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Were Board Games Better for Kids Than the Video Games of Today?

Not really.The athletic part in playing games physically, football or similar, is good as long as the damage isn't greater than the exercise, like in hockey or boxing.The game-y game part is the same for football, chess or Legend of Zelda.The video part of a video game, especially 3D games, adds cognitive benefits for visual processing, spatial reasoning, speed of shape recognition and movement detection. The important thing is, any of those are much better than passive entertainment like watching football, a TV series or a movie. Games, yes even video games, especially video games, improve cognition and those gains last for month, even without more play time. Games are nature's school. Animals play to learn.The mental improvements from real, violent, fast difficult video games are especially important for people over 50. That is one of the fastest growing audience segments. There are more gamers over 50 that there are males 18 and under.Which brings me to the last point. Games are not for kids. Mostly. We make them for adults. The middle of the range is 39 for men, 44 for women. So, check the games you buy for children carefully. Confirm that the rating is suitable for the age of the player. That is why it is rated. Don't buy teen or adult games for preteens or guns or cocktails.

Were Board Games Better for Kids Than the Video Games of Today? 1

1. football tickets for an anniversary gift?

football ends in february.....u should take him to a lekrs game the seasin for basketball doesnt end till june and college basketball ends in march

2. Question for football (soccer) players?

Some players say it's more difficult to play on artificial grass pitches. So many stadiums in Russia for example could be considered difficult places to play for those reasons. Also lower league football clubs, especially in northern Europe, with pitches with bad surfaces because of the weather and over use of the pitch. Stadiums which are known for having a big atmosphere from crowds are sometimes also considered difficult away trips with that added to the mix. Teams with excellent home records as well. I know i did not go into specific stadiums for any of those, but there's just so many, for different reasons.

Were Board Games Better for Kids Than the Video Games of Today? 2

3. Football is to soccer, as Quidditch is to _______?

What is soccer?

4. Why is Football a dumb sport?

lol, cricket it is sooo boring and lasts 4 days too long

5. whats the point of football?

To win and watch the others lose. like when the vikings scored that last touchdown and the cowboys were mad. that's what it's all about

6. POLL: Does Canaidian Football is ****?

look in your own backyard before calling someone else a hypocrite ding dong. eg: Terrell Owens

7. What present do i get for my girlfriend?

Perfume, Chocolates, YOU, Things she likes study her and think does she like football? then maybe for her birthday go to the superbowl on feburary 7 or watch the game together while u have each other together ALONE!, Bake her a cake and then get her a Realy Expensive hand BAg girls that age love that!, And expensive sunglasess, like rayban sunglasses maybe

8. For all knowledgeable football fans ...?

Great idea...and i hope they go through with it im not sure on the starting 11...to many to choose from...but to name a few there's... Bryan Robson, Des Walker, Paul Merson, Chris Woods , Lee Sharpe , Kenny Sansom. Le Saux , quite hard too think of alot lmao.

9. Fantasy Football, Is this a fair trade?

If Brady and Moss are anything like they were in '07, this trade is not just unfair, it's largely lopsided. I expect Warner to get injured this year. Over his career, he has never played three consecutive full seasons. He played all 16 games last year and 15 the year before. The injury is coming sometime. Marshall will probably get less yardage than last year due to the QB change, however McDaniels' system will help bring it back up. Brady and Moss win by recent year's numbers.

10. How can I stay on my feet in a MMA fight?

squat with a forward lean, when they try to take you down. If they dive at you, try to juke em out of it. Its almost like football. Or if you want to be cheap, grease yourself with baby oil.

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