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Suggestion, Split Sound and Sound-design in Two Sections

If it's technically possible, i would say do it. But it would be another transfer phase and that could mean things can go wrong

Suggestion, Split Sound and Sound-design in Two Sections 1

1. Can future works sections be similar in different papers?

Future work or goals may be broadly similar, there is absolutely no problem there. But if they are identical, the natural question is, what objective does your present work achieve?You have extended the method (simple to more complicated), so you have already advanced something. Your future work and summary should reflect that - from a writing point of view more than an ethical point of view. If a reader were to only glance at your abstract, conclusions and future work, it should be clear that you have accomplished some goal that was previously unmet

2. How to update the header and TOC for star marked the sections

You need also a sectionmark command if you want to update the headers:

Suggestion, Split Sound and Sound-design in Two Sections 2

3. Produce pdf of selected sections

One of the most used way to do that is to split your main file in several files, and to include them with the include command.chap1.tex, ..., chap4.tex being tex files containing only the content of those chapter (no preamble whatsoever).If you want to produce a pdf containing only the chapters 2 and 3, you simply have to add in your preamble. This will need several compilation, to get the proper references, hyperlinks, toc, etc.EDIT A kind of weird way to achieve that without splitting your main file could be to create each file with the filecontents package, i.e.:You keep everything in one tex file, that is the advantage.

4. How can I sort sections of file alphabetically?

Using GNU sed and sort:Output:(maybe someone can help making x0 work for non-GNU sed, related Question)

5. What to do with a new telescope?

You need a sturdy stand .If you can not invest,try to fabricate one from Wood or aluminum sections where you can mount it

6. How to take a house apart in sections to move?

This sounds like a shopping question and would be off topic. So I will discuss moving. I have been involved in moving 3 houses. None were on a slab. All 3 were jacked up and moved in major pieces. Porches removed , all the electrical had to be brought up to code. Note all 3 were Victorians that were constructed well beyond anything in the last 50 years. Taking a house down in pieces would take more disassembly time and repair than it would be worth, unless you found an old sears mail order home That was in good shape (do not laugh they are out there) these small homes were prefabricated and could possibly be dismantled and reassembled within reason. Other than that a stick built house is not really feasible.

7. Putting sections and subsections in the page header

The landscape business is irrelevant for the problem. However, rather than changing pdfpageattr yourself, it's better to load pdflscape that modifies the landscape environment to do the right thing.Here's how you can do:However, due to inherent limitations of LaTeX's mark mechanism, the first subsection may not be shown in the page header where it appears.

8. SEO: One domain with numerous sections, or various different domains?

What is going to be:1) better for your users?If spreading it out over several domains will make the content easier for your users to navigate and use then take that route. If putting it all in one place will do that, then take that route. You want to make sure you do not lose sight of the bigger picture which is the user experience. The better it is the more likely you will gain popularity (i.e. get more traffic which one would assume is your primary goal) and increase the likelihood that you will gain natural and hopefully valuable incoming links from other webmasters who like your site. Focusing on the user is much more important, and better for SEO, then focusing on the search engines. 2) easier for you to maintain?On site SEO obviously is important and you want to maximize it since it is all that is in your control. But do not make your site a beast to maintain just for SEO's sake. A site that is difficult to maintain eventually gets neglected. Maybe not at first and maybe only gradually over time. But it does happen and results in a degraded user experience. You want to make sure your site is easy to maintain to keep the user experience at its best. If spreading the content out over multiple domains does not make your life any more difficult then it may be worth doing for the advantages listed above. But usually there is overhead with running multiple sites so it may not be worth the hassle.I personally would keep it all on one domain. It's all related content and it is likely that users will seek more then one sport out when visiting your site. Keeping them in one site is less confusing. You can do plenty with URLs and page titles, etc, to maximize your SEO without the need to get separate domains for each section.

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