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What Are All of These Girls/Young Women Wearing in This Music Video?

What Is This....I Ca not Even

What Are All of These Girls/Young Women Wearing in This Music Video? 1

1. Why do girls and young women wear high heels when they don't know how to walk in them?


2. Evolutionists, why do people disapprove of old men dating young women even though it makes evolutionary sense?

From an evolutionary perspective, it's harder for the old dudes to go out and slay a wild boar then drag it back to the cave for his mate to skin and cook... than it is for the "young bucks."

What Are All of These Girls/Young Women Wearing in This Music Video? 2

3. Why do young women look better than someone over 30?

Maybe your wife is feeling the same about you

4. how many young women would consider adoption if they knew that their child might resent them?

Wow. Tish, again, an amazing question and as a bmom I feel you aimed this right at me!! If I had known then what I know now! lol If I had known how much he would change my life and make me WANT to change it for him....if I had known there was a dark side to adoption, I would have parented. I cant regret because I have learned in 41 years that focusing on the past is for those with no future but Things would have been different. They would have. Edit* Oh! and as for me? I dont resent my bmom in the least. I love my life, the life of my children and my friends, my parents, my beautiful boyfriend. If she would aborted me, my amazingly gorgeous smart son wouldnt be here about to turn 14 driving the 8th grade girls crazy. What a horrible loss that would be to the human race!! I dont know what her situation was. I love her..

5. Why do the old men out there have a thing for young women?

Am 21 and the man i am seeing in 46 we never really thought about the age difference other people always did, that sometime made thing difficult now we laugh and enjoy our time togther as men say you are only as young as the girl your feeling

6. Is it safe for pretty young women to take the bus at night?

yeah id dress unflattering, give a would ont talk to me' vibe, carry your phone, do not dress sexy

7. MEN ANSWER, PLEASE: Do you think it's ok for a married man to flirt with young women and use sexual innuendo?

He should not do it if you do not like it

8. Where is a nice place to find cheap baggy sweatpants for girls/young women?

TARGET or Old Navy their the best usually between $5-10

9. 40 Conservative Christian men, have you noticed how the USA is producing smoking hot gorgeous young women?

Problem: They are all moved over to the Democratic side because republicants are on the wrong side of the contraception and abortion issues. Good news: I am a Democrat and I will look as much as I like. And I am not worried, I've got Jesus trimming the hedges. z

10. which do young women prefer in a young man? clean-shaven face, groomed stubble, or beard?

shave shave shave

11. im a plus size young women and im looking for a hairstyle that would fit my face.?

Your best bet is going to a reputable salon and having a stylist advise you. A good salon will always include an advice session with a stylist to determine what cut, style and colour look best on you. It is impossible to make such a determination online. Even with a photo, it would be difficult, because we do not know your hair and cannot feel its texture, level of dryness, etc. Please go to a salon and ask for input. It might help to pick up a few magazines, or to do an online search for ideas, so you can present them with a few options.

12. What is the safest neighborhood in NYC for young women to live in?

I am sorry but really this is kind of ridiculous. I was born in raised in NYC and i am 13. I walk back and fourth from school everyday. As long as you are careful crossing the street, there really are not any "dangerous" places. Just be careful where you go. I live in Madison Avenue which is very safe, but just a warning: the nicer the neighborhood is, the more expensive it will cost. :)

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