQ, mean big feed and sing songs all night, his songs probably with a guitar even though his Limo's fixed. And then.....do not wanna take up a page, just for my answer, so i will leave it there :)

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