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Understand Canisters

An Introduction to Canisters

David Cornell Leestma (born May 6, 1949) is a former American astronaut and retired Captain in the United States Navy

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What to Put in Kitchen Canisters

Kitchen canister sets are made in different shapes and sizes, as well as materials from ceramic to copper to glass. One important factor that they all have in common is that they must be airtight to store dry goods. The canisters must seal efficiently to keep out moisture and insects that can spoil stored foods. Most dry food staples can be stored in kitchen canisters, especially if they are kept out of direct sunlight.


Baking supplies, such as different types of flour, keep well in kitchen canisters. Airtight canisters with silicone or rubber seals that are seated on the cover and fit tightly to the lip of the canister work best to keep out humidity and moisture that can make the flour clump together. These seals also keep insects and their larvae out of the flour. The flour canister is usually the largest canister in a kitchen canister set.


The next largest canister in a kitchen canister set may be the sugar canister. Sugar is also negatively affected by humidity and moisture. It creates lumps and becomes sticky when the canister seal does not form an airtight bond with the canister. Ensure that the seal works correctly by brushing it off so that no sugar crystals clog the grooves in the seal when closed.


Remove your spaghetti pasta from its store box and place it in a tall kitchen canister. These taller kitchen canisters are ideal for storing spaghetti without breaking up the dry pasta strands. Whole spaghetti strands that you can twirl on a fork Italian style make the eating experience more enjoyable for spaghetti lovers. Keep the spaghetti kitchen canister on the counter top within easy reach for quick meal preparation.


It is especially important that coffee beans and ground coffee be stored in an airtight kitchen canister so that they do not lose the oils essential to the coffee taste through evaporation. Silicone or rubber seals can make a kitchen canister airtight; however, they often attract ground coffee particles that stick and can prevent a good seal on a coffee canister. Brush off both the seal and the canister rim before closing so that they are free of coffee particles.

Is there such a thing as 'spoiled' c02 canisters?

s there such a thing as 'spoiled' c02 canisters?


I've bought 2 boxes of Crossman brand c02 from a local store for my bike innertube inflater. Once filled, the pressure in my tyre would drop substantially within 24 hours.


I concluded that this drop just might be normal for co2.


My normal hand pump uses air, which is mostly nitrogen with very small amounts of co2. I conjectured that the co2 might dissipate through the inner-tube easier than the nitrogen which makes up most of the air, hence the rapid pressure drop.

==.000005% maybe

When I exhausted those canisters, I order 2 more boxes of the same brand and quantity online. It's been 2 days since I filled with the new canisters, and I squeezed my tyres just now on a whim. Wow, it's like I just filled them. The pressure should be rather low right now. I haven't used a gauge, but the pressure feels about right on the front tyre. The rear is a little harder to judge with its kevlar weaving, it's higher pressure, and my lack of experience with judging this type of tyre's pressure by touch.

--doesn;t work, touch

Could it be the case that the co2 canisters stocked locally had gone 'bad' somehow?


I hear they put OILS AND THINGS inside of c02 canisters.


I suspect those boxes had been on the shelf for a long time. Maybe some chemical breakdown happened with the oil and c02 or something along those lines? Clearly, there is a difference in the boxes I've ordered.

It's possible that I overfilled by a large amount, but that would imply that my tyre guage and/or judgment of tangible stuff is off by quite a bit.

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Additional Details


I have a frame pump I always take, but filling the rear type to at least 110

==too high for mt bike

is a nightmare, even though the pump should handle it. The constant pumping motion has ripped my valve base at least once.

==doing it wrong

It's really exhausting, especially when I don't have it perfectly seated and I loose lbs of air at high pressure in a split second.

2 hours ago


But my tubes haven't changed - yet they appear to be holding pressure better suddenly. It's intriguing. I have to observe this more.

==yeah so far you have not observed it accurately

2 hours ago

@John & Groin


I'd have a floor pump if I could find a reasonably priced one whose quality I did not need to question. My search so far has been discouraging.

==99% of them are ok and much cheaper than 888 boxes of co2


1 hour ago

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