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The Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine: a Buyers Guide to Value | SewingMachinesPlus.com Blog

I sure need one. Twice now, I broke and caused expensive repairs to regular sewing machines by using them to sew projects that were too thick. Once it was a heavily pocketed and quilted bag (and piping! I should have known better). And the other was when I was experimenting on a new dog collar design and tried to sew too many layers of thick webbing and embroidered trim.

The Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine: a Buyers Guide to Value | SewingMachinesPlus.com Blog 1

Can I put a flea collar on my cat while she is in the middle of Frontline treatment?

call your vet, they would be able to tell you but I've heard that lemon dish soap helps with the fleas

How long does my dog need to wear the e-collar after being neutered?

It depends on the surgery site & your dog. Are the sutures internal or external? If they are internal, he should not need it on for as long (not as much danger of pulling them out)). But try taking it off your dog & see if he goes for the site - he can have it off while you are supervising him, but just put it on when you are not with him if you are worried he will pull at the stitches. 2 weeks is stupidly excessive. We recommend 3 days & it always works. Take it off and see what he does - if he ignores the site, he's probably ready to have it off. Check the site as well - is it red or swollen? Is there discharge coming from it? If you are going back to your vet for a recheck appointment, ask them - they know best how the surgery went. But still, more important than having the e-collar on, is that your dog stays nice & quiet. Too much activity can irritate the surgical site & it wo not heal as well. Good luck.

The Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine: a Buyers Guide to Value | SewingMachinesPlus.com Blog 2

how to pop ur collar and make it stay up the whole day?

iron it wit extra starch

What is the best kind of collar to put on a cat?

I have found that a dog collar works best. Cat collars have breakaway features, and he always lost those. The dog one has lasted a long time. I know it wo not snap off if he gets caught on something, but I do not think he's that stupid, and it's handier to be able to keep one for a while.

I cant bring myself to use an e-collar on my dog?

My dog used to do similar things but after teaching her how to walk correctly on the lead using the advice given by caesar milan on his masterclass videos, basically reminding the dog that their place is beside and slightly behind you. My dog is now much better off the lead! However, it does take a while and I did feel really quite mean but she now seems much happier and so am I!

If a white-collar worker will sell Magic Mushrooms to a blue-collar worker, why is it called a 'Black' market?

also, what is it called when they are marketing cannabis - that can not also be "black" market can it. And then of course when the bunnies get involved with the frogs that's another color altogether. I guess we should be considering a rainbow (nation) then should not we?

Do you need a greyhound collar for a Lurcher?

If your lurcher has a similar head/neck structure to a sighthound (narrow, wedge-shaped, long) yes a martingale collar would be best

Do your indoor only cats wear a collar?

no i dont have to worry about my kittys getting out they both will not go near any doors that do outside

How to stop dog from slipping collar?

dont use a smaller coller cos they can hurt dem selves still tryin to get out of it even if its very tight they will try and try and cud pull muscle the best thing is get a harness it goes round der legs and waist so they cnt slip it and it easier to walk and control a dog usin a harnes plus it proof its less harmful as it does not choke the dog or pull on or nips skin

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